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  1. Jeffrey J. Hoagland says:
    3.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Mood swings

    Hello to each other, for me a very clear and clear NO to this drug. Have taken about 4-5 years and 20 mg, because of strong mood swings, problems with work … disease in the family, etc .. !!! My doctor recommended – without hesitation – paroxetine 20 mg. Very much trusted in the experience of my doctor !!! To start with, problems, wide range … learned to LIVE. Until I got severe cramps in the face and jaw area. Nobody found the cause, neither general practitioner nor the neurologist. Again and again to the doctor and on WE in acute cramps to the rescue. I talked to over and over again the intake of this drug, asked for side effects. No matter these concerns were ignored !!! In December 2014, I set the dose from 20 mg to 10 mg. Then it went half a year without convulsions. Until I had to 10 days after about 4 hours of massive convulsions back to the rescue. This time, the doctor immediately pulled a neurologist to the HELP, a young assistant doctor immediately recognized the possibility of intolerance of an active ingredient of paroxetine. After a short telephone conversation with her chief physician, she injected me with an antidote. This worked within a few minutes. Result: IMMEDIATE discontinuation of paroxetine. This is now 10 days ago …. terrible symptoms of withdrawal, such as dizziness, chills, sweats, acute diarrhea. not able to work !!! BUT I want to and must go through it and believe that I have managed the worst. Walks and activities in the fresh air make the head freeWish everyone a lot of strengthLb. Regards Heidi

    Side effects: Muscle cramps
  2. Donald A. Diaz says:
    3.0 rating

    Shortly after getting up in the morning, feeling tired, you will immediately go back to bed! Obligations (disturbances) diminish! Side effects: palpitations, shortness of breath, dry mouth, muscle spasms, twitches! My illness: compulsive acts and thought-mixed! At 20 mg paroxetine

  3. Sarah G. Cortez says:
    1.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Post-traumatic stress disorder

    every week at the same time, when you enter, you go to the galle. big pupils. zähneknirschenb. in the first days cramped and blocked, for hours staring at the television, cold sweat, side effects as on extasy. after 1 week to stop: constantly increased body temperature, circulation (\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (until today, dermatologist can not find anything) after: strong restlessness, stronger than before, but may also have something to do with the development of the ptbs the drug has helped me with bad fears, but the side effects are not to be underestimated.