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  1. Alycia C. Moncada says:
    4.0 rating

    I started with 2 tablets (20mg each) last night (Mon). At 2:30 am I was suddenly awake at night. Fall asleep no longer possible. This morning (Tue) I had to take a tablet. During the day, I was getting more and more slack and I feel like I have body aches. But: Dr. Cough has become less … Not so barking and much less common. The drug has apparently struck quickly. Every Wednesday and Thursday I have to take one tablet in the morning and I hope that I can sleep through the night. From Friday then 3 days half a tablet and finally 3 days 1/4 tablet. Hope that the body aches disappear at the lower dosage. But for me, getting rid of this annoying cough in the first place … And since I am just sick, I can currently live quite well with the side effects 🙂

    Side effects: Members hurt; Insomnia