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  1. Sammie J. Marrero says:
    3.5 rating

    Aciclovir for Shingles

    It helped against the facial belt rose. However, a few weeks later I fell 11m from the roof without knowing why. 2 weeks I was in an artificial coma. During the coma, I had insane nightmares that really united the real with fantasy. I can not prove it, but suppose it was because of the drug. Incidentally, I had to take against Rheum MTX Metrotrexan and Kordison. But the nightmares (which were very real, 2 weeks seemed to me like several years and I could still write a book of a thousand pages) were a very very bad experience and it took me a lot of time to even notice where I am and which is real. I would like to know exactly if I have the drug but to prove something like that is not possible for me.

    Side effects: Nightmares
  2. David R. Thomas says:
    4.5 rating

    Aciclovir for Herpes genitalis

    Hello, I once had the post: Aciclovir 400 genital herpes 10 years Registered on 05.09.2012 as record 47139, written here. Now I want to supplement this contribution with possibly important information as experience report, for all people, young or old, who are dealing with –Herpes Genitales– and suffer from frequent outbreaks. Chronic Residual Herpes Genital I had some bowel movement problems / pain due to the side effects mentioned at the time, which were even more complex (bowel movement problems, e.g., burning during bowel movements and generally during the time of taking them). Then I noticed a change in sleep, so I dreamed much more during the intake times, which I did not find unpleasant. But the night scare suddenly, this was strange, I got more nightmares, where I startled at night. Now I took Orthomol Immune for 2 years, it was suggested to me as an attempt. In response to my question: Since I can not always eat balanced and therefore not so well protected, I wanted to ask if there is something that could help me here something to strengthen my defense, a kind of supplement. There I was recommended by the doctor for interiors, as attempt the Othomol immune. I started to take it, granules package. To dissolve in water. I took it and felt it would be good for me. The herpes outbreaks were (I think) less. But they still came often. Since the taste of the yarn for me and I am not a sissy, just sometime disgusting, I struggled through, in a pharmacy to ask for an alternative preparation. That was not easy, because my main wish was: something that does not taste so disgustingly disgusting when you eat it. And yet, the pharmacist found in the system a preparation, which has similar active ingredients and was offered with extra taste. Well you could say: Taste no matter, the main thing it helps. But I had the impression it does not really help and it was still disgusting while drinking. So I was recommended a direct granulate from Ortho-Expert. Small bags. You open a bag and make the granules on the tongue and it dissolves and it tastes 100% better for me. Okay, but now for the most important part of this experiment. I took it in for a few weeks, not every day, but I took it every 2nd (memory). Then I set it off. And had no herpes outbreak for several months. I went to the pharmacy gave this feedback and ordered again a pack. I was advised not to continue taking the preparation, just wait until the next outbreak returns. So that the body just works with itself again and can form something and does not always get the stuff. I listened to that. A few weeks later I got an outbreak again. Reason was great stress intrapsychisch, so more than usual, more intense just. I did not take the harbingers with me, because I did not have a long time and did not pay any attention to it: Example of the harbingers: – pulling in the penis (over days) – tingling in the penis – pulling, pain in the testicles (right egg or left egg) – Pulling in thighs (over days) – Painful lymph nodes in groin area left and right – But also lymph node pain in the armpit area (even if it is said that can not be) – Headache I would like to give this experience to all herpes genital sufferers. This preparation has positively influenced my frequency, so minimized. But it is important to eat reasonably well. A mere intake would be a bit stupid. In addition, the price-performance ratio compared to Orthomol immune is totally great, in my understanding. In a pack of granules (cranberry) are faith 15 sticks. and it costs about 15 euros. Sometimes the prices fluctuate. Well, first I thought it’s just a promotion of some kind of remedies because of the name Immune Boost. But by now I do not care about the name, it helps me and tastes also acceptable and not abnormal / nasty and it is cheap compared to the Othomol immune. To what extent the effects are different, everyone has to compare for themselves. In any case, I would recommend here to consult the doctor also, if it is taken for several months. Well and now to Fucidine ointment I can also highly recommend this highly effective ointment. It is a skin antibiotic and helps me heal really fast, even with sores on the penis (microcracks or red spots) down it is good. It helps on the outbreak on the skin and the outbreak goes away faster. Of course, at least once a day on it and do not forget the hygiene before. And also important, keep the chain with disinfecting. I think if you touch down there during a breakout and then you should not eat it

  3. Jerry L. Trombley says:
    5.0 rating

    Aciclovir for Herpes genitalis

    For 10 years I take acyclovir. I started with acyclovir 200, it did not help at some point. The thrusts were weekly. Then it was raised to Aciclovir 400. Now I think, because of the sudden hallucinations, to let it down again. But I wonder if my body has become used to it and thus acyclovir 200 may not help anymore. In the car I was last (co-driver), aggresive, saw car accident death scenes (how movies run), and was highly sensitive to foreign cars coming towards. I was highly sensitive and completely over-anxious. I swore at the driver if he did not notice how fast the others were driving, etc. These feedback came in part from the car driver, as I was acting on those during the taking time. Otherwise, it is a highly effective drug, but beware, in people with organic diseases, acyclovir 400, is certainly a powerful drug and should not be used arbitrarily and best from time to lead a thrust journal. Genital herpes is hard, but people are fighting! Build yourself, your environment especially stress free. For me, the main cause, stress from the outside, as a trigger. Certainly different for everyone, but minimizing stress can help make the relapses less. But there are also people where stress is not just minimizable, which I wish a lot of strength & amp; Courage to talk about it, especially with potential partners. Do not mess up or lie. That would be like, (hard but honestly) if someone has HIV and conceals it. All the best to you

  4. Casey A. Bradley says:
    3.0 rating

    Aciclovir for Herpes genitalis

    Very good medication, if you are organic otherwise healthy. The only side effect is: I sleep deeper, dream intensely, have nightmares and now and now come hallucinations. I have anxiety in the car and am increasingly very frightened, & amp; aggressive by it. Stool problems are not that bad.