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  1. Kerry J. Kline says:
    4.0 rating

    Clonidine for High blood pressure

    After a long, not to say very long, ordeal with the blood pressure adjustment, I was prescribed clonidine for a good one year. It was once again one of the much-sought emergency applications. After all, at that time, I had one or more medications in almost all areas of hypertension medication. Values around 250 to 140 or even higher were not uncommon. Due to the high pressure, I had no side effects, no headaches or anything else. Now I took 5 capsules daily at the beginning of clonodine – at last it had an effect. Although my blood pressure did not drop overnight, after a few weeks it stabilized at 150 to 100. Still it is too high, but for me after 6 years of super high values, my doctors and I are somehow satisfied. Maybe it stabilizes even further down. Side effects are limited. About an hour after taking I suffer from dry mouth. Thanks to chewing gum or candy, I can deal with it quite well.

    Side effects: Mouth dryness