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  1. Cody M. Nichols says:
    3.0 rating

    at the beginning I was rather afraid at the first intake of the tablet had directly got a side effect where the ambulance had to come because of extreme heart rate and burning muscle feelings but then we went better and have taken the tablets further on which I take the tablets I still had no panic attack and relaxant I got tafil 1mg always helps between if you get the feeling that it is just around you take di and you just come down my age is 20 years I think these two drugs are best against panic lg jose

  2. Louis A. Atwood says:
    4.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder

    Have an obsessive-compulsive disorder but which has become much better. The drug helped me a lot. Now I do not take them for 4 weeks anymore. Side effects when taking: Almost no libido Faster sweating Bad fall asleep Intense dreams When weaning (I am from 40 to zero): Thin-skinned, quickly sad or hurt. Fatigue seizures. Sweat. Agitation irritability muscle pain

  3. Florence R. Brauer says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Am on discontinuation of paroxetine: Within 3 weeks I’m down to 10 mg a day. Pull it now for about 10 days and then end. I feel so much better than before. I can sleep againParoxetine helped me for a while, but now I can not recommend it anymore. My mouth was always sore and I was sweating like crazy, very very bad !! In addition, I always had a stomachache + could not sleep anymore !!! Acid belching. And the worst with prolonged use: miserable joint and muscle pain without end, neck stiffness, pain pain everywhere. As a result, I was always sick and had to take more and more drugs, until collapse. I can not anymore. I took 40-60 mg most of the time. I took it about 5 years, with 1, 5 year interruptions. and it has served its purpose. If it is not better with my depression or coming back, then I will do everything I can to avoid taking meds. I will never take paroxetine again.