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  1. Nancy A. Barreto says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Neuralgia

    On the first day slight nausea. Meanwhile, no orgasm problems except side effects. Have taken before 900mg gabapentin, because of my nervous pain in the foot. I became depressed of that. Slowly dropped gabapentin and taken Cymbalta. Must take only 30mg per day and the pain in the foot are to endure well and moody, I’m fine again. I highly recommend it.

    Side effects: Orgasm disorders; Nausea
  2. Jimmy L. Vogel says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    The fifth day with cymbalta, the tightness in the neck has luckily subsided, but the heat rash has become more. The taste has changed or worsened. Otherwise, I have problems sleeping through or falling asleep, one feels tired but is internally upset. The craving for sex has taken hold and it seems almost impossible to achieve orgasm. Despite everything I feel a little better, but let’s see if the desired effect can still be achieved! I hope so that the side effects still lay on duration.

  3. Antonio H. White says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    Very good drug, with severe withdrawal symptoms I had and wanted to try after another depressive episode an anti-depressant. Since other anti-depressants made me yawn a lot, my neurologist Cymbalta prescribed me, initially 30mg, later 60mg / day. The side effects were quite intense. Anafngs I had difficulty falling asleep and suffered from apptitlosigkeit (about 6-8 kg in the first few months, which was a nice side effect). In addition, the Orgamus retarded under Cymbalta very backwards (again something that I found quite good). Overall, I felt very energized, especially due to the noradrelin reuptake inhibitor of Cymbalta. But I always noticed when I forgot my Cymbalta in the morning, which showed very quickly withdrawal symptoms. Above all, a certain amount of noise in the perception (sounded as if you turn on the receiving part of a radio, and some noise increases and decreases again). Added to this was some dizziness. It surprised me and my therapist, how fast the side effects started, and therefore I always had some Cymbalta in my pocket, so that I could catch up quickly. Less than a week ago, I completely forgot to take it, and together with my therapist I decided to try it again without anti-depressants. That meant for me, completely settle. I decided against skipping, so I could get through the subject faster, but I would not advise anyone. But I thought I was emotionally stable enough not to fall into a new hole with the weaning. But I clearly underestimated the physical side effects. Since discontinuing the drug torment me since the withdrawal symptoms. My appetite has returned, so I have to pay close attention to my weight. Besides, the dizziness never disappears completely. Nausea adds to the difficulty, so I often like to lie down during the day. I also feel slightly dizzy all day long. Every now and then a wave runs through me like a small electric shock. After work, I lie down to bed quickly so as not to notice the nausea and dizziness. I was hoping to get through with 3 days of cold turkey with the side effects. Unfortunately, I was wrong. A week later, I still have strong side effects, but slowly but steadily decrease. Overall, I was very satisfied with Cymbalta. However long duration and intensity of withdrawal symptoms at drug withdrawal surprised me.

  4. Lois R. Rodriguez says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Somatization; Sleep disorders; Depression

    Hello, I have been suffering from depression, sleep disorders and chronic pain for about 20 years. For many years this was not recognized by my family doctor and therefore mistreated, e.g. with painkillers. Several therapies have failed. For some years I go to the psychiatrist and have tried different antidepressants but dropped off because of very high side effects. Recently, a scientific study was looking for people with depression who should get Cymbalta. Unfortunately, I was not in the mood for it, because they had people who had suicidal thoughts schonmal not allowed to take. But there was a good one, I ordered Cymbalta from my psychiatrist. Yes, this medication is the Oberhammer, I had only mild side effects for the first week, mild headaches and tiredness and blurred vision, that was not an issue in the second week, as flew away. Now I have an orgasm disorder and less sexual interest, but I can live well with that, especially since my partner is not so active. After about 3 weeks I got a great drive, full of the desire to take the life again, to occupy me. Now after 5 weeks I feel that I have been blind for decades and finally able to see. It’s as if my eyes have been opened. A clear mind, the clouds warped, nothing that clouds the senses. I can sleep well, sleep through and have no more nightmares that have always burdened me a lot. At the beginning with Cymbalta I had changed dreams, a bit confused, which has normalized after only one week. The pain is reduced, but I still take 30mg, which I would like to increase to 60mg. I’m still a bit scared because of side effects, but my psychiatrist has already given the go-ahead, and I’m glad for that I’m feeling so good. He said I look like the flourishing life. I am back in life!