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  1. Charles R. Densmore says:
    4.0 rating

    Gabapentin for High blood pressure; Rls

    Of the 10 different medications I take, only 3 are associated with side effects. Gabapentin: constipation u. Increase in weight Ramiclair: Increase in blood sugar level (long-term value) Tramal: At first, nausea

  2. Joseph G. Barnett says:
    4.0 rating

    Gabapentin for Morbus sudeck

    In the beginning often nausea, dizziness, now in vehicles or faster movements. Lack of concentration, blurred vision and mild to moderate skin eczema. Tiredness (however, the fatigue was greater when the dose was lowered temporarily, presumably it is also painful). Weight gain, but by consistently less controllable. Decreased libido. Dose 3000mg / d

  3. Paul S. Lewis says:
    4.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Phantom pain

    Gabapentin: After an initial dosage of 3x200mg I am now at 3x400mg. The side effects are meanwhile low in my case. In the beginning of the intake were the side effect: dizziness; restlessness; Potency problems; Get along well with the drug and can also recommend it. Cymbalta: should replace gabapentin on a trial basis, were recommended by several doctors great disaster, no effect on the pain, many side effects: dry mouth, nausea, sweating, poor sleep, impotence, urinary behavior, ear noise canceled again after 10 days

  4. Diana L. Caldwell says:
    5.0 rating

    Gabapentin for Muscle cramps

    As for me with a severe form of muscle wasting and nerve damage are not insanely many things to choose from, Gabapentin was the attempt to curb the years of constant pain, so that I can keep my feet short but is more a little damper in the truest sense of the word also did not happen. A quarter of an hour after taking the spell starts and you realize that something is happening in the head. Continuous with all sorts of bearable and unbearable side effects, my life was now next to pain even after long-term side effects, when I take pills and what I can do before and after each. For me, the effects and side effects were out of proportion, so we decided to slowly lower the drug, which gave me even more side effects and withdrawal symptoms and was barely able to keep my eyes open for panic attacks, anxiety and nights of sleep. The stuff just scared me.

  5. Lida E. Martino says:
    3.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Pain (neuropathic)

    Drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, headache, nausea, unsteady gait, weakness, joint pain (arthralgia), thought disorders, memory disorders, dry mouth, depressive moods, mood swings, indigestion, myalgia, dry throat, flatulence, pancreatitis, hepatitis, jaundice, decreased responsiveness Treatment discontinuation: anxiety, insomnia, nausea, pain, sweating.

  6. Nicholas D. Schmitt says:
    3.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Phantom pain

    Deafferencing pain syndrome due to plexus eruption on the right arm. Biceps restored after nerve grafting. Pain syndrome especially in the radial area of the r. Hand (feel of bone marrow scraping on thumb / vise on wrist). Initially good effect of Tilidin, however, very fast getting used with increase of the dose (in the end up to 400 Tr./ day), dependence, tiredness, whereby the brain rages, therefore sleep disturbances (on average / night approx. 2-3 hours sleep) and finally, ineffective in the pain syndrome, if you do not keep increasing your dose. With withdrawal in pain clinic withdrawal symptoms, afterwards however ever more disappearing sleep disturbances up to the restoration of the normal Biorhytmus. Switch to Katadolon, but only for the first 5 days positive effect, then more and more ineffective and therefore deposition. Tramadol completely without effect (not surprising in previous Tilidindosierung). Attitude to Neurontin / Gabapentin. Initially 3x300mg, then 3×400, 4×400 until now 4x600mg. At the beginning a relatively good effect, but again and again interrupted by days with more severe pain (extreme weather sensitivity). If you increase too fast (from 3×400 to 3×600) dizziness, orientation problems. In pain clinic in connection with pain catheter (Carbostesin) and Neurontin of Ratiopharm no clearly noticeable side effects and partly really small pain. After pain clinic Neurontin was prescribed by company Pfizer (4×600), through which it came especially in the evening to strong dizziness to nausea. Recently switched to Biligvariante (so my family doctor) Gabapentin CT 600 CT firm with better tolerability, but after pain clinic again significantly greater pain, so that action against Deafferenzierungsschmerzen is questionable, an effect only in conjunction with continuous-catheter-pain therapy adjusted , About a year ago, I tried LYRICA for 5 weeks, which was quite effective (it could reduce tilidine by 50%), but in those 5 weeks I used 20 Kg and put it down again, and so did it came to a clear sexual reluctance. In the pain clinic was also Baclophen (10 days to reduce sleep disturbances, but without noticeable effect) and before going to bed Doxiphin (initially 5 Tr., Which were increased to 13 Tr., Intake over about 45 days.) These had Relaxing and thus helped to fall asleep, but not to sleep through) and as Rescuetropfen were given me to extreme pain to 40 Trp. Tilidine, which I took from me as seldom as possible, after weaning (which lasted 7 weeks supported by Valoron as a sustained release to quell the withdrawal symptoms), however, achieved noticeable relief. Morphines were also tried (Sevredol 10 mg), which did not provide pain relief, but extreme fatigue. For me, the finding remains that Neurontin (probably only from Ratiopharm) in conjunction with pain catheter achieved good effect, without catheter, however, remains almost without effect, it also feels like drunk at night (company Pfizer) and Tilidine after withdrawal again SHORT-TERM but it is tempted to increase the dose again – especially when the weather changes (because even the pain catheter did not help), so there is always the danger of dependency on tilidine. For all medications, I was astonished that my liver values were always good, with Neurontin occasionally producing an over-acidified stomach. The tried alternative Tramadol achieved 0.0% effect

  7. Tracy S. Barton says:
    2.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Trigeminal neuralgia

    Since I have a fulminant trigeminal neuralgia, in which twice the Op after Janetta was necessary, I again had very severe complaints after high doses of gabapentin and amitriptyline, I am on the above medication (gabapentin 4300 mg daily, Cymbalta 120 mg daily). converted with VERY good success! I am currently painless! But still have the second Op late damage in the mouth. Side effects since taking Cymbalta: In the first days nausea, heat waves still persist and almost from the beginning a horrible cough especially when lying down. Can only lie on his back with a slightly raised head and take 75 drops of codeine every day to be able to sleep to some extent! The cough is really almost unbearable!

    Side effects: Nausea
  8. Lucille A. Foutch says:
    3.5 rating

    Gabapentin for Neuropathy

    Have for the neuropahischen pain only Lyrica (300mg a day) get. Since I did not tolerate it (water on the face, weight gain, fatigue, nausea, depression) I switched to gabapentin (300mg per day) from the company Hexal. I should try it to see if the side effects diminish. The side effects (water, fatigue, weight gain) have eased slightly, but the pain (burning of the skin, tingling, rib pain) came back. After only 10 days I was again as a precaution to Lyrica 150mg (it should be the Mercedes in the drug group and is not happy to be prescribed by the doctor, because it is so expensive / Gabapentin is more of the VW Golf). Now you have to see how high the dose of gabapentin has to be to get the same result as with Lyrica (side effects included !!!). So!!! Gabapentin I can be prescribed high doses (up to 3600mg per day) and the side effects, such as Lyrica, cause. A difference exists only in the active substance range.