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  1. John N. Bornstein says:
    4.0 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    After 3 days of administration, the following side effects occurred, which have not subsided so far (2 weeks): – mood swings (from elated elation to dejection and aggression) – tiredness (occurs about 2 hours after ingestion) – sleep disorders (stage sleep, about every 1 -1.5 h awake) – visual disturbance (only a brief blurring, may also be related to fatigue) – dry mouth while talking The side effects occur during the day always at the same time and therefore you can handle it well. The first days are very exhausting for the patient and the partner, because both are initially overwhelmed because of the abrupt change in character. On the positive side, it has been almost completely suppressed since taking the cough and the respiratory symptoms have been markedly reduced for about 6-8 hours, depending on the weather. Dosage: 2 doses daily via Turbohaler

  2. Michael E. Grubbs says:
    3.5 rating

    Symbicort for Asthma

    Take Symbicort for about 4 years each spring for about 2-3 months (1 x morning and evening). The otherwise occurring breathing difficulties are almost completely avoided by the intake. During the time of taking Symbicort experience regularly extreme dysphagia. Next I observe dry mouth and increased spasms in the feet.

  3. George B. Anderson says:
    4.5 rating

    Symbicort for Copd

    Take BERODUAL as an emergency medication for many years with no problems and side effects. Helps mostly after two strokes and a short rest period. I am currently taking 1 x Spiriva, 2 x Symbicort and distributing it throughout the day if necessary Berodual. Found and confirmed by dentist that the drugs attack the tooth surface and increased calculus is there. Always dry mouth and rough voice! During the day almost without problems – at night I often wake up at about 2 o’clock – and I just have to sit down for 10-30 minutes somewhere and abhusten small amounts of mucus, and drink something and keep calm! Sometimes I wonder – is that a rumor ?? at COPD uä. – how far the above Drug affect the sex life, as there is great daily craving, but not lived out. Also, assume that someday and somewhere in a panic attack I’ll get stuck without enough air and stand at the door of Peter, because the drugs mentioned will no longer work. Mauss ask my medicine man – if oxygen (but who has that at home) would not be more effective …