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  1. Virginia R. Harker says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    Constipation, restless legs, restless sleep, lousy dreams u tremendous weight loss and daytime fatigue were persistent side effects over the entire duration of 1/2 year – I had to weigh whether I pay this price. I am stable again and have cymbalta discontinued, but already almost three weeks ago u globules for beads, which I counted out. Except for still existing Schwankschwindel I have no Absetzungserscheinungen. Driving is not possible at the moment, I only use the bike to hold on to it. Occasionally happens that I can not get the curve u hang on the door frame. Even when walking straight on straight, I stumble over non-existent bumps. After trying many medications for years (with fewer side effects, but also without prompt effects), I am thrilled with the immediate effects of Cymbalta (despite the side effects) and recommend it to others, but not as a long-term medication. In a dependence I would certainly not guess because of the side effects. Note: I had to take Cymbalta at exactly the same time, otherwise precipitation occurred immediately u increased side effects

  2. Kasie G. Sonnier says:
    5.0 rating

    I take about 8 weeks Cymbalta30mg. In the beginning I thought that the effect is too low and I have to take a higher dose. Because my feelings went up and down. I was sick at the beginning and I had stomach problems. Also, I lost 2-3 pounds. Now after about 8 weeks I feel much better. My thoughts are free again and I enjoy life again. Bad is not me anymore and the 3Kilo less weight do me good. I hope that I have my depression under control. I want and should also continue to take Cymbalta.

  3. Roland M. Werner says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Burnout syndrome; Sleep disorders

    overload (burnout syndrome), insomnia, impotent, stress: new drug Cymbalta: first 30 mg then 60 mg, dreams very much it is almost always in the dream to death fight, flight, I am threatened you want to kill me u.s.w. continue childhood memories, sexual experiences from the deep past, but otherwise no side effects, I am very well balanced, happy I feel, I have since the increase of 60 mg to 120 mg (the reason for the increase is my strong overweight), in the the first 14 days 8 kg weight loss, which makes me very happy, I have no urge to hit my stomach fully, at almost 60 KG overweight. further, the dream activity is almost non-existent. What annoys me is the following 264,00 EURO for 98 capsules but I find it expensive!

    Side effects: Nightmares; Loss in weight
  4. Oralia T. Homer says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Neuralgia

    I was prescribed Cymbalta 30 years ago because of a very painful neuralgia. Acted fast and excellent. Now the pain then clenched again. Dose increase to 60 mg. Extreme drowsiness, dizziness, gait insecurity, loss of appetite, weight loss. Can only hope that these complaints settle for acclimatization, otherwise ???? Additional 3×30 drops Novalgin.

  5. Mathew M. Nash says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Anxiety disorders; Pain (acute); Depression

    in advance so much cymbalta is my life saver! I would not be there anymore and my children would not have a father anymore. I was thank God so strong to see for myself that I should do something. Unfortunately, many do not realize it and do not want to know that they are ill. FOR ALL who read these lines DEPRESSIONS does not mean Plemm Plemm- and beklopt special is a disease like any other, only the head does not get a substance that he needs to experience the feeling of happiness. PLEASE PLEASE – all who are in this situation – goes to the doctor – and it speaks to – synonymous CYMBALTA I should be put from 30 to 60 mg, but I stayed at 30 mg, so the first 4 weeks were the hammer-like new as if nothing had ever happened. then it’s like a sinusoid – a back and forth of emotions, sometimes a good one-time anxiety attack – but whoever has it under control – it’s bearable. FACT is one – to 100% it will never never again – but believe me one – with 80-90% one is viable and rejoices like a snow king. if you have such a partner like me- a great life. Weight loss in the first weeks, if you can get some extra food, you can quickly lose a lot of annoying costs. other side effect, sometimes heavy palpitations, take care with coffee, when the weather is changing a bit dizzy, otherwise I am completely satisfied.