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  1. Eloisa W. Nantz says:
    4.5 rating

    Propofol for Endoscopy

    In the course of a gastroscopy (gastroscopy) in front of which I shivered days before, I was injected, after consultation with the doctor Propofol. I made a conscious decision against Dormicum, as I was able to observe quite a few reactions to that drug as part of my work as a nurse. Therefore, I was aware that due to the phenomenon of retrograde amnesia, many patients consciously experience examinations, but in no way remember them. I wanted to avoid this. So Propofol had to come here. The doctor injected me, after all preparations were made for mirroring, 220mg Diprivan successively divided into 3 thirds. After giving the first part, I also felt the nice tingling sensation on the whole body, which I did not feel uncomfortable at all. At the second third, my eyes became heavy, but I was still fully conscious. While I was wondering if I would really fall asleep, I was injected with the third third. I think I did not finish my sentence. Anyway, I can remember from that moment on absolutely NOTHING. When I was awakened after the examination, I could not believe it. I asked the nurse, if I had choked, during the examination, what she confirmed to me. And as much as I try to remember it or details … nothing. I have consciously perceived absolutely nothing. Can only remember that I dreamed just before I was awakened. So off to the recovery room. I was told that I have to sleep for another hour. Booaahh, painfully, I’m still fit, I thought to myself, stared at the curtain for about 15 minutes and watched the nursing staff working. However, when I looked at the clock, 1 hour had passed 15 minutes. No idea where this one hour left …. I am still really sure that I have not slept. Somehow funny when suddenly one hour is erased from memory. My result: At any time, however, without panic and very relaxed. The most unpleasant part of the procedure was the xylocaine spray, which made swallowing quite difficult for me. Otherwise: no sore throat, no nausea, nothing! So to all who still have it in front: do not panic on the Titanic. Is really easy going

    Side effects: Memory gaps
  2. Ronald C. Lewis says:
    4.5 rating

    Propofol for Endoscopy

    I can only recommend it . Since I could not imagine swallowing the tube with consciousness. Stood for me from the beginning, the investigation to do in short anesthesia. I was given midazolam 7.5mg iv. and Propofol 50mg administered iv. I can only remember that the doctor has injected me a clear liquid and I still thought to me funny why he sprayed me NACL ??? (I know that propofol is white) Then came this tingling sensation and the warmth of the whole body. The Doc still said to me now they are getting tired and I still said I know. After that I know nothing more. I have ADS and I also take medicines Medikinet Adult, of course I did not take it before gastroscopy, but felt the whole day as if I had taken it.

    Side effects: Memory gaps
  3. James D. Lee says:
    4.5 rating

    Propofol for Colonoscopy

    Have the colonoscopy today 220 mg i.v. Get Propofol. Before that 10mg Buscopan for reassurance, as well as 1.5 mg Dormicum according to the report. Had a big panic before the reflection. But when I got the propofol injected, I was within 5-10 seconds away. After about 3-5 seconds, the effect occurred. A whole tingling sensation on the body and a warmth which I found very pleasant, then I slept. I even remember that I had dreamed something beautiful 🙂 Can only recommend to anyone to Propofol in the colonoscopy can be spritzten. From the colonoscopy itself, I did not notice anything. However, I miss the memory of how I dressed? : D Otherwise I went to top, except for the stupid air that was still in the intestines, but for Propofol can not do anything. Had until tonight still many memory gaps although in my mind was very clear. Have just forgotten everything, a lot of what I said today ^ ^ When I woke up from the Propofol I said something confused that they should finally start because I have a bloody fear: PPP I can only recommend!

    Side effects: Memory gaps