Mucosal dryness effect of Tamsulosin

We have 172 consumer reports for Tamsulosin. Mucosal dryness effect occurred in 2%.

Patients statistics on Mucosal dryness side effect for Tamsulosin


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Tamsulosin Circle Diagram 3 consumers of 172 reported about Mucosal dryness

  1. Jason R. McGuinness says:
    3.5 rating

    I only took the medicine for 1 day. The effectiveness was good. I only had to go to the bathroom 1 x at night. The burning in my abdomen was gone. But I got severe pain in my sinuses at night. In addition, my nose was completely dry and I was afraid to get more air. I discontinued the medication for the time being because the side effects were bad.

  2. Kevin G. Crooms says:
    3.5 rating

    Negative: severe headache, nausea, extreme dizziness (very dangerous to drive a car!) Strong blood pressure fluctuations, no more feeling of ejaculation. Dry nose, taking stopped!