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  1. Sam M. Diaz says:
    4.5 rating

    I was found with 2.2 per thousand and responded aggressively to the police, I was then administered an unclear amount of Haldol until today, when I woke up in the intensive care unit, I felt like it is like after a binge drinking so. was then released in the evening in the presence of my mother. After 2-3 hours at home I realized that my head always went to the left, I thought I was embarrassed or something. The cramps were getting worse during the night, the next morning the haunting seemed to be over, but 4-5 minutes after getting up, the spasms started to get worse again. I could not go straight anymore, my neck tilted up so I could barely breathe, then I was brought by the notartzt in the emergency room, the cramps there were always unbearable and then started in the face (eyes, tongue, mouth, jaw) I got an antidote which worked very fast.

    Side effects: Muscle cramps
  2. Gabriel A. Krach says:
    4.0 rating

    Have been prescribed Haldol and Risperdal and discontinued .. With Haldol I got after just one day muscle spasms, involuntary convulsions, at Risperdal only after a few weeks. At Risperdal I noticed a calming effect at the beginning, but it quickly disappeared again. Lyrica is supposed to be the new miracle cure, I do not know. Although I did not have such extreme side effects as with o.gen. felt, but I felt no real improvement in my condition Overall, I’m glad if I have to take anything.

    Side effects: Muscle cramps