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  1. Louisa M. Gibbs says:
    4.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Hello, take Paroxetine for 3 months. Fear and depression are clearly limited until gone. Feeling of rapid overload also due to leisure stress depending on the form of the day. Side effects galore – unfortunately. At the beginning extreme fatigue. It took a few weeks for this to settle. Even after 3 months still increased need for sleep. Work was hard to imagine. Persistent nausea, from 7 days about 5, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker. Libido loss, now regulates this again. Slight increase in weight, but also controllable. Permissive yawning. Extreme night sweat. Repeated changes of sleepwear necessary. This is very stressful – after 3 months 3 of 7 nights relatively dry. Sleep through, especially because of the very strong sweating. For a few days very intense dreams. No nightmares, but irritating and slightly disturbing content. Very (!!) strong flatulence / flatulence. Flatulence and defecation very strong smelling. I hope that regulates this soon! This is particularly stressful in social interaction (use of other toilets, visits from friends, restaurants). Incompatibility of alcohol. Low (!!!) Quantities okay, everything else led me to a several-hour film break, personality change and hospitalization because of alcohol intoxication. I can not remember the increased consumption of alcohol! Therefore, I strongly advise against alcohol in combination with paroxetine, the loss of control and the intoxication is bad.

  2. Thomas S. Shepard says:
    3.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Hello fellow sufferers / I’m really glad that I found this page today and thank you for these reviews, because I’ve seen myself in the grave … after a raid 4.5 years ago I take everything prescribed by the bank has been. (since 2.5 years in pension) Several rehabilitation, reports and the usual theater with the professional association, which does not recognize the accident at work! Had at z.b. Trevilor dizziness when not accepting (forgot) Currently I take paroxetine, for about 1.5 years. My life has always remained the same, everything does not matter, mood swings, panic, fears, tachycardia, sleep disorders and the total retreat to this day. No giant steps but my peace at home. The only thing that is a little better, is that I can go shopping from time to time. My sense of well-being is gone, my sex life is completely gone and I always start everything and bring nothing more to the end, that annoys me very … Aggressive, I’m extremely rare. I have extreme sleep disorders. I go z.b. at 22:00 dead tired to bed, wake up at 00:30, soaking wet, sweaty, change my T-shirt, drink 3-4 cups of coffee, smoke and I’m busy at the computer. For years … sometimes I can not really do it anymore, but I have a great wife that always gives me courage, better than any tablet. After 2-3 hours I lie down again. The second sleep is sometimes 2-5 hours after, what do I know why? Again I’m soaking wet and sweaty, but in the second phase of sleep, I always have terrible dreams and I’m totally exhausted. Then I usually sleep again for 1-3 hours without sweating, despite some coffee. After that day, it is now z.b. 10:00: I do not get a turn and now drink beer, that beer makes me more calm and active, the mood gets better … after the second or third, I clean up the apartment, cook, go for a walk with our dog my wife already works. Sometimes, but I can not even take a shower for 5 days, I can / can not do it. Now I realized that I got more and more dizziness, for weeks almost permanent dizziness, that makes me terrified. I was not interested in the side effects, have enough worries. Now I made me crazy that it was perhaps a stroke or a brain tumor … boahhhh I’m so glad that there are others with these problems! Since today I go with the dizziness otherwise because there are side effects, that’s enough for me. For 7 days I take this paroxetine no more and as I read here I will go through the hard way – end and out with it! But what should I do now? will call my psychiatrist tomorrow and ask me, then I will definitely write a new review. Conclusion of today: a good day for me through this site here, I wish everyone, all the best. Greeting RolandK

  3. Danny R. Steele says:
    3.0 rating

    Despite predominantly good effect again and again phases with stronger anxiety states. Since the beginning of taking almost nightly night sweats, but varying from night to night. Low weight gain. Otherwise no side effects.

  4. Clara D. Paradis says:
    4.5 rating

    I’ve been taking Paroxetine for about 4 years now. I had them prescribed for my family doctor because of panic attacks. The pills helped after a few weeks, but it certainly was my mental attitude to the panic attacks that had helped me to become fearless. After the first time I tried to sell the pills, I quickly regretted having taken this stuff ever. I would certainly have managed to get rid of the anxiety attacks. The side effects when stopping are really the horror. Perhaps I have It just tried in too big steps … but you should have told me that it is not easy werden.Ich suffered massive dizziness, and had something like electric shock in my head. Meanwhile, I know that these side effects occur in many, the paroxetine Since I take paroxetine I always have very intense dreams and wake up often schw I can not remember when I last had a restful sleep. Currently (the 4th time) I try to sell them again and switched to Seroxat Suspension (the same active ingredient) so I can dose more accurately. Take it yesterday I daily 5 ml / 10mg and would like to settle then in 2 mg steps. I notice now again a slight dizziness but I really hope that it works better now. I would recommend Paroxetine only in extreme emergencies. It is best if you try it without medication! The withdrawal is, as I said, quite difficult!

  5. Deborah K. Simpkins says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Every few years I take antidepressants every now and then to slow down the very deep case. Since none of the resources that I swallowed in the past really blew me away, I never bothered to remember the names. With paroxetine this indifference comes to an end – albeit not in a positive sense. The dose was slowly built up from 10 to 30 mg with me, whereby I actually felt best with 10 mg (even if that should not be noticeable) and with 30 mg, however, again drive-less and useless. Unfortunately, the side effects were persistent and as such counterproductive: those who suffer from depression need an ego booster and no further food for their nagging (self-) doubts. But now I would like to see the woman, who happily puts away two to three kilograms of weight gain per month and calmly exchanges her entire wardrobe twice in half a year. Since it is almost a happy coincidence, when added to this side effect nor the total libido loss, so that at least only the partner feels rejected, if nothing stirs for weeks. Of spasmodic efforts in this direction, I can only advise against; From a dose of 20 mg per day, these remained completely unsatisfactory for me. A restless leg syndrome and unpleasant night sweats then did their part to rob me of sleep with the last nerve, so that I began again after six months with the paroxetine tapering off. The three weeks of dose reduction and switching to fluoxetine were anything but pleasant. On the road I could not participate by car or bicycle and the shift of perception (often described here as shocks) made even practicing such monotonous sports as running impossible. Conclusion: Paroxetine may be an effective and proportionate remedy for anxiety; against depression, there are many less risky and at least equally effective agents that m.E. should be tried as a priority.