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  1. Courtney J. Salem says:
    3.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Pyelonephritis

    No side effects in the first 2 days. Rapid resolution of symptoms. From the third day mild to moderate headache and persistent mild nausea, joint pain / crack in motion, lack of appetite-unfortunately weight loss. Otherwise, I tolerated the drug well.

    Side effects: Anorexia; Headache; Nausea; Joint pain
  2. Romelia J. Maness says:
    5.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Dental inflammation

    Have received because of Kiefervereiterung this terrible drug, despite a immunodeficiency. After the first tablet, it started with nausea. After 2 days of taking it I felt so bad that I dropped it off. I was getting more and more exhausted, headache, nausea and muscle aches, I just felt sick. Today, 2 days later, I woke up with tendon pain in my feet and pain in my hands. In addition, I am freezing, the headache and nausea persist. In essence, I feel completely poisoned. What kind of a frivolous drug and why is it prescribed without education? I can only advise against ciprofloxacin. So something that interferes with the DNA, should not be on the market, at least not as a harmless often prescribed AB, which is actually a chemomedicament.

  3. Asha W. Hall says:
    3.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Yersinia infection

    Deja vu experiences Persons and places as pictures in my head that I have never seen and do not know. And yet the feeling that I remember the situations. After these deja-vus violent nausea, pulsating ear noises and headaches.

    Side effects: Dizziness; Headache; Nausea
  4. Matthew E. Espinal says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Respiratory infections

    2 X 250mg per day, when taking only a slight nausea, 2 days after taking the horror went off, almost all sinews and joints hurt a lot, are apparently inflamed, which is already running since 11.9.2015, the whole thing happens in real Push, sometimes I feel better and the next day comes a boost that is worse than the previous, improvement barely in sight. This is synonymous in the side effects in it and according to various doctors is the well-known.Thus come mental disorders such as depression, mild panic attacks.

  5. Keith L. Whitney says:
    3.5 rating

    I was supposed to take Ciprofloxacin 500mg for 10 days in the morning and in the evening for kidney pancreas, already at the 2nd infusion I had a severe circulatory collapse with nausea, severe sweating, dizziness, vomiting and ringing of the ears. Now on the 4th day, severe abdominal pain, headaches and nightmares were added. I feel really bad with this medicine and I have to take it for a full 6 days, so 12 tablets. Impossible, not recommended!

  6. Tess J. Smith says:
    3.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Cystitis

    I already had stomach problems with severe nausea after taking it for the first time. On the second day circulatory problems were added, so the drug was discontinued by me.

  7. Carla K. Yanes says:
    4.0 rating

    Have now for the 1st time a bladder infection. More precisely, I suspect that. Unfortunately, my gynecologist only gave me a prescription. The medical assistant said that I should take now. Already at the end of the second day came to heavy flatulence, well, casual compared to the bladder problems. But on the third day it was right, really bad. Migraines, nausea, muscle atrophy. Unfortunately it was already in the evening. I could barely stand still at night, my head, I thought it exploded. In the morning, I could barely stand up when I got up, had the feeling of being completely beside me. The call to the doctor, she said that could come anywhere, had never had such a thing before. Nevertheless, I should stop the drug. I would definitely NEVER take it again!

  8. Andrew R. Rhynes says:
    4.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Bacterial infection

    After having traveled abroad, I had to have a bacterial infection (Malta fever) treated, because I reacted to the antibiotic doxycycline with enormous myopia and head pressure, I was switched to ciproflxacin, which I had to take 14 days. In the course of the treatment, the intake led to very severe depressive moods (gratuitous crying, overwhelming grief), pain in the feet, foot and calf cramps and circulatory disorders, mild headache, mild nausea. The bacterial infection was well resolved. If one weighs this for and against, the side effects were to endure. The consequences of the untreated infection would have been far worse.

  9. Linda R. Wilson says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Urinary tract infection

    Take 2 times a day. Side effects: Fatigue, circulatory disorder in the legs, weakness, very severe headache and nausea especially in the evening, presumably in conjunction with Cosaar, after taking in the morning in conjunction with Cosaar plus oddly enough no problems.

  10. James M. Russell says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Nephritis

    After two days in the whole body joint pain, freezing, neuropathy, palpitations, stiff feet..He had to go to the emergency, this said, stop immediately. That is already half a year ago. The pain comes in spurts over again. How can a drug be prescribed that breaks down more than it uses?

  11. Marci F. Seward says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Bronchitis (chronic)

    Treatment of chronic bronchitis, application: 6 tablets in the morning / evening each 500mg Within a few days developed in my chest and back pain, loss, sometimes cough and runny nose. After I went to the doctor, he prescribed me Cirpofloxacin 500mg. A few hours after the first dose, the pain was almost gone, but about 6 hours after taking it I began to cry for some unintelligible reason. This increased after taking another tablet. Now and then there was a chirping in the left or right ear, dizziness and pain in the legs. Anxiety, nightmares, depression were the worst thing in my eyes. I did not see any meaning in my life, cried for over an hour at times. I felt anxious, as if I would never get well again. I think that the side effects of depression increase in patients who are already a bit stunted.4 days later I developed diarrhea. My doctor recommended me to sell the tablets and got a new AB. Another doctor told me that for her generally it would seem that the dosage would have been too high for me. 1000mg a day, to 174 cm and 48 KG would be very much. Nevertheless, they were effective. After 4 days of taking my lungs and bronchi are free and I have become a non-smoker.

  12. Karla J. Flowers says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Nephritis

    I have been prescribed this medicine for kidney inflammation, which has already subsided on the 2nd day. But unfortunately I have more problems with the drug than before! Strong headache, neck pain, very heavy feeling of pressure in the stomach, slight nausea, dizziness and sweating! I will definitely not take this medication anymore!

    Side effects: Neck pain; Sweat; Dizziness; Nausea
  13. Shanda P. Griffith says:
    4.5 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Flu

    Before taking it I felt better, had only really strong purulent cough and runny nose – but was so far still mobile. After the first intake, I did not get out of bed for 9 hours. Drowsiness, nausea, mild stomach cramps, diarrhea, fatigue and the like; Fatigue, head pressure, night sweats, loss of appetite – I was really dirty. Then came the fever. These symptoms or side effects showed different degrees of intensity during the 5 days of intake. Now, 2 days after weaning, while my cold and cough is still not completely gone but I’m doing much better.

  14. Bonnie M. Charlebois says:
    4.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Urinary tract infection

    Habs for a mild urinary tract infection get 100mg twice a day. After the first pill everything itched and I tolerated it, because it ended after an hour, at night I felt sick. After the second tablet in the morning I was still bad and I was not hungry anymore. In the evening my legs hurt so much that I drove to the medical emergency service which immediately recognized the side effects. Now I and I have not taken a tablet for a day, still have stomach intestine problems even if the pain has become less. I definitely do not recommend it.

  15. Amanda L. Fain says:
    4.5 rating

    hello ,, So I should take the tablets because of enlarged lymph nodes under the axilla, since I have just broken off this morning, that is, the last did not take any more because of all the side effects I can not really say obs helped, I would like to say is still the same size swollen … but I have the side effects really thrown off course even though you have to take only 2 a day and the 5 days long ,,, initially I was dizzy and then I got diarrhea (every day). .. yesterday I suddenly hurt my legs, which continues to this day, and when I was still totally sick this morning, I had finally enough of the nose and have thrown the last in the garbage ,,, is not on the advice of Doctors but I did not care at the moment … so I am with long ,,, but his experiences should everyone make himself, after all, most antibiotics have any side effects, and everyone tolerates this otherwise … maybe I am very hypersensitive to these, which, as I said, does not have to be with you … lg

    Side effects: Leg hurts; Diarrhea; Dizziness; Nausea
  16. Patricia R. Hohn says:
    5.0 rating

    Ciprofloxacin for Stomach-intestinal infection-

    PLEASE DO NOT TAKE! I have been prescribed this antibiotic because of a gastrointestinal intolerance. 2x daily 500mg. Initially, I only had heartburn, nausea, headaches and was unpowered. Unfortunately, these conditions were caused by my infection. Unfortunately, I thought wrong. On the day of the last tablet, I suddenly got Depressed Conditions. The next day I got my first panic attack. It continued with anxiety which lasted the whole day. In the first few weeks after weaning, I quickly lost weight due to anxiety and panic attacks and could not eat anything. I was very impotent and could do nothing more and just lie in bed. When I could sleep, I woke up very early in the morning with a bad heart rate. Of the listed side effects, anxiety and panic attacks are worst for me. It’s been 6 weeks since I got my first symptoms. I am still afraid and have panic attacks. I do not recommend this medication in any way. It is a Ersatzantibiothikum which should be taken only in extreme emergency cases (if no other drug helps). There is information on this devil drug especially on English speaking websites.

  17. Stephanie J. Marks says:
    4.5 rating

    Because of vaginal inflammation to the on-call doctor (the day before yesterday) drove. She discovered a cocci colonization and prescribed me this antibiotic. Had to swallow while reading the leaflet first, but if you have pain, you want to get rid of the course, so taken tablet (the evening before yesterday). What came about was dry mouth, nausea and a panic attack in the middle of the night. Getsern morning but good morning taken the second pill, but then again called the doctor, NW described. She said I should not take it anymore and wanted to prescribe another one from the same group (by the way I googled fast, found out that the new one is not better in the NW and passed a locally applicable AB (Sobelin) Pills, my complaints in the vaginal area, moreover, always worse, rather than better., Only through the Sobelincreme I am currently experiencing relief.Conclusion: I would keep my hands off this antibiotic, I had from the beginning of no good feeling and I’m glad that I it stopped after 2 tablets, so I hope that there will be no late effects.

  18. Maxine G. Dickens says:
    4.5 rating

    Due to pyelitis taking 250mg of ciprofloxacin 2 daily, for 10 days. The renal pelvic inflammation has also been shown to decrease after ingestion (no more bacteria in the blood, kidneys on ultrasound back to normal). While taking any side effects, except slight tearing in the abdomen (may also be still from the inflammation said doctor) 2 days after termination of intake came similar symptoms as at the beginning of pyelonephritis. At first I thought she was not 100% cured, again doctor, blood, bladder and kidneys were ok. In the next week, constipation and a terrible burning in the abdomen that radiated to the bottom and lower leg, in addition spasmodic abdominal pain. Again doctor. Blood count, ultrasound, organs all ok .. Pain was always stronger, constant burning in the abdomen, which made sleeping at night impossible. Clarification at the gynecologist: no findings .. again emergency room, sono, CT .. without findings .. In the following week, the abdominal pain disappeared, the constipation is almost over. But there were other symptoms: heartburn, a constant nausea, but not the need to break, and sometimes more or less intestinal spasms. I have to say that I NEVER had diarrhea. The heartburn is over now. For about 2 weeks I have to deal with gastrointestinal problems, and this constant feeling of nausea. I can eat normally without vomiting, but it annoys me extremely. For about 2 weeks almost permanent tachycardia. Back then was clarified in the KKhaus: ECG, Herzecho all ok. Now about 5 weeks have passed since the start of revenue, and I feel worse than before taking. Why do NW still take time to take? The tachycardia and the feeling of nausea are the worst NWs, I hope that all comes to an end soon. The antibiotic helped fight the kidney infection, but I would never take it anymore. The whole NW limit me a lot in my everyday life. I want my old life back.