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  1. Henrietta R. Kimes says:
    3.5 rating

    Herceptin for Breast cancer

    I started treatment with Herceptin and Tamoxifen at the same time. This was in September 2006. Meanwhile, severe side effects have set, including joint stiffness and pain (incipient osteoporosis), tingling in both hands, brittle fingernails, mood swings. Light weight gain despite diet.

  2. Ellen D. Bernard says:
    3.0 rating

    Herceptin for Breast cancer

    Strong burning pain in both feet, sometimes I can barely walk. Weight gain, movement limitations of the fingers. Water retention in the hands and feet, but no impairment of the heart. Overall, I feel limp and listless. Increase of discomfort after each Herceptininfusion. On Wednesday the 26.9.07 I get the last of 17 scheduled infusions.

  3. Doris J. Moore says:
    4.5 rating

    From July 2003 to July 2007, I received hercepetine 1 x weekly via the port, accompanying 8 chemos after mamma ca, left breast and 8 lymph node removal. 2005 recurrence, again 8 chemocycles and always in between and again accompanying hercepetine. Dizziness, numbness in toes and fingers, severe weight gain, soft tissue pain, listlessness, loss of weight in the sense of weight, inflammation in the legs. I then canceled the treatment, which was to last for life, after obtaining a second opinion. Subsequently severe bone and joint pain and unsuccessful arthroscopy with restricted walking. Weight has remained, but I feel much better overall.

  4. Mabel J. Marshall says:
    4.0 rating

    Herceptin for Breast cancer

    I am suffering from breast cancer for the second time in Sept / 2007 / my chest was taken off / then a very strong chemo with taxane / I was very bad / then radiation / from January 2008 Arimidex Tbl and from March 2008 every 3 weeks Infection with Herceptin / my hair didn’t want to grow again, I’ve gained about 5 kilograms / pain in all joints, muscles, back pain, water retention, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, no desire for sex, joint stiffness at any time of day or night, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating and I’m sure still what to forget;)) try – partly with good success – through sports (walking, stretching exercises) to improve my quality of life.