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  1. Rick L. Fields says:
    4.0 rating

    Strattera for Adh syndrome

    My son was diagnosed adhs when he was enrolled. He got encapsulated Medikinet Retard for almost 2 years and was then discontinued after 2 1/2 years because he was aggressively on strattera. After a few weeks, a short improvement ensued, which was also just as fast embraced by aggressive behavior towards everyone. School was very extreme his grades are so saggy and there were only complaints. now it’s time that he wants to kill himself and is only on riot … I hope he will help soon … we change the doctor because our mistake with this drug does not want to see and thinks it will improve again I would just have to stand with my child …. should I wait until he runs amog? No, that’s my child then just free choice of doctor and go …. maybe he helps another doctor ….

  2. Charles J. Kitchen says:
    4.0 rating

    Strattera for Adh syndrome

    My son has taken Medikinet for several years because of his ADHD. This was an almost normal life possible. But because he has become increasingly depressive lately, the Medikinet has been discontinued as a possible trigger immediately. This went well for a few weeks until it became more and more aggressive, depressive, irritable and concentration was almost impossible. He was very desperate and did not know what was happening to him. Since Strattera should be particularly good at impulsivity, we tried it on the advice of a psychiatrist. After the first one to two weeks, I thought I noticed a slight improvement, but then ….. My son became more aggressive day by day, violent against himself and against others. He had extreme mood swings that changed from one to the other second. He was constantly on riot, has gepöbel, insulted, threatened. He was completely changed, like a stranger. It really scared us to experience him like this. That was also the reason why he dropped off Strattera himself. A devil stuff! Now he is being recruited by a really experienced doctor with Medikinet adult. The dosage is now based on his individual needs and not, as falsely sometimes happens, according to body weight!

    Side effects: Mood swings; Aggressiveness
  3. Bill C. Oliver says:
    3.5 rating

    Strattera for Adh syndrome

    My son 6 years got Strattera 9mg first and after 3 weeks we increased to 18mg. First he complained of nausea and abdominal pain. Then we gave the capsules in the evening, where he could sleep wonderfully. The last 2 weeks of the 18mg dose were catastrophic. He was enormously mood swaying, sometimes aggressive and constantly had anxiety. Moreover, he was very whiny and partly unresponsive. I have discontinued the drug and will not give it up so quickly. We are again doing therapies that also do him very well