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  1. April A. Rickman says:
    3.0 rating

    Risperdal for Psychosis

    I got Pisperdal consta after a psychosis. In the first eight weeks, I gained seven kilos. My hair went out, I had milk flow but the drug was not discontinued. It was then the rule and I have no sexual desire more. I am constantly tired and sleep 13 hours a day. I then continued to gain five pounds. Now I’m switched to Zeldox so I do not increase anymore. In addition, another attitude to life should set in again. I can not recommend Risperdal consta

  2. Suzy P. Andrews says:
    4.0 rating

    Risperdal for Sleep disorders; Bipolar disorder; Borderline

    With lamotrigine, I only caused a side effect at 150mg and 200mg. I then screwed down to 100mg. I’m happy with it-only I have the feeling that it does not really help. Mood swings have become less, but not so that the quality of life has increased. Had to take another neuroleptic: risperdal 0.5mg. Even at this low dose, I have been causing side effects: prolactin levels have risen (breast milk), weight gain (6kg), difficulty concentrating and a feeling of indifference, lameness (most of all NOTHING does the whole day). set it down now after 7 months. The settling has brought me no problems. Now take 150mg of Lamotrigine (100mg in the morning, 50mg in the evening) and Molipaxin to sleep, 50mg. No big side effects with Molipaxin (trazodone, like TRITTICO). Do not sleep though. Wake up in the night and need weigs until I can fall asleep. I also have eye pain. Feel great in the morning …

  3. Cathy M. Keller says:
    4.5 rating

    Risperdal for Psychosis

    Seroquel helps me to live with my psychosis. Helps me to distinguish between illusion / voices and reality. But has NW, NW, NW … I have in the 1st year Seroquel almost 60kg! increased. One kg more each week! At first insane hunger, could eat without end. I pulled the food brake after 2 months, in vain. Seroquel made me lethargic, indifferent, fat. In the 2nd year I got diabetes type II, Who wonders? With diabetes, its companion: high cholesterol and triglycerin levels. Only the blood pressure is correct (so straight). I am restricted in movement due to another previous illness. Can barely walk, just stand there for a moment. Seroquel came, my libido (lust from sex) went. My menstruation too. In between, I stopped the medication for 1 year, unfortunately all NW remained, the psychosis became stronger. Now I am on Seroquel Prolong for 2 months, 50% of the Seroquel dose. Let’s see. Because of the strong unwanted NW, I was once switched to Truxal, total failure: I continued to + had teeth chattering day and night, did not go. Abilify was also tried: had a terrible flashback, did not help. Risperdal was pure horror at the setting (worst stomach cramps, vomiting up to 6 times a day, after 3 weeks it was ok, after 3 months breast milk shot in, I dripped like ice at 30 ° C. I was not pregnant, so it stayed that way at Seroquel.

  4. Ruby W. Carver says:
    4.0 rating

    Risperdal for Psychosis

    I’ve been taking Risperidone for a year. I have had lactation, my menstruation has become quite irregular, I have restless feet (always have to move my feet), urinary incontinence, weight gain, fatigue and difficulty concentrating, so that I do not hear everything from conversations, even dizzy. I do not respond to external stimuli at first and am like stepping away, get back to after some time with what happens outside of me.