Mouth dryness effect of Abilify

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  1. Charles P. Ceja says:
    3.5 rating

    Abilify for Psychosis

    I take Abilify for about 6 weeks because of strong listlessness (previously Solian). Although Antieb is better, but I have very strong NW (urge to move, trembling, strange feeling in the stomach, dry mouth). The drug has also triggered psychotic feelings again (fear of persecution, problems with people to talk, etc.) I can not recommend the drug because of the strong NW.

  2. Kia M. Catlett says:
    3.5 rating

    Abilify for Borderline

    Tavor. Super against nuisance, mood swings and aggressiveness. NW no! Dependence no! only if you put it up (1mg to 2mg) it only wikt at the higher dose. Trevilor: Very good against Dep. But if it is forgotten immediately flash and cramps in the brain, sweat and lack of concentration! Very uncomfortable! Nw milk flow, dry mouth and weight loss (very pleasant have eating disorder and no longer puke, because weight remains konztant low!) Elontril: To help against lack of concentration and Dep. Do not notice any improvement, forget everything and everything if I do not make an effort. NW like Trevilor. Abilify: Diss. And distrust a little better. Nw Helps against dry mouth and unfortunately makes strong Apettit!

    Side effects: Mouth dryness; Loss in weight
  3. Thelma G. Watson says:
    4.0 rating

    Abilify for Sleep disorders; Bipolar disorder; Depression

    My mood is more balanced overall with the Abilify and the other medications in combination. I only cry very little and stay calm in all situations. The quality of my sleep at night is also improved. In conclusion; it helps and stabilizes me enough to finally be able to shape my normal everyday life. However, there are side effects that are unfortunately not always so pleasant for me.

  4. David L. Lebeau says:
    4.5 rating

    Shortly after taking put side effects. Sexual aversion became an extreme sexual desire. The dry mouth was also shortly after taking a, which is uncomfortable in itself but with the restlessness in the body I could not handle. At night, I ran up and down stairs to distract my restless legs by the muscle pain. The drive was increased very well, so I want to make this a positive point.