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  1. Reba E. Jackson says:
    3.0 rating

    Cefaclor for Cold

    From the 3 day of taking the most severe abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting. Strong joint and muscle pain. Heart dysrhythmia. Know in my environment, not a single person who has tolerated this drug. All change after a few days. Who deserves it …

    Side effects: Muscle aches; Joint pain; Vomit; Nausea
  2. Sara F. Mims says:
    2.5 rating

    My daughter (12 years) got it prescribed by the doctor. The angina disappeared, but nausea and vomiting started on the 3rd day.

    Side effects: Vomit; Nausea
  3. Sonia J. Washington says:
    4.0 rating

    Cefaclor for Otitis

    The tablets must be dissolved in water and drunk. 3 times a day, I took twice the dose. The taste caused me gagging. After 5 days of taking my symptoms / pain have deteriorated so much that I could not stand it anymore and got another antibiotic and strong painkillers prescribed. As a side effect I had nausea and pain in my feet and hands.

    Side effects: Nausea
  4. Leora P. Swain says:
    4.5 rating

    Cefaclor for Tonsillitis

    I have tonsillitis several times a year. The effectiveness is really high but always have side effects. Diarrhea is always one of them, including stomach ache, nausea, vomiting and, in rare cases, premature menstruation. Now and then also pain in the genital area. Still, it’s the best drug I’ve ever received. It does indeed drive the devil with the Belzebub but this is short-lived. The price convinces me because I have to pay for this drug nothing. It is taken over completely by my health insurance of the AOK and I am not exempt from additional payments.

    Side effects: Vomit; Nausea; Diarrhea