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  1. Shannon A. McClellan says:
    3.5 rating

    Take fluoxetine for 1.5 years. Reason: anxiety disorder (social anxiety, claustrophobia, emetophobia) My first experience with an antidepressant. Started with 20mg, reduced because of too strong side effects after 3 days and then slowly rebuilt to 20 mg. Take now for over a year 20mg daily in the morning. The first weeks severe side effects: nausea, loss of appetite, severe lack of concentration (I was actually completely beside me), severe headache, forced yawning, dry mouth, tiredness, night sweats. Better after about 2-3 weeks. Conclusion after 1.5 years: I can go back to work and work. Emotions, however, have fallen by the wayside. I’m pretty much indifferent, I do not feel like doing anything, I can not get up to sport or doing business anymore, I’m generally not interested in anything. I’m almost always tired and sleep 9 to 10 hours – in the afternoon I’m often so sleepy that I have to lie down. In addition to the fatigue and indifference: night sweats, sexual aversion, orgasm inability. At the end of the year I would like to slowly reduce my dose and let it escape. I would like to – despite all the fears – once again feel something like enthusiasm …

  2. Mack J. Herbert says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Social phobia; Depression

    I have been taking fluoxetine for 3 months. Since I was very afraid of taking it, we started with 2.5mg daily, then 5mg, then 10mg and currently I am at 15mg daily. Nausea did not appear due to this small increase, but other side effects I am currently struggling with. Dizziness, tiredness, big pupils and blurred vision. I used to sleep like a stone and today sleep very restless, sweat and dreams very much and real. Maybe I finally start to process things? But I feel exhausted and tired all day. But my leg cramps, which I otherwise had very often, have already subsided.

  3. Evette S. Davis says:
    4.0 rating

    Fluoxetine for Social phobia; Obsessive compulsive disorder; Depression

    In the first week of taking (10 mg) I was extremely tired. I felt as if I had been packed in cotton, especially in the morning after I sweated extremely in my sleep at night. The feeling is comparable to how I felt as a child when I sweated out the whole fever after the effect of a suppository. In addition, there was an extreme increase in appetite, but after two weeks (20 mg) it subsided again. The obsessive thoughts were gone right after the first tablet intake. I was a stranger to myself, because I knew life only with obsessive thoughts, and suddenly it was so quiet … But I’ve got used to it now. It’s definitely nicer to be in here and now and finish things that you start. The fear of people has been reduced to a healthy caution from strangers. However, I only felt a mood-lightening effect after 8 weeks of taking the medication (30 mg). Then the fatigue disappeared. At the moment it is very hot (July 13, 2010) and I have a lot of water retention and a bit of confusion. The latter is not so bad. I’m just a bit forgetful, I’m dizzy and I sometimes say something different than I want, but I’m firmly convinced that I had said what I want (eg I want to say Hape Kerkeling, but say Helge Schneider and I am but convinced I would have said Hape Kerkeling). My fellow human beings point me out regularly. The serenity of the medis makes up for it all. If that serenity could only last forever, even if I cut the meds back out. Overall, I’ve gained six pounds since taking it for the first time.

  4. Manuel A. McLaughlin says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    After reading so many negative things about fluoxetine (Prozac) I have to say something different: Fluoxetine works very well for me. Yes, at first there were terrible side effects (nausea, headache, even worse depression). However, all side effects disappeared during the first 2 weeks. And indeed, everyone. I must confess I only take 10 milligrams a day. The effect is very good throughout. After years of inner torment, I finally feel balanced again, I have no thought whatsoever in my head (only negative thoughts were in the carousel!), I can again work more efficiently, go back up my head through the world! I thank the people who invented this drug! I know fluoxetine by the way (also) from my youth. It helped very well there. However, I had taken there in places up to 60 mg / day and of course I had side effects (night sweats like dumb, weight gain, Dauerzittern). You should not take so much of it. The doctors often prescribe too much! The dose is really important! I can only say: Better a life with the little chemistry than that life is only a mental torture!

  5. Evette G. Ward says:
    4.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Drive disorders; Depression

    I take fluoxetine for the second time in 7 years. For the first time, my panic attacks improved so well that I could hardly believe it. After 2 years I put it down because my life had completely changed and stable I was. I reserved the right to take it again. 4 weeks ago it was as far as I asked if I could not get fluoxetine again because I had had good experiences with it. I had taken on the advice of my doctor Cymbalta last year with unbearable side effects such as shaking and constant cold sweat. After weaning … which took weeks, I did not feel like going through such weeks again and let it stay completely. But now … I had never really recovered from the birth of my child, which was unexpectedly very dramatic in 2012. I worked in the household and in the care, only that he is such a sunshine, let me continue. Then again and again I got serious illnesses that were also associated with surgery. And always one on it. I could not anymore. Fluoxetine 20mg increased over 30mg to 40mg daily … for 4 weeks. I am sooooo happy that I took the step to try it again after the Cymbalta disaster. Side effects included mild nausea and diarrhea. Night sweats and loss of appetite. I’m more nervous nerves even if I get little sleep at night, I’m the budget with left and even have fun and fun dating with friends. I had tried this out of simple lack of strength lately to avoid … which is of course an absurdity. I can only say … I would resort to fluoxetine again and again when I realize it will be difficult again. I would probably have saved a lot if I had taken it sooner but I wanted to wait. I can recommend it anyway.

    Side effects: Diarrhea; Night sweat; Anorexia; Nausea
  6. Carmen R. Gardener says:
    3.5 rating

    Fluoxetine for Depression

    Dizziness, nausea, faint stomach feeling about 1-1,5 hours after ingestion, insomnia, restlessness, night sweats, sudden hot / cold sensations, short-term memory gaps, especially in connection with alcohol, trembling