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  1. Phyllis J. Osborne says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Social phobia

    Hello, for a year I am taking Paroxetine for panic disorder. The reason was a post-traumatic stress disorder with depression. I could not stay with people anymore and was absolutely impotent and sad. At that time she has prescribed my family doctor and said the effect occurs after about 3 weeks. That was also the case and I felt much better. My depression gradually disappeared and I was able to return to people and enjoy life. Today I can even work properly again. The side effects are not to be underestimated! I have gained more than 15 kilos and I have a lot of binge eating that was not the case in the past. I never ate sweets then because I had absolutely no appetite for sweets. Today I can not exist without Schoki in the house 🙂 The so-called electric shocks in the head made me initially very scared. Even in the emergency room where I could help because no physical causes were recognizable. Most come when I exceed the intake time or even forget. Then I feel like ausgek ….. and run around the whole day like counterfeit money. Almost as drunk. My libido had not diminished, but the orgasmic ability was limited at the beginning, which has now been regulated. Expressly I would like to warn against simultaneous alcohol consumption. One or two beers but then you lose the feeling of drinking which I did not have before. This resulted in total loss of control with increased aggression and deviance of the personality. That could then be very embarrassing and unpleasant, which is why I now give up on parties at increased consumption. Otherwise, I feel better and the side effects are bearable. Better than constantly feeling suffocated. My doctor now recommends me a psychotherapy and the tapering of the tablets. At the moment I take 20mg per day. How it develops I can not say. I hope that someday I can live without tablets. best regards

  2. Brian C. Cotten says:
    5.0 rating

    3. Attempt to discontinue the paroxetine. The drug was used for 4 months. My starting dose was 20mg. For 4 weeks, I stayed on a reduced dose. That’s what the psychiatrist had discussed with me. For 5 days now no more taking takes place. My current condition is very confusing. I feel exhausted and confused. In addition, there are electric shocks as I move the eyes or the head horizontally. It’s as if the eyes are swinging. The most uncomfortable are the sudden onset of dizziness, which last a few seconds and cause me panic attacks and anxiety. But I am (still) determined not to believe in a relapse, but in demeanor. And that means it’s temporary. I pray that I can stand this without relying on medication again. I thank all those who share their experiences and so give each other courage and strength.

  3. Diane C. Surber says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Suffering from panic attacks and depression for 3.5 years, which was better, sometimes worse, but in the last six months have become extremely worse, that I could not eat more and lost 6 kg! From time to time I took 1 xanor 0.5mg to overcome hard times, but then I was so exhausted and worried, sad that my mother made me an appointment with the psychiatrist. I never dared to go, I did not think I was crazy like that, and I’ll be fine again. Only now that I take Paroxetine I know again what joie de vivre is. What balance and peace is and no more constraints and fears to have. 1 week: 10mg fatigue, loss of appetite, headache, short feeling of pressure in the ear, short electrocution in the legs, but orgasm difficulties mood improvement 2 – 3 Week: 20mg Wow, a new balanced happy lifestyle without attacks and fear !!! Madness, such great zest for life I did not know anymore, I did a lot alone, which I did just fine. Swimming, walks and, above all, I was not afraid to leave the house, because I noticed that no more attacks came, so I could nowhere more fit and stood with both feet self-conscious on the ground. I was able to eat normally again without having a kloss in my throat, a pressure on my chest and palpitations. NO nausea or dizziness at all, as I read so many times. 4 weeks: high need of sleep and now and then a slight headache, but unfortunately a small relapse in the morning with feelings of anguish, tearfulness and 3 panic attack symptoms, but this did not lead to a violent attack. Emotionally everything was negative again. Have counteracted with a half xanor 0.5mg and then went back relatively quickly in a normal state. Otherwise, during the last 4 weeks during the intake of short onset symptoms of panic attacks, which have not increased despite the fear of anxiety. The orgasm problems are back to normal. In 2 days I have to go back to the doctor, who will tell him everything and possibly my dose is increased. I can only recommend Paroxetine, even if the side effects are not easy in the beginning, but that settles and it is the key to a new happy lifeAnd I find the panic attacks and life listless to spend in a gray prison much worse than the side effects !!!

  4. Kenia A. Johnson says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    I was prescribed paroxetine (20mg) for the second time because of anxiety and depression. In the beginning an initial deterioration occurred. I could not leave the house for about a week, could not eat anything, had anxiety attacks, was very whiny, could not sleep, at night I crunched my teeth so badly that my whole jaw ached, I had nightmares and in the morning I had to go twice to hand over. However, knowing that these side effects would go away again, I remained adamant and continued to take the medicine. After about 2-3 weeks there was a significant improvement. I was suddenly able to lead a normal life, leave the house and even had the strength to change some basic things in my life (relationship, job). After half a year of taking it, however, I started to gain a lot of weight (10 kg in 5 months), despite unchanged eating habits. In addition, I have been suffering from severe constipation ever since and need to take laxatives weekly to be reasonably comfortable. Furthermore, especially at the beginning of the treatment feeling cold, tiredness and loss of libido occurred. Getting an orgasm has also become very heavy since taking it. Conclusion: Paroxetine is a very potent remedy and especially indicated for severe anxiety disorders. The side effects are enormous in many people (also in comparison to other antidepressants). To come from the deepest, I can only recommend it to everyone. However, if you only have depression, without fears, I would definitely use other medicines (such as Citalopram or Cipralex) that have fewer side effects.