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  1. Elizabeth B. Spurlin says:
    4.5 rating

    Ritalin for Borderline; Ads / adh syndrome; Depression

    I am 25 years old and female. I got Ritalin in August 2016 against my persistent listlessness and extreme fatigue. The first 3 days with Ritalin were hell, so strong mood swings I never had. From pure aggression to suicidal behavior everything was there. After that my mood suddenly got better, I was almost euphoric. I felt neither tired nor impulsive, far from suicidal thoughts. It was great! I went out, started again with sports, met with people, even had the courage to address the man of my dreams (we have been together since October) The first side effects were relatively low, the loss of appetite was very convenient for me, because I have the Years of eating a lot of bacon. The dry mouth caused me to drink a lot of Wasset, which was also very positive. 7 Kg decreased within two and a half months, from 84 Kg to 77 Kg were the dry mucous membranes (vaginal dryness, burning eyes) The main side effect, why I no longer take the Ritalin, was / is the hair loss. I have naturally very fine blond hair and by the Ritalin I fell out incredibly many hairs. I’ve lost at least a third of my entire hair, my scalp is clearly visible at the top and top of my head, I was already addressed by family / friends and even my family doctor. This strains me a lot psychologically, as I have never been blessed with a dense, flowing mane. My best friend (she has ADHD) had also taken Ritalin and also had extreme hair loss. She was prescribed Medikinet, so it got better. If the hair loss was not, I would take it further, the positive effects, especially the no longer being tired were great. But I do not want to look like 25 after chemotherapy. Therefore, I recommend it only limited.

    Side effects: Mouth dryness
  2. Clifton C. Clark says:
    2.0 rating

    Ritalin for Drive disorders; Depression

    dizziness after exceeding the intake time from 2 hours, feeling of a mash brain sensation in the head, that the brain only subsequently follows the movement, combined with increased feeling of dizziness sometimes orientation difficulties immediately afterwards, often associated with pain dizziness directly after ingestion (punctual as well as delayed ingestion) Dry mouth sticking to the lips of the teeth, strong urge to drink something constantly about every 1/2 hour weight gain about 20kg within 1 year then consistent, decrease only with advancing recovery of the depression

  3. Christina J. Esterly says:
    3.5 rating

    Ritalin for Adh syndrome

    The drug actually works wonderfully for me. For the first time in my life, I can stay at work on a daily basis and with perseverance and with great pleasure. finally i was able to bring order to my previously chaotic household. In my way of thinking, it also does a great deal. It is as if a thick curtain were pushed further away on a daily basis. I recognize things that I did not even know before. I can z.b. finally also read instructions for use and UNDERSTANDING 🙂 etc. BUT, now I come to the SIDE EFFECTS: it started with a big mouth dryness, which became so strong that I could barely speak. luckily, after a while, this side effect disappeared almost completely. but when the doctor changed me over to the ritalin retard, the theater started all over again. then he switched to concerta, which made it even worse. Now I got to the dry mouth also an unbearable tongue burning, from which then a burn in the mouth of the mouth. as soon as I discontinued the drug, the symptoms disappeared within one day almost completely, after two days they were gone, but unfortunately also the positive reactions of ritalin 🙁 on my request I returned to the ritalin 10th since then I had over Longer time these side effects less frequently and rarely to a great extent, but at the moment it is just unbearable bad, pain until you drop, in addition also aphten and other painful pimples in the mouth and pharyngeal area and I have virtually no sense of taste in his mouth 🙁 and yet, the ritalin give up – never! it gives me as much quality of life as I never had my life day.moreover, I have, as a nice side effect, already 16 kg weight loss, although the appetite is always good, but I do not need anything more in between 🙂 best regards, sonja

    Side effects: Mouth dryness
  4. Walter S. Malone says:
    4.0 rating

    Ritalin for Adh syndrome

    To start, one should mention that I got Ritalin at the age of 12, up to the age of 17. As it is in ADHD children, I did not really like the intake. The idea of having to take a tablet during school hours, answering the curious questions of classmates What is it? Why are you taking this? I was a greul. Thus it happened some / several times that I fooled my parents to have taken the tablet during school time. Dosage was initially 3x 1 tablet. Later, the dosage would be set to 2×2 +1 in the evening. The side effect or side effects (as far as I can remember) – First, there is the constant lack of appetite. (No but absolutely no feeling of hunger) – Insomnia (During the duration of Ritalin it is extremely difficult for me to come to rest at all) – Do not care about mood – Dry mouth. Drinking, however, has been difficult. – tachycardia Positive effects – persistent concentration on a certain thing to the end – mindset was different, somehow clearer – calm balance: If I had to take a balance over this time until today, I would say that taking Ritalin especially in children no only alternative is. Accompanying measures such as conversation therapies or sports are appropriate in any case. I am now 31 years old and must confess, I curse the little boy who threw the pills in the toilet during school hours, instead of taking them regularly. On the other hand, I admire him, because Ritalin is and remains a drug. A stimulant which is unconsciously used by many parents to calm their children. In retrospect, you might have to mention that it is easy for me to slip into the rail of PArtydrogen by taking Ritalin and the associated effects, In my twenties (21-24). Exctasy or amphetamines in general, had an almost identical effect on me as taking Ritalin in my childhood. Maybe with a little more side effects, but the focus and calm returned at that time. It is also extremely easy in time, e.g. to throw my household, to concentrate on my work and much more.

  5. Javier D. Gordon says:
    1.0 rating

    Ritalin for Adh syndrome

    Headache Gastrointestinal disorders Insomnia Increased tendency to seizure Cardiac arrhythmias Appearance Dry mouth (Uncommon) Dizziness (Uncommon) Excitability (Uncommon) Tiredness (Uncommon) Excessive sweating (Uncommon) Anxiousness (Uncommon) Aggressiveness (Uncommon) Delusions (Uncommon) Cardiac arrhythmias (Uncommon) Tachycardia (Uncommon) Tingling sensation in the chest (Uncommon) Increasing blood pressure (Uncommon)