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  1. Jodi W. Smith says:
    4.0 rating

    Risperdal for Psychosis

    Side effects in general, very often have migraines, do not know if this is generally the case, or it is much due to stress and the weather. get Sumatriptan, which help very well, if you take 2 pieces, and not half, as the doctor said. (I know you ought to stick to the rules, but sometimes that’s not easy when your head is bursting) I have to use more of what it does to me. In addition, I have reflux since November 2008, but I take omeprazole 40mg that comes with certainty from the whole years, in which I let now treat this psychosis, have received a lot of drugs already, not many have helped or there were Zeldox, for example, shifts in my eyes, my eyes have always pulled up, mood swings are also very much with me, I sometimes feel very limp, today is again such a day, where I could only sleep. And I often feel bad about it. Right now I’m taking Risperdal 300mg

    Side effects: Mood swings; Fatigue
  2. Larry L. Alexander says:
    4.5 rating

    Risperdal for Borderline

    I got 4mg of Risperdal at Gö University Hospital because I behaved in a state of emergency during treatment with my panic attacks. The drug was very fast and reliable. Unfortunately, in my case, it also favored various side effects: disproportionate fatigue and drowsiness, eating and obesity (20 kilograms in less than 6 months), indifference, strong emotional and emotional fluctuations, very strong emotional numbness in the sexual area due to numbness in the penis as well as ejaculation disorders and erection problems , Increased urinary retention and also listlessness, physical inactivity and very strong gastrointestinal problems. Overall, I advise against taking the drug because the side effects are significantly greater than the benefit. After 2 years, I noticed the drug’s inefficiency, because I’m more likely to interfere with this drug myself than it would help me. In particular, by the very strong sleep inducing effect one is hereby unable to cope with everyday life. As a short-term medication over a period of up to 14 days in acute phases, however, I would take it.

  3. Gary R. Dorsey says:
    3.5 rating

    Risperdal for Sleep disorders

    First at night 0.25 mg good experiences, better sleep, increase sexual feelings for about 1 month. Then the effect subsided. Gradually to maintain the effect with consultation of the neurologists until June increased to 2 mg in the evening. Increasing marked dreams and certain moods acted as a side effect. It reinforced my fear of the final that everything once passes and never returns. I brought this mood change not in connection with the side effects in the leaflet. Shortly after raising Risperidal to 2 mg in June 2010, I got severe depression, with this fear of the final and nothing from the past. I had more of the side effects on the leaflet. It took me 2 weeks to find the reasons for my depression at Risperidal. Since the end of June 2010, I have discontinued Risperidan. Hane still has these depressions that need to be treated with Seroquel and Lorazepam and Lystra.

    Side effects: Mood swings; Depressions