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  1. Ronald J. Jackson says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Anxiety and panic attacks; Depression

    Numbness in the legs below the knees, calves climbing stairs as heavy as lead, feelings of unreality (like behind glass), severe headaches every morning, extremely irritated (for me completely atypical behavior), nocturnal bladder pain with urination, rapid weight gain, increase or increase of Anxiety, cardiac arrhythmia (salvous), severe nightmares, high blood pressure. The drug I found unbearable. So I asked at the clinic to switch back to venlafaxine, which I had before (this had unfortunately only lost its effect after years).

  2. Virginia R. Harker says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    Constipation, restless legs, restless sleep, lousy dreams u tremendous weight loss and daytime fatigue were persistent side effects over the entire duration of 1/2 year – I had to weigh whether I pay this price. I am stable again and have cymbalta discontinued, but already almost three weeks ago u globules for beads, which I counted out. Except for still existing Schwankschwindel I have no Absetzungserscheinungen. Driving is not possible at the moment, I only use the bike to hold on to it. Occasionally happens that I can not get the curve u hang on the door frame. Even when walking straight on straight, I stumble over non-existent bumps. After trying many medications for years (with fewer side effects, but also without prompt effects), I am thrilled with the immediate effects of Cymbalta (despite the side effects) and recommend it to others, but not as a long-term medication. In a dependence I would certainly not guess because of the side effects. Note: I had to take Cymbalta at exactly the same time, otherwise precipitation occurred immediately u increased side effects

  3. Roland M. Werner says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Burnout syndrome; Sleep disorders

    overload (burnout syndrome), insomnia, impotent, stress: new drug Cymbalta: first 30 mg then 60 mg, dreams very much it is almost always in the dream to death fight, flight, I am threatened you want to kill me u.s.w. continue childhood memories, sexual experiences from the deep past, but otherwise no side effects, I am very well balanced, happy I feel, I have since the increase of 60 mg to 120 mg (the reason for the increase is my strong overweight), in the the first 14 days 8 kg weight loss, which makes me very happy, I have no urge to hit my stomach fully, at almost 60 KG overweight. further, the dream activity is almost non-existent. What annoys me is the following 264,00 EURO for 98 capsules but I find it expensive!

    Side effects: Nightmares; Loss in weight
  4. Cecil E. Klein says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Disc prolapse

    Hello sufferers and willing to settle, I’m not the Depri freak and not the pain expert par excellence. For fellow sufferers I want to describe why and how I like the 3 o. G. Discontinued medications without substitution and in case of neuropathic pain (Spondylarthrosis Chronified Stage III) BS 3/4 and 4/5 – dormant incident – clear. After severe pain and myelography, I was not operated on, but switched from an orthopedist to a pain center. There, without ever having had any serious depression, I got Cymbalta 30 to set up and then Cymbalta 60 in the morning, and Tiidin 50/4 twice daily and Katadolon Long in the evening. Although the pain got better, but I always felt tired, dizzy, had nightmares and overall, I stood slightly next to me, although I had full work, drive a car, etc. In addition, I lost 15 kg in the first 4 months, so my Family doctor has already done some tests for lung cancer, but not confirmed. The radiologist then said that weight loss would be due to tilidine, as this would make it nauseating. I had repeatedly asked the attending physician in the pain therapy at least to sell Tilidin and Cymbalta. She did not agree and became angry. In August 2008, I asked this strange doctor the liability issue, if I get involved in an accident. She then offered me Juristra (or similar written) as a substitute. I skimmed the leaflet and returned the box to her. About her chief physician, I then first forced the discontinuation of tilidine. It worked from 2 to 1 tablet and 0 in 3 days and I already felt better and started to gain weight again. 6 weeks ago I dropped off Katadolon overnight without any lasting consequences. The doctor went to another clinic in October (thank god) and I started selling Cymbalta in November. One week Cymbalta 30, in the second and third week Cymbalta 30 every other day and for a few weeks I am drug-free and take occasionally (once a week, if I can not help it) a Voltaren 75 Resinat and that helps better than the other nonsense together , For creatinine values of 1.1 to max. 1,2 is not a problem for the kidneys. The withdrawal symptoms of Cymbalta (allegedly also as a neuropathic painkiller also suitable for non-diabetics) were hell. When I first turned my head, my surroundings raced after me. That went away then. Then I got ear pickers under light load and running a kind of punches in my head, as if I was on a stun gun, or intermittently on an ignition cable. At night I woke up to nightmares with tachycardia (with otherwise good constitution) and was bathed in sweat. In addition, I heard in the wachtraum / half-dream phones ringing or the like, which were never there. I ignored all this, continued to work, and for a few weeks I have been clean without any deprecation. I enjoy driving again and my memory became normal again. I also have my normal weight back and can give jackets and tight-fitting shirts. I also did not know that Cymbalta was given for Boderline Syndrome and had learned it accidentally by an affected person, which I made the erstbehandelten doctor severest allegations, almost up to criminal charges. I am now with her by an experienced colleague and every 3 weeks I have injections in my back, which I find to be helpful. I would never again take Cymbalta and Tilidine only in the most extreme emergency for a few days. Many greetings, Arno45

  5. Ernest J. Clements says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Anxiety disorders

    Dear people. Even my ordeal to my depressive mood was long and very individual, which is why I spared him here. I am 39 years old, weigh 95 to 100 kg (sometimes, sometimes) and in the past I was a very fun-loving, boisterous young man, who loved sports a lot. A so-called warhorse, without wanting to boast of myself. But the tide always turns, or as you say on the stock market: “What comes up, MUST come down.” So in my case. So life is. I have been given beta-blockers (metohexal succ. 95 mg) for years because my diagnosis (inner restlessness, fatigue, listlessness, brooding) lasted for years and my blood pressure was constantly too high. When I came home in my service as a money transport driver one night and shivered all over, I realized that there might be another cause. From one day to the other, I suddenly could not drive any more, or get into a tight car, without being bothered by panic attacks (panic disorders). One evening when I was sitting in the cinema with a friend and the lights went out, the air was gone and I had to leave the hall. My family doctor then referred me to a psychologist who diagnosed claustrophobia, in conjunction with depressive moodiness. She recommended a so-called behavioral therapy (talk therapy) and wanted to know if I had until I found a place to take supportive medication. I should make the decision myself. She only said that it could only help because side effects would have every other drug, too. I was very skeptical and inquired with friends and acquaintances, read the booklet given on the subject of panic disorder / depression and was at a loss. Horror scenarios were described to me. I have been told by self-help groups where patients are sitting who have taken antidepressants for years and have now taken on handsome body mass. I should just keep my hands off, some said. The medicine prescribed for me is called Cymbalta and seems to be relatively new. I decided to trust the advice of my psychologist and research and began taking the antidepressant Cymbalta (30 mg, once a morning, with my beta-blockers), feared the worst, and informed my best friend (as suggested on the leaflet) about the onset medication. Well, the first two weeks are indeed not only pleasant, but the side effects were limited for me. At first my blood pressure rose and I felt an unpleasant pressure on the temples during the day. My appetite subsided. Actually, I would not have had to eat all day; I would not have missed anything. After three days, the pressure in the temples eased and I felt a comforting sensation a few hours after taking it, as if taking a light drug. I suddenly relaxed, which had been difficult for years and decided to “get things” on me. Since I consumed less food, my digestion normalized to taking Cymbalta (I have about 10 to 15 kg overweight). However, the bowel tends to flatulence in the first few weeks. After two weeks, the side effects disappeared completely and I continued to take Cymbalta 30 mg once a day. After a hundred days the pack was all over and I consulted my psychologist again. I felt a little bit better and I thought the intake would be stopped. Puff cake! “Yes, that’s enjoyable, then we start with 60mg of Cymbalta,” I heard the doctor say, “100 days, once in the morning, as usual”. “Mam, yes, mum. “, I thought to myself and berabte again the ten (10!) € uron additional payment for this obviously very expensive Stöffchen. The side effects were similar to the beginning of the intake, only not so pronounced and disappeared again after two weeks. However, after about a week I got the promised on the package leaflet throat infection. A sore throat is very uncomfortable and painful. I could barely stop coughing and had to stop taking Cymbalta for a while. The sore throat is but thank God occurred only once. A lot of drinking! However, which in my case occurs very often and is very unpleasant, ALBWOOD, which occur only since I take the 60mg dosage. They occur almost every night and are as intense as I have never experienced before. Most of the time I wake up in the morning, in the truest sense of the word “sweaty bathed” and think, “Wow, luck again”. My nightmares are always about persecution. In that regard, my soul probably has not processed anything, or was earlier

  6. Herbert C. Bryant says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    Background After a short change of Cipralex, I started with Cymbalta about 4 years ago, because I swallowed soft drugs for about 8 years to forget about my youth. I was mentally and physically abused / beaten. The accompanying psychological behavioral therapy lasted only about half a year. After that I was stable again. Now it was time to drop Cymbalta. Please stay on it! Cymbalta 60 to 30mg so after 2 years of taking Cymbalta I tried to reduce from 60mg / dose / day to 30mg / dose / day. Unfortunately from one day to the other day. Well, I dropped into a black hole. Aggression, anxiety disorders, sweats, flashing headache and a completely ‘nebulous’ head. Working was no longer possible. For info: I do not work physically, but top-heavy (mathematical / computer science). As an optimist I thought: .. not yet, but in a few months. Half a year later we traveled to Asia. Sun, sea and sweet idleness. Same procedure: discontinuation of 60 to 30mg / day dose Cymbalta. What should I say: I had no side effects. Even after the 4 weeks vacation, when we were back home. Yabadabadoo !! Only 30mg on the hump! Set Cymbalta from 30 to 0 Difficult but doable! First of all – for me it was difficult to stop Cymbalta altogether. But it is feasible. If you are unstable, you have another stumbling block. Did you know that you are unstable because this was ‘educated’? This too is changeable! My partner, does not think much of chemistry and conventional medicine. Emergency medicine yes, otherwise no. Too much money, power and not man. We talked about natural medicine almost every day. I was skeptical. That should work? I do not know. In addition to a hidden depression and anxiety disorders, I apparently had to swallow other medications as I was told. Otherwise I would die – aha. So I came up with 6 tablets a day. My partner has dealt with every single drug. So he said one day that the 5 tablets contain cytotoxin. Unbelievable – or. I immediately discontinued these medications in consultation with my great orthodox medical doctor. But back to Cymbalta or the ability to sell Cymbalta easier. On the web I read that you can break the 30mg cans and count the little beads and this can settle so slowly. I told this to my new ‘nature doctor’. She advised against such a deposition, since the coating of these capsules are prepared to withstand stomach acid. Inevitably, of course, I wanted to know how to get away from this Cymbalta. Quite simply, she says (I had to laugh): omit Cymbalta every other day. For this take these tablets ** one in the morning and one in the evening. For two weeks. Then we’ll meet again. ** The mentioned tablets with natural ingredients increase the seratonin level. This is how depression is treated in a natural way. The tablets are used against: depression, migraine, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, appetite suppression. If you want to know what it is and what it means, ask nicely 🙂 !! No, I do not deserve it and I’m not a naturopath. I was just a plagued Cymbalta contemporary and pass on my valuable experiences here for FREE. After 14 days 50% less Cymbalta The first 7-10 days of the creeping deposition of Cymbalta with help and in combination of Nature XXXX proceeded without complaints. Quite right – WITHOUT COMPLAINTS. So one day Cymbalta 30mg and nature XXXX morning / evening. No Cymbalta next day but nature XXXX morning / evening. By the way, Nature XXXX is not on an empty stomach. But the detailed information a.A. After about two weeks it started. Pretty sure it has to do with the fact that I completely renounced Cymbalta after two weeks and only took nature XXXX to me. Grummschädel (as if I had cotton in my head), swindle, I could not work (physically would go!), Nightmares (my dog stood as a bleeding skeleton before me – dreadful), in the visual image appeared red dots, hypersensitivity to light and shadow, Nausea, nerve twitching and pain. I can calm you down. It quickly subsides. These side effects last about 3-5 days. Anyway, it was like that with me. Now I am completely without Cymbalta for 10 days. Hallelujah !! I wanted to take Cymbalta again on individual days. Leave it! Hold on. Talk to your fellow man, doctor or confidant. I feel better every day. I feel again who I am. I feel and live my personality. An almost forgotten, great feeling not to be constantly dampened. Thank you, just thanks to all who have kept to me. My dearest friend and partner, my new nature doctor and not to forget: