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  1. Bruce B. Anderson says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Pain (acute)

    I was following a heart attack for follow-up treatment, where Cymbalta30 was prescribed for a week, one in the morning and one in the evening, then I was to take two Cymbalta in the evening. Since I did not have a slip with these tablets, I could not inform myself about possible side effects. I only noticed that I had constipation problems since I took this drug and that I had difficulty urinating. The urine was only stuttering and painful, so that I already believed in prostate problems. everything came together so that I, back home, read about the side effects on the Internet! Once I had read these, I first became aware of what I had all sorts of side effects. Here is a small list of my side effects: 1. Constipation 2. Problems to leave water 3. Increased sweating 4. Increased sweating at night, so that my pillow was really wet and I had to wrap it in a bath towel to not on the wet lie. 5. Dry mouth 6. Increased flatulence 7. Muscle cramps in calves, fingers and in the no-longer small toes (such as phantom pain) 8. My brother in the pants had no desire to work, which at my age was not so crucial, as he In any case, was already active for almost thirty years longer than my father, so I do not want to complain! 9. When sitting quietly, I suddenly had uncontrollable twitching in my thighs. I think anyone who gets this medicine should take good care of themselves and then talk to their doctor, no matter what they are doing. Sure, there are also side effects that have not yet been considered in this endless list of side effects that the manufacturer has already listed.

  2. Elmo A. Fiala says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    Hello dear, my experience with Cymbalta only 2x30mg and now 1x 60mg strikes me great. Slight side effects like muscle spasms and insomnia at 2x30mg. I took a tablet in the morning and in the evening and came through the day suffering only from sleep disturbances. Now at 1x 60mg it is even better. Take the tablet in the morning and sleep well at night. And the day is again suoper. Listlessness has disappeared fast effect. I get my everyday life fully coped again. Go work and laugh more. I’m completely satisfied

    Side effects: Muscle cramps; Insomnia
  3. Stephen P. Johnson says:
    2.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Sleep disorders

    After revenue from Trittico swelled up the nasal mucous membranes at night but only a short time. Dizziness.Work impossible. First reduction to 25mg without vertigo.Sleep has become better. Cymbalta side effects: Constant but tolerable whistling in the ear, occasional muscle spasms in the cervical and cardiac region, occasional troubles with urination, partially impaired lybido.