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  1. Sandra D. King says:
    3.5 rating

    Mirena for Pain (back)

    so . I suffer since I have the mirena under all the side effects that I think there is felt pregnancy is really the crowning .. weight gain ,. to Stuhlstuhlproblemen .. really shit! but I can not find any more days, have bleeding once every few months. whatever is so extreme, is my constant bad mood, I’ve read that it can be a side effect .. pisses me and zwack it everywhere dickgegende do often hurt as if what is trapped .. annoying slow really thought it disappears .. with de rime since may 2011 ic has the part drinne .. can no longer want to raus se .. slowly .. do nothing more to take artificial stuff .. was hormone free for a long time that was much more relaxed .. no pain .. .. now even 4 year 😉 ws solls .. for the costs were too high …

  2. Jeannette M. Ricks says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Menorrhagia

    Have read the reviews with interest, because I got the Mirena after 5 years and 5 months now. It was recommended and used at the time because I had such heavy bleeding that tampons and bandages did not help anymore. The onset was extremely painful, I had to lie in the office an hour later, because I was not able to drive a car. Had not expected this, just wanted to use the hormone spiral just before work. I’m not squeamish, but that was really hard. Had then about 1 month spotting and also about 6 months the period (but much weaker than before insertion). Then gain weight, 4 kg, inexplicable, because same habits when eating and moving. Mood swings followed, in addition to cysts that disintegrated of their own accord. I NEVER had any before the spiral. After about 3 years Mirena (I was fully satisfied, no period and the cysts did not scare me further) increased mood swings as in the burnout onset. After 4 years starting cervix cancer, Pap 4, conization. Mirena was removed for surgery and reinstated directly (the same, 4-year-old Mirena). December 5, 2011, the 5 years were over, but the FA said I should still carry them, because still hormones would be delivered and then I’m through the menopause. Strange, since I am 51 and I find that very early. Then in January 2012 total collapse, depression, suicidal thoughts, GAR NOTHING got more regulated and was written sick for the first time in life more than 3 weeks. Could not open a post, make any transfers, just sat there like an old woman and looked in front of me. That was not me anymore. No idea if it all related to the Mirena, but I would like to share this experience. Fought very hard and clenched my teeth, made a therapy, it works again. But I do not know where it all came from. I had the Mirena removed last week and since then spotting. Hope very much that they stop soon and that I am really through the menopause and get no more period. The spiral had the advantage that I did not get it. Otherwise, I very much hope that there are not other, long-term side effects. Amazing is, however, that with me several doctors have repeatedly claimed that everything could NOT be related to the Mirena. Maybe but ????????

  3. Naomi W. Martin says:
    5.0 rating

    Mirena for Migraine

    I have the Mirena for three years. The migraine attacks are indeed almost gone (from up to 10 a month under the pill (Cerazette) to now 2-3 a year), but there were other supplements: Initially, I had about 6-7 months long bleeding. Since then, I still have long-lasting and very irregular bleeding. Mostly they last 15-20 days, then I have 10-15 days break, then it starts all over again. That is very annoying. Despite regular checks every 6 months, my doctor wants to leave everything so, because neither a pill nor the NuvaRing I could tolerate. More side effects since laying the Mirena: For two years therapy wg. Depression and mood swings, plus 10 pounds of weight gain, loss of libido and blemished skin. But I do not see an alternative – presumably I’ll have to hold it through to menopause. But I’m already almost 46 … – juhu! Recommendation: Changeable, the lesser evil. dieheideblühte

  4. Barbara J. Wang says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Mood swings; Cyst formation; Hurt; A headache; Pain (acute)

    Hi Guys! I can not believe what I read here !!! Today Google I breast tenders Mirena and then I come across this page. Thought it was not the hormone spiral. Just as my gynecologist has told me that the Mirena is not responsible for breast tenderness and certainly not for mood swings and slight irritability. Now I understand. I have the Mirena 4 years ago and 10 Montaten use and my gynecologist has called me no side effect. Sure, at 22, it always sounds good if you do not have to think about contraception for 5 years and you will not get any menstruation! And that the Mirena acts locally and does not pump the whole body full of hormones. Calculated on the years, the Mirena is also cheaper, she told me. Why should I ask synonymous because of side effects if it all sounds so great! Since I was young and stupid I must confess honestly. The insertion was not so painful. She has given me a remedy that widens and stuns the uterus. So it was just unpleasant pulling. Have spotting every month and often take 5 to 7 days. During the annual examinations she often told me: So it is very rare that the women who wear the Mirena regularly have menstruations or spotting. (Nice for the majority of these women) In the ultrasound, she also often found a cyst on the ovaries, but 90% of them disappear by themselves. So the cause of abdominal pain found. Never had cysts before !!! Then she prescribed a gel for breast tenderness. She could have smeared that in her hair, too. From month to month, the pain in the breasts is more and more and they are hot, hard and riiiiiesig and there are nodules to feel. My friend already asked me why they are so riiiiiesig? He is rarely allowed to touch them because they are very sensitive. I would only be interested in how much profit per Mirena jumps out at the doctors. Because of my impure skin, I was also the dermatologist and prescribed me again anoint, detergent, etc. for treatment and he said it was the conversion of the contraceptive. Well, this is almost 5 years ago and it is still the sameSo if I count the drugs for the impure skin and the gels for the breast breakdown together, then I have saved myself in contrast to the pill at all! On the contrary!! I’m glad if I get pulled in 2 months and I’m curious how life feels afterwards! 😉 Greetings Dani

  5. Richard H. Cortes says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Overweight

    Hello, I have on the recommendation of gynecologist, because I had so unbearable pain and extremely strong and sometimes 8-9 days lasting menstrual bleeding, which can be used Mirena. Was always a rather sporty always well-tempered person, have kept for years without any effort my normal weight of about 58-61 kg fabulous, if I had eaten a-two days less, I immediately lost a kilo. since Mirena- mood swings headache (I had never before) and now almost 75 kg although I eat neither more nor different than before and my movement has remained the same. My FA said it would rather come from the age ago – this is normal if the body is slowly moving to the menopause (ha ha – I’m 42 :-() for some time, I get also malignant spotting – spasms in the abdomen …. My decision has now been made after reading your experiences – IMMEDIATELY WITH THE THING! I will tell you what changes afterwards.

  6. Carol E. Duncan says:
    4.0 rating

    Mirena for Endometriosis; Hypermenorrhoea; Pain (menstruation)

    insidious side effects. Over time, complaints arose that I did not initially associate with the Mirena; Joint pain numb feeling and tingling in the hands stuffy nose mood swings heavy sweating chest pressure stomach problems nausea water retention weight increase dry skin and hair increased hair growth on the face cysts on the ovaries temporarily severe abdominal pain without clinical findings Since 4 weeks Mirena is out and I feel completely better. All complaints are not gone, but no more water retention, no stuffy nose and no pressure on the chest.

  7. Mary J. Coger says:
    4.5 rating

    After recommendation by two gynecologists, I decided after two pregnancies mainly because of my ever-strong monthly bleeding for the prevention with the Mirena Hormone Spiral. Although I have initially bothered somewhat because of known side effects, but I finally decided very consciously and with a positive attitude to it. I’m definitely nobody who inhales leaflets in his details and looking for side effects – in which case I have informed myself about the fundamental risks and lifted the note. What can I say? – After initial enthusiasm because of the painless laying and the significantly reduced monthly bleeding I could have written the leaflet myself! After I kept getting worse and worse, after almost a year I studied it more closely. I had gained eight kilos, was extremely fickle than otherwise balanced character and went up with every little thing like a bomb (great with two toddlers !!!), probably through the water retention in the legs I had extreme joint pain in the feet, on the chin and Thick black hair suddenly grew around my mouth, I had permanently swollen and aching lymph nodes under my armpits while my bra size grew from D to F, the allegedly only spotting became permanent and my generally poor condition ultimately caused a loss of my libido not only with me, but also with my husband. When I finally got abscesses in the genital area (passed harmless) and on the temple (had to be treated with antibiotics and made for the swelling of all lymph nodes around the ear region), it was enough for me completely. (Incidentally: The lymph node swelling under the armpits, I have all clarified – had no other, even malignant cause.) So I decided after less than a year to let the Mirena again. For six weeks, I’m now rid of the spiral. But after the drag, the fun went on: After two weeks, I suffered a fall bleeding, so I did not come for two hours from the toilet and at the end in the emergency room. Although the bleeding passed after a few hours, but I was now advised because of the strong bleeding tendency to let the womb lining. After our family planning is definitely over, I let that happen. Everything went well and I wonder why I did not decide it right away. And otherwise? Woman will ask: I did not have to wait the average indicated time of about the duration of the spiral until the side effects subsided. By now I’m three and a half kilos off without a diet, my old bras fit almost again, lymph node swelling are gone, joint pain much better, no more abscesses, the mental fluctuations are gone and most importantly: I can with my dwarves again without risk of Rage also look forward to chaos. My husband is relieved too. If the whole thing digested first and the abstemious time after surgery is over, that will be back with the libido 🙂 Well – and the black hair on the mouth part I stop and hope for their disappearance. CONCLUSION: The Mirena may be well tolerated in other women, definitely not with me. I would have gladly spared the 350 euros and the associated martyrdom! Oh yes: the hormone release is by no means as low as stated by the manufacturer and NATURALLY the hormones go into the bloodstream and not only act locally! This has now been scientifically proven. It is a scandal that both the manufacturer and most doctors do not acknowledge and admit that !!!

  8. Mary J. Fikes says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Sleep disorders; Mood swings; Libido disorders; Acne; Cycle disorder; A headache; Pain (acute)

    I am shocked and do not even know where to start writing … I had Mirena put on after the birth of our third child, because I put special emphasis on the safety of contraception 🙂 headaches and bleeding over half a year, it started. Then one after the other came: bad mood, mood swings, Ausraster where I stand partially off and wonder about myself. I almost always have abdominal pain and the libido is not only zero, but really moves in the minus area! Then it went parallel with pimples in the face (is getting worse !!!) And sleep problems continue. Now night sweats were added. And so hard that I have to change at night. The spiral has been in it for only a year, but seen a year too long, because I had no fun in life at the time. Next week the thing will come out irrevocably !!!

  9. Luella T. Schnieders says:
    3.0 rating

    I am stunned by what I read here and in other forums and groups. 4 years ago, I had the MIRENA placed after swallowing the pill daily for years. I am 41 years old and my gynecologist recommended the spiral and praised her in the highest tones. She would be well tolerated by all and all her patients would be satisfied. On my note, it would also be hormones, she reassured me, the MIRENA would deliver the hormones only locally. The spiral was laid, no possible side effects were given to me on the way, a leaflet I was certainly not handed. Today I know how naive I was. On holiday 2 months ago, I got to know a young woman and we came to the subject of MIRENA, why can not I say exactly today, but on arrival at home, I researched the Internet on this topic. It is unbelievable what I read all about complaints under the MIRENA. – premature menopausal symptoms – hot flashes / sweating – water retention – circulatory problems – dizziness – hair loss – sleep disorders – night sweats – mood swings – depressive episodes – irritability – fatigue / fatigue – weight gain – joint pain – muscle tension – abdominal pain – back pain – digestive problems – vaginal infections – blemishes – Facial hair – dry eyes Almost everything I read has been coming to me in the past 4 years, and I have not had the slightest idea that it might be due to the spiral. I have been walking from doctor to doctor for months, I doubt it myself, last year I have a rectocele removed from the rectum because I can not stand the abdominal and back pain, with the result: digestion works better now, abdominal and back pain remained. Previously unfit for work and taking antidepressants and sleeping pills for weeks due to these ongoing problems. Then I get vaccinated with gynatren last year for 97, – €, because I suffer again and again of vaginal infections and thus my antibodies should be strengthened, with the result: I treat myself with vaginal pills and ointment now, because I’m stupid happen to run to the doctor again and again. Then the annual check-up at the gynecologist, all right, spiral is perfect, my mentioned problems of sweating, sleep problems, mood swings, night sweats and pain all over the body can also indicate a defect and I would like to ask my doctor’s blood to be examined. Result: thyroid, iron, vitamin D, B12, folic acid everything in the green range and 18, – € for the lab paid as non-cash benefit. Then, five weeks ago, I had arthroscopy on my right shoulder to remove an inflamed bursa. Previously, I had been in pain for about 2 years, had been a permanent guest at physiotherapy to relieve muscle tension, had taken painkillers to work, and to sleep at night, I went to the neurosurgeon, who confirmed that my cervical spine was gone intact, but age appropriate and no surgery would be necessary, fortunately. I’ve been to the rheumatologist, with the result: all right, no rheumatism. Today’s current condition: bursa is out, proliferation on the biceps has been removed, everything went well, but … I still have painful movement restrictions. Then I have massive hair loss that has even struck my hairdresser now, I have gained 10 kg in 4 years, I get pain in the joints at night, I sweat as if I was in menopause, I am moody and irritable and have Therefore I have more and more stress with my husband, I am tired and beaten during the day, but can not sleep at night, I have a bloated face in the morning, in the evening swollen fingers and water retention above the ankles, I have facial hair growth, that I shave myself daily like a man, I have dry eyes and treat them with eye drops and I have blurred vision, have had me to do a progressive lens, which also does not really help me and the optician said that I was still pretty young for a lens with Nahverstärkung. The fact is that I let the spiral go and I hope, hope, hope that I will eventually go better and I find a suitable for me hormone-free contraceptive method. I found a Swiss company on the internet selling a cycle computer called Daysy. The information sounds pretty promising, but I’m pretty undecided as to whether it makes sense at my age just before menopause.

  10. Simone T. Nipp says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello, I’m 35 years old and I got the Mirena immediately after the birth of my daughter 4 1/2 years ago. I came across this page because I googled a bit after talking with my girlfriend about the hormonal effects of contraceptives. I’m terribly frightened and at the same time soooo happy that my whole – since 5 years ongoing complaints now finally have an end. I never thought in the least that Mirena could be the cause of everything. I feel like every woman who has left her report here and complains about the bad side effects. I suffer from extreme depression, which I have treated by my alternative practitioner. Mood swings of the finest kind. We have a company – and a lot of stress – that’s where I put it. But in the past I was not like that either. I’m crying a lot, I’m not able to handle anything at all. Driveless – invitations to friends or nightlife at music events are cruel. I’m totally exhausted and at times suicidal thoughts are not uncommon. It’s absolutely no life to go through such things all the time. You are afraid of anything. The libido has been at zero for 5 years. I’m just lucky that my husband is extremely resilient and tolerant – everyone else would have chased a woman off and on. I can not confirm the weight gain with me, but everyone is different. Itchy skin and eczema are also there. I have a routine check-up with my doctor in 2 weeks and I’ll count every hour until then, because I’ll definitely have the thing removed on that day. I find it a very bad thing for the pharmaceutical industry and the doctors to let women into such a trap. I’m overjoyed to read these posts and encourage every woman to deal with the side effects – it can destroy families and even lives

  11. Susan R. Caudill says:
    4.5 rating

    I try to be brief. In February 2004 I had the Mirena used. My gynecologist has praised her in the highest tones. The actual goal of not getting pregnant has been achieved, therefore also effectiveness full score. It did not take long and the first mood swings occurred. Similar to PMS. It got worse from month to month. My doctor has prescribed herbal remedies, chaste tree, St. John’s wort, B vitamin. Did not help everything. Since 2005 I have been in psychological treatment. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression and suicidal thoughts. Citalopram, sertraline, lamotrigine. It got a little better, but the diagnosed depression never really went away. I was so over water. The job was very busy, the children and the household were very demanding. I’ll keep you together, I kept saying to myself and swallowing the pills. The anxiety (frightening at night have no orientation and get no air, for example) were really better during the medication. The depression remained. I just wanted to pull the blanket over my head. I was tired only anyway. In 2008 I started a Therpie, after which I lost my job. I have not even come up with the idea in five years (since December 2009 she’s gone out) that the symptoms could have something to do with the spiral. How stupid is that? I was not informed by my doctor about any side effects before onset, nor did she or any other doctor (not even the psychologist) point it out over time. Only my dearest friend gave me the tip in December 2009 to google Mirena and side effects. She got along well with the Mirena, but soon after the second insertion she noticed that she was getting worse and worse. Dizziness, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, mood swings. When I read various posts in forums, also here at sanegro, I immediately arranged an appointment to pull the spiral. Since 21.12. is she out and today, on 30.1.10, I can say very clearly: I am fine, as I have not been for 5 years. It’s unbelievable how quickly the body switches back to normal. I had no rule for 5 years. Of course it started again after pulling, but it is ok. I have never been so happy about blood !!! I am already in contact with the medical association. I can only recommend to any woman who has similar symptoms, not to wait for it to get better. It does not get better, rather worse. Doctors need to be informed and inform their patients. The more women that get in touch, the better. Even small suspicious moments are enough for the medical association. I waited 4 weeks, but I did not have a depressive day at this time. I have not been taking medication for a week. I’m fine. That the Mirena is practical, no more rule, no daily pills-swallowing, you do not notice them in the body, wonderful. There are certainly a lot of women, such. My sister, who likes her great. Congratulations, but for the rest, go out with the thing. Incidentally, my doctor just smiled at me, because of depression and Mirena. Can not be, she said. On the contrary, it raises the mood. Nonsense, the only thing she lifted was my weight. But I might have been able to live with that. LG sally

  12. Carrie F. Banks says:
    4.5 rating

    After 4 wanted pregnancies I had the Mirena Spiral inserted. From head free for the love !!! In 9 months 6 Kg., Very severe depression and anxiety, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, constant fungal infections, listlessness, mood swings, tiredness. That’s what I think of so spontaneously. When I was sitting at the Gyn., The helper said that I did not have to read through everything: everything was scare. Therefore, I did not know the side effects before. After 9 months I went to Gyn., And told him about my complaints (still not knowing that they came from the spiral)! He recommended to remove the Mirena immediately and used a copper spiral for me. The pull of the Mirena I did not feel. The setting was very uncomfortable. That was yesterday, in four weeks I have an appointment at gyn. and I’ll tell him how I feel now. One thing is certain: I will never use hormones again! Of course, not everyone is like me, my friend eg. tolerates the Mirena very well. (or she does not admit it) 😉 I would not recommend her. And to easily test if you can handle it, it is too expensive. (300 €)

  13. Emma A. McNabb says:
    5.0 rating

    I have Mirena for 4 years, the first years everything was ok. I was satisfied until I fell over half a year ago and came to the hospital under suspicion stroke after which I am umversek I could not speak for about 6 hours. Since that I am really bad I have anxiety, depression, headache, I would examine whole body it would not set anything organic. I go to work every day and I’m afraid that something can happen, I can barely drive because of dizziness. I still get my days regularly, but two weeks before that begins with my discomfort breast tension, itch in the vagina, mood swings, headaches and strong dizziness so I think I fall over the same. A few weeks ago, my colleague approached me about the HS and told me that her friend had almost the same complaints and had the HS taken out, since she’s fine. I also think about reading my dear ones. I first thought that maybe it’s not okay with me, my husband even advised me that I might go to the psychiatrist, I’ve never thought in life that the HS so ausirckung, but after which I now read the reports I am convinced that it is the spiral. I’ll make an appointment with the FÄ as soon as possible. I thank you for your experiences.

  14. Gladys C. Duty says:
    4.5 rating

    I let the Mirena use 10 days ago. Insertion was easy. After two days circulatory problems (dizziness, double pictures). A few days later tachycardia, hot flushes, mood swings, panic attacks, breasts to burst. Internist explains, no organic problems. Today FA: These side effects are not known to him and can not be attributed to the Mirena. Think about it until Monday, otherwise it will come out immediately. Was an expensive short pleasure.

  15. Pamela C. Grover says:
    4.5 rating

    To all fellow sufferers! First and foremost I would like to thank everyone who has taken the trouble to leave a contribution. After all, it is quite possible to overcome such symptoms. I can only say that after reading the posts I know what to do. The spiral must go! I feel the same way as most here. 2 years ago I had the hormonal spiral laid. For about 5 months I have the following complaints, which meanwhile burden my life very much. Constant dizziness and panic attacks, trembling, inner restlessness, mood swings. I barely recognize myself. I’ve always been a fun-loving person and now I’m suddenly a Wrak. My husband and children are helpless when they have to experience me like this. Especially since I do not know myself what I miss. My blood levels are okay. Exercise EKK and long term EKK are normal. Now the visit to the psychologist was recommended! I do not know what to do there. I lead a happy life with my husband and 2 children. I have no Soregn, which burden me. And are we honest, the little worries in everyday life we all have now. I’m so thankful that I thought of this stupid spiral through this site. I have never come up with the idea. Was rated by the FA as completely inconspicuous! It would be nice. I will have this thing removed as soon as possible and hope that I will finally feel better again. I’m so exhausted that I make the worst stories every day. This is not life. Sad that one’s own FA takes any illusions and recommends visiting the psychologist! Thanks again and all the best for you! My conclusion: never again a spiral

  16. Maurice J. Baker says:
    5.0 rating

    I am very sorry that I have used Mirena almost two years ago! – Regular migraine – Weight gain of 10 kilograms in 20 months! Weight loss impossible! – increased hair growth (upper lip!) – dry vagina & gt; Pain, tears, etc. – Libido loss – Massive tiredness and listlessness – Acne – Back pain – Mood swings Positive are only: + Effective, simple contraception + menstrual period stays out + bigger bosoms 😉 I would like to have Mirena removed as soon as possible!

  17. Angela C. Pauls says:
    4.5 rating

    The laying of the spiral was very painful! I almost fainted. At first, it was great to stop bleeding. There were spotting, abdominal pain, fluid retention in the uterus, vaginal dryness, libido, extreme irritability and mood swings. This in turn led to conflicts in the partnership. I felt more and more like robbing me of the best years of my life! Constantly wearing a panty liner for fear of not being able to hold the water. I felt like 80! Creeping more and more things came to it; Anxiety, headache, depression !!! The bad thing is, I’ve thought for years, it’s up to me, although I did not know myself like that! Also I never got a leaflet to face. Now this thing has been out for a year and those miserable conditions are gone! Thank goodness Libido is back, but there is a year of hard partnership work behind me! Girls, listen to your body and do not let the doctors persuade you that everything is OK! Is not it! And depression is not funny!

  18. Tammy E. Robinson says:
    4.0 rating

    In total, 7 years. The insertion is always very painful, the removal can hardly be felt. Shortly after the second insertion my discomfort began. Since I only had spotting, I was surprised about the Suddenly I had severe pain in the breasts, mood swings and extremely dry skin and eyes! My gynecologist did not say that it could all come from the spiral, but told me, at my age (I’m 42 now !! ), hormone fluctuations are quite normal and advised me to take Agnus Castus (chaste tree). That also helped a little against the breast tenderness, but not with the other ailments. I’m so surprised at these reports since I’ve been around for years I just try it with homeopathic remedies. I am now sure that my other ailments, such as constant fatigue, stomach and bowel problems and despite my healthy diet, my weight gain comes from the spiral and I will not let me use any more !!!