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  1. Leah G. Harris says:
    5.0 rating

    I had the spiral inserted for the first time 5 years ago. I was really happy with the first, even though the onset was catastrophic (very, very painful, I had circulatory problems for 2 days afterwards!). I did not have any bleeding, no complaints, no problems, no pain from then on. Like in a picture book! Now, in January, the change was due, and since I was so satisfied, I decided to let me set a second. This one was not painful, I was pretty surprised … Unfortunately, I’ve had spotting, backache, discomfort, and the feeling of being able to feel the return threads ever since … Especially after the GV, the feeling is quite strange. I find that extremely funny, because I tolerated the first one so well! I would not recommend them, just because of the fact that this is REALLY very painful. And that the money is spent for nothing, the thing should fall out or not be tolerated. I’m going to hold on for a while now, but should the bleeding stop, I’ll go back to my FA and see what he means …. I’m not going to take any hormones to stop the bleeding …. That can not at all healthy!

  2. Brandon P. Branch says:
    5.0 rating

    I have been carrying the Mirenaspirale for a year. Unfortunately, I had to say that I suffer from strong Mirza since wearing the Mirena. I have been permanently bloated for 3 months, also in the fasted state. I have my stomach and intestines mirrored and my blood values examined …. result all right. I also do not suffer from a food allergy. To be permanently bloated, cramps in the abdomen and pimples on shoulders, impure skin on the face (never had impure skin previously increased migraine, and slight hair loss.) I also increased hunger and gained some weight, 2 -3 kilos I am always tired by the permanent bloated and totally uncomfortable 2 days ago I have the Mirena removed (as well as my girlfriend, sister and two colleagues, all of which had strong side effects) and hope for a speedy recovery of my hormone balance Do not recommend Mirena.

  3. Barbara A. Haynes says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello, I’m 29 years old and have a 10 year old son. Shortly after birth, a copper spiral was used, which also slipped and was quickly removed. Then I got the Mirena spiral and believe me, the last few years have been the horror. Just recently I have looked at the leaflet online and reviews from other women. I’m horrified what the pharmaceutical industry is doing with us women. I have to say, the more disciples you are, the more the body may endure certain things. Over time, the following side effects gradually came to pass: headache, pelvic pain, aggressiveness, sexual aversion and severe depression, as well as suicidal thoughts and extreme loss of memory. For 3 years I run from doctor to doctor and partly believed that I soon completely lose my mind. Now I am probably in a phase of development in my life where changes are taking place and I am trying to find causes for all these health restrictions. I was looking for a new gynecologist (who is really gorgeous) and I had an almost one-hour talk with her, telling me that there are these side effects and many women are also responding to the mirena. Since yesterday the Mirena is out and I’m curious what will change in the next time in my body. I definitely advise against the Mirena that these insidious side effects are enormous.