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  1. Virginia D. Pappas says:
    3.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    I got fluoxetine prescribed for my depression and it worked great and I had almost no side effects. The only side effects I found were Übelket or a very lethargic feeling in the stomach (but that was only if I took it without first eating something, if I had eaten before (what a little has served as a toast or ruffle ) then it was wonderful). Otherwise, I was generally less hungry than usual, which led to weight loss (very nice side effect). The only real disturbing side effect was that my sexual desire was significantly reduced and I had orgasm problems (which was more to the chagrin of my partner than my own). But I can only recommend it really helped me a lot! PS: I can not say anything about the price because it was paid by the health insurance company

  2. Alberta A. Hoffman says:
    5.0 rating

    Take the drug for a few weeks against anxiety disorders and panic attacks as leading symptoms of borderline disorder. Get 20mg a day, in the morning. The effect began after the first capsule, and for the first few days I also felt very well-tempered and motivated and fit. If the drug is taken without a depression present, ie at a normal serotonin level in the brain, as it is the case with me, no apparent level must be established and the fear disappears quickly. The effect also became better day by day, no more panic attacks and hardly any anxiety with zero sedative effect. Tiredness: After 2 weeks, unfortunately, I still had side effects, I’m not getting out of bed so well in the morning and am very tired all day. I was able to sleep well before and now I need up to 10 hours of sleep per night and could also insert a nap without any problems. My desire for sex is unbroken, but I can only get very hard orgasm, which is not very nice. I hope that the side effects disappear soon, because the drug works well and helps you to get through the day without fear.

    Side effects: Orgasm disorder; Fatigue