Mouth dryness effect of Baclofen

We have 63 consumer reports for Baclofen. Mouth dryness effect occurred in 6%.

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  1. Cheryl C. Moore says:
    3.5 rating

    Baclofen worked relatively quickly, relaxed me and minimized the pressure to drink throughout the day. At a dose of 4 x 12.5 mg, I managed to halve my consumption and be more mentally stable. Through the help and tips of a forum, I manage to get a long-term addiction under control.

    Side effects: Mouth dryness; Dizziness; Fatigue
  2. George R. Mundo says:
    3.0 rating

    take it for 24 years after a hlswirbel break. up to a dry mouth and strong fatigue I have no side effects.

    Side effects: Mouth dryness; Fatigue
  3. Luis A. Valentin says:
    4.0 rating

    Baclofen for Alcohol addiction

    Baclofen dosage: 1st week 2x 6.25mg morning and noon = 12.5mg / day 2nd week 2x 12.5mg morning and noon = 25mg / day 3rd week 2x 18.8mg morning and noon = 37.5mg / Day 4. Week 2x 25.0 mg morning and noon = 50mg / day 4-8. Week 50mg / day 8-12. Week 25 mg / day Absolutely effective remedy for noun craving in alcohol withdrawal! Side effects: What will come in any case are dry mouth, difficulty concentrating, word finding disorders, mild drowsiness, very slow shallow breathing, general muscle weakness. But are negligible on the basis of the effect of getting rid of alcohol. So I can only recommend Baclofen for alcoholism!

    Side effects: Mouth dryness; Dizziness