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  1. Henry M. Miller says:
    3.0 rating

    Sumatriptan for Migraine

    Duration of action after taking approx. 1 hour. Side effect: Irritation of skin / fingers and throat when in contact with warm water or ingestion of warm liquids, but not significantly. Duration approx. 1-2 hours Sometimes limb pain in a slight amount.

    Side effects: Members hurt
  2. Hannelore K. Ross says:
    4.5 rating

    Sumatriptan for Migraine

    The first and only medication that really helps, sometimes after half an hour and sometimes after one hour. If the headache is not over yet, I’ll take Ibuprofen 400, which is rare. The side effects are sometimes, urinate frequently, sensitive to warm water, it feels really hot. Sometimes total fatigue, body aches and sometimes no side effects at all. Nevertheless, I like to accept that, because the migraine is otherwise unbearable, but you have to take the tablets right at the first sign. Always carry the tablets with you, always have 1 or 2 tablets in all my pockets.

  3. Agnes D. Conatser says:
    4.5 rating

    Sumatriptan for Migraine

    Although I have only had migraines for 2 years, I have been prescribed the medication for the first time since about a year after I got migraine. 2 tablets of 50 g and two of 100 g, first try it. I tolerate the 50g quite well. Effect usually occurs in half an hour, then always get a little tired after taking. The first time I took the medicine and the 100 g, I had bad side effects, tachycardia, body aches, chest pain. My colleague thought I would kill her because I did not react to her anymore. Meanwhile, I know that I have to definitely eat something and drink before. Even if it is difficult, especially if a wg. the migraine is bad. But honestly I am not always enthusiastic when I have to take the pills, especially since the migraine is sometimes over three days and I do not always want to take a tablet, for fear of getting a headache. Besides, I do not know if I’m going to have other problems in the longer term (eg stomach problems). I have already tried to take magnesium daily, have received acupuncture, do some exercise (yoga, cycling). Unfortunately, this has not helped yet. Was now still at the naturopath and now go to the gynecologist (the pill). I hope it improves soon, as it is getting worse (seizures more often and longer, side effects: thirst, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, speech disorders, sensitivity to light and noise). Because what my neurologist advised me, I do not want in any case, namely, namely, the dose of sumatriptan can indeed increase even more and if they do not help, we just try others.