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  1. Trina J. Murray says:
    4.0 rating

    Very effective, very effective in acute panic situations. Unfortunately very fast habituation with dependency, therefore only use as rescue medication. Already after a short treatment period (only 2 weeks at low dosage) there were unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, such as dizziness, pronounced weakness, increased anxiety, agitation, motoric uncertainties. There may also be memory gaps during the treatment.

  2. Brian K. Ekstrom says:
    3.5 rating

    Lorazepam for Grief coping

    Hey! When my mother died, a world collapsed for me. I had panic, fear, nervous breakdowns and everything else. To completely panic, I ran to the doctor to get something, no matter what the main thing it stops. I got lorazepam. Unfortunately, I can not say how much I took and when and so on, as that struck me out of my head for more than a week. Deleted, as if it never had the days against. Gradually I got told things that made me freeze because I can remember less than zero. At the funeral I can not say who was there or what else. From this week (seven days) I remember 2 hours, but quaked and very weak. My husband and child went to the other grandma for two days to get the little one out of the stress, I have no idea. If I had not told that, I would not know until today …… Absolute fucking zeug.ich I also believe that I have taken too much, because I was in a severe shock. It was definitely terrible ……

    Side effects: Memory gaps
  3. Florence D. May says:
    4.5 rating

    Lorazepam for Depression

    It helps me very well (anxiety disorder). I have the problem that I can not calm down and certainly not come to other thoughts when the fear is only there. I then had lorazepam prescribed about a month ago and take 2.5 mg, but only when needed and I’m completely satisfied and the thought that I have something that brings me back to the ground quickly is reassuring! Quickly after taking my body feels heavy and I realize that I’m not moving so fast. Before a visit to the dentist, where wisdom teeth were pulled me, I had previously discussed with my family doctor as I can dose the lorazepam or may. Then I took 2.5 mg the night before, slept well and took 5 mg 2 hours before the dentist appointment (that’s how it was discussed with the doctors). I took a companion with me, which turned out to be incredibly smart. I had to carry the stairs into the practice high and from the intervention (local prayers) and generally the whole day I know NOTHING anymore. Conclusion: Lorazepam yes, but with great caution.

    Side effects: Memory gaps; Fatigue