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  1. Jimmy V. Jones says:
    4.0 rating

    Tegretol for Epilepsy

    I have received Tegretal since 2005 because of a seizure disorder (epilepsy, type Grand mal). The drug was slowly metered into my clinic. After 6 years of taking it I was able to see more and more side effects on me, ranging from dizziness to dizziness and gait disturbances. Diazepam was dosed to me 16 years ago after I was in sudden anxiety, unable to leave my apartment. Since Diazepam like all drugs from the Benzodiazepingruppe a very high mental and physical dependence potential, I decided in 2007 to detoxify in the clinic with another drug (Atosil / drug: prometazine) and a psychotherapy to get this suffering under control. Unfortunately, my intention has not borne fruit, so that I have at least a little quality of life to keep (my everyday life can accomplish alone), have resorted to diazepam again. So far, all other attempts to treat my anxiety disorder have failed. There were u.a. SSRIs and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors were used but did not produce the desired effect. I receive Tilidine Comp because of 3 inoperable herniated discs in the LWS area. However, I take this drug only if the pain becomes unbearable and Novaminsulfon does not show sufficient relief. A longer lasting use of Tilidine Comp I avoid because of the existing dependency potential. I strive as far as possible to limit the revenue to just a few days.

    Side effects: Headache; Dizziness; Nausea
  2. Heather J. Wilson says:
    3.0 rating

    Tegretol for Bipolar disorder

    nausea, vomiting confusion speech disorders weight loss worsening eyesight vocal cord inflammation with fever depression 2 x 600 daily doctor refuses to decrease dosage, also does not make blood picture

    Side effects: Nausea
  3. Luz L. Mendez says:
    3.0 rating

    Tegretol for Bipolar disorder

    Trevilor hypomania hyper-mobility, salivary Tegretal-gamma GT increased, gumular proliferation, bruising, nephritis?, Nausea drowsiness

    Side effects: Nausea
  4. Donette J. Williams says:
    4.0 rating

    Tegretol for Epilepsy

    Side effects of Tegretal = & gt; NO side effects of Zonegran: nausea = & gt; after 3 months swallowing problems = & gt; initially common, later occasionally weight loss = & gt; 4 kg

    Side effects: Nausea; Increase in weight