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  1. Marilyn M. Morgan says:
    1.0 rating

    Topamax for Epilepsy

    Fatigue, dizziness, ataxia, speech / speech disorders, paresthesia, nystagmus, drowsiness, nervousness, psychomotor slowdown, memory disorders, confusion, loss of appetite, anxiety, attention deficit / loss of concentration, depression, nausea, weight loss, headache, double vision and other vision problems. Psychosis, psychotic symptoms, aggressive behavior, change in taste, agitation, cognitive problems, mood swings, emotional lability, coordination disorders, gait disturbances, suicidal thoughts

  2. Sherry M. Mercado says:
    4.5 rating

    Topamax for Epilepsy

    Weight loss through Topamax 5kg, tingling for the first 6 weeks, nausea, dizziness, lack of coordination, nervousness. After that again about 6 weeks came an aggressive behavior and great mood problems (from high to low) the medi also did not work alone. So we added Zonegran. Zonegran also caused a small weight loss of 3kg, the first 6 weeks of diarrhea, mild dizziness, double vision, poor memory. Now and then I still have occasional diarrhea problems with memory and what has come to muscle pain, muscle wasting and nodules / Knorkel-like growths on middle fingers and feet, which, if you remove them, come back (is only possible through surgery). And hair loss but I fight with biotin and silica. The only positive I can eat what I want and do not gain weight. But my appetite is not always great !!!

  3. Kasey G. McKinsey says:
    3.5 rating

    Topamax for Sleep disorders

    Due to anxiety, Topamax was prescribed to me. First 25mg and now 50mg. It helps me and I can sleep more peacefully, also the measurements of my brain tremors are much better. The side effects are evident in me by nervousness and weight loss. I only tolerate alcohol very badly. The fatigue throughout the day I have with vitamin B6 under control, which also eliminate the interference in the hands.

    Side effects: Nervousness; Weight loss; Fatigue