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  1. Callie M. Guest says:
    2.5 rating

    Aldara for Cervical cancer

    I got a prescription for pap 3d and hpv high risk. 4 months of use with severe body aches, fever, vaginal mucosal inflammation, bad mood, headache … But it helped! Have now again a normal findings and I would do it again at any time. Hold on, it pays off!

  2. Rosa C. Kelly says:
    3.0 rating

    Aldara for Cervical cancer

    I was recommended Aldara cream for the treatment of the direct precursor of uterine cancer, which had already progressed deep into the tissue (by biopsy). The aim was to introduce the Aldaracrème with a pipette into the cervix, that the Aldara cream there the skin / cells so strongly irritated that the body’s own defenses are increasingly active there. I had all side effects, which are also described otherwise: headache, very strong body aches, shaking crusts, etc. I made 2 treatments at intervals of one week and then lay flat in bed for one week. But it was worth it!! The already specified operation could be canceled. My cells are absolutely normal again!

    Side effects: Chills; Members hurt; Headache
  3. Luz D. Stout says:
    4.5 rating

    Aldara for Hpv cervical cancer vaccination

    I have the HPV virus and severe pain (burning, itching, small offending spots) on the labia minora and the vaginal entrance. I then got Aldara prescribed and now use it every two days for about 3 weeks. At first, the symptoms have become much better. But for about 1.5 weeks, they are worse than at first. (According to the doctor, this is normal because Aldara n affects the affected areas and the immune system begins to work harder.) Side effects I have pretty much the full range. Fever, permanent tiredness with burning eyes, body aches, headaches and back pain so severe that I can not sit or walk for long. Was about to stop the treatment, because it is really unbearable. But the hope is still stronger that it quickly gets better and heals.

  4. Francis M. Allen says:
    3.5 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    After healed surgery, with Aldara aftercare cream + suppository, every other day! Horror! After 4 packs started burning, itching, swelling, tearing, etc. – just like a knife in the A … and became correspondingly worse (but if it helps, you have to accept that probably). After about 2 weeks. on some days severe limb, joint, headache, nausea, eye pressure, flatulence, etc., and above all unbelievable tiredness. As with a severe flu, which I did not associate with this cream first. After 2 weeks now with these confused illness feelings in the body, a total of almost 1 month knife in the A … I’ve done it soon and hope that the effect has paid off, but that will probably only show the time. If I ever need to treat again, I will try to get this done in another way, if the doctor joins in this instead of occasionally cutting away, or maybe there’s another effective cream, tincture or similar. Already violently, what such a harmless-seeming cream with one can do so.

  5. Jack H. Williams says:
    3.5 rating

    Aldara for Actinic keratosis

    Treated area 1500 X 700 mm in the sternum area: Here after a period of application of 10 days, significant side effects such as severe punctate, itching, headache, body aches, dry taste and slightly elevated temperature occurred. The drug was discontinued following consultation with the treating physicians to achieve healing of the affected area.

  6. Alvin B. Cox says:
    3.0 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    Fever, chills, eczema, swollen lymph nodes perform with severe pain, severe skin inflammation, headache, body aches, As hard as the antibiotics intake was required and therapy was aborted to urologist according to the now first worse with other cream to treat

  7. John L. Williams says:
    3.5 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    Aldara was used by me for the second time with a gap of about 6 months. The first time I can not remember side effects. Now I have the following: – heavy dizziness, sometimes no driving possible – body aches, especially in the legs – swollen lymph nodes – flu feeling – headache – tiredness, bedridden Before I take it again, I look for alternatives. I feel partly really sick. The question is whether this violent reaction really goes against the genital warts.

  8. Carol L. Vick says:
    5.0 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    Had condylomata 20 years ago, then laser removal and then surgery, then interferon treatment (1/2 year syringe cure, 6 times a month, side effects: fever, chills) I thought it was eaten. Now I got that again. My doctor said that in the meantime something has changed and there are better treatment options. It was prescribed Aldara although I have a 4 month baby and this is silent. After use, the following side effects occur on the 2nd day. flu-like symptoms, severe pain behind the eyes, joint and joint pain, 2 kg weight loss in 8 days, tiredness, weakened, sweating as in high fever, the skin burns easily, but that is my least problem. Have now consumed 3 packets and will discontinue the drug immediately after these side effects. I thought for the first time after the onset of these symptoms that I had a flu infection. My doctor from the treating KH said that he hears of these side effects for the first time. Even my gynecologist told me nothing of such side effects. I’m pretty shocked which side effect can trigger a cream. My biggest Soge is now my child! I hope he will not suffer any damage from this drug in later episode.

  9. Darlene C. Nawrocki says:
    3.0 rating

    I had a treatment for condylomas about 7 months ago. My gynecologist first wrote me an ointment that I tolerated very well, then he prescribed me the cream aldara I had not tolerated at all, because I got a similar pain in my limb and got a terrible kidney pain on it. Now some condylomas have come back on which I had treated with aldara.

    Side effects: Chills; Members hurt
  10. Amber W. Simpson says:
    4.0 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    Hello everybody. I also got some warts and was very scared about it. I did not know at the beginning exactly what that is until I googled and happened to find pictures of genital warts, which made me really scared, because I read that it was surgically removed. So two days later, I went to the gynecologist with my own diagnosis and confirmed that to me. that gave me such a new ointment that was more compatible than aldara. I should apply it 3 times a day to the affected areas. I’ve done so synonymous until the tube was empty, but brought nothing hats. then I’m back and then she has prescribed me aldara. With my knowledge of the first salary I have just generously distributed everything, have not really thought because the first ointment has brought nothing. After this first application of aldara I have not felt anything, I have the next evening before going to sleep again pretty everywhere (!!) applied. and the next morning, I got a headache, a chill, a chestache, a fever, and all the other side effects. The next night I woke up with pain, because my labia were swollen in the most extreme way the skin was torn, inflamed and wet. now bed rest means legs apart, tanacot sitzbäder and with multilind ointment creaming anyway. it is terrible when urinating it burns like hell. each one breaks out in howling cramps. Now I have to be patient and lie down. For now I am on sick leave. Unfortunately, it is messed up 18th birthday tomorrow. but I have to go through now. That’s why if you get prescribed Aldara cream against warts takes a cotton swab and wearing the ointment really thin !! on ! it hardens everything and is unbearable.

    Side effects: Chills; Members hurt; Fever; Headache
  11. Nina N. Hodgson says:
    4.5 rating

    Severe flu-like symptoms, severe body aches, hyperesthesia of the skin, severe fatigue, fever to 39 degrees C., loss of appetite, feeling weak. Takes 2 days after weaning on, but not so violent.

    Side effects: Anorexia; Fatigue; Members hurt; Fever
  12. Robin D. Lawler says:
    4.0 rating

    Aldara for Condylomes

    The treated areas were very inflamed, severe pain in the treated, head and body aches, fever, fatigue syndrome. The condylomas were removed at 2x with surgery, but occurred again and again after 2 weeks. I recommend everyone to continue the therapy with Aldara, even if this is a long process!

    Side effects: Pain; Fatigue; Members hurt; Fever; Headache