Liver value change effect of Tegretol

We have 48 consumer reports for Tegretol. Liver value change effect occurred in 8%.

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  1. Ryan S. Herr says:
    3.5 rating

    Tegretol for Epilepsy

    Bin 89, after a status epilepticus on Tegretal 400 retard 1-1-1 (1200mg) had been set and had to muscle twitching after taking no side effects except a raised Leberwert.Alcohol I also drank in measure, had no drawbacks to the medication , From 02 it went right then with the side effects: forgetfulness, mental disabilities, Atemassetzer u.daraus following panic attacks in the night, where I jumped out of bed u. thought to choke !, in addition there were elevated liver values, a changed blood picture and a creeping impotence, in addition, I have strong Schmertzen in knee, shoulder u.Ellenbogengelenken.Mein neurologist got me because of the side effects on Keppra 500 1-0-1, which I now have taken 3 weeks, but I have to say that I behave very aggressively towards others recently, which was not the case with Tegretal. Ps, I have been seizure free for 19 years.

    Side effects: Liver value change
  2. Marilyn D. Eaton says:
    3.5 rating

    Increased liver values and high cholesterol caused by Tegretal.Now a long-term conversion to only Keppra Otherwise Tegretal and Keppra is well tolerated. Seizure-free for 3 years.

    Side effects: Liver value change
  3. Paul T. Price says:
    3.0 rating

    Tegretol for Epilepsy

    My treatment with Tegretal retard, due to symptomatic epilepsy due to astrocytoma II, started in April 2008. After a starting dose of 600mg I had to double the medication to 1200mg after several incidents (partial seizures)! The drug worked so well that I had at least no more GM seizures, but still felt quite uncertain time and again, because I have always perceived slight auras, which was probably at the then low dose. – & gt; Side effects included drowsiness, attention deficit, loss of drive, increased liver function, low sodium levels, occasional anxiety, and severe itching of various areas of the skin. So a total of really violent side effects! – & gt; Since the last dose increase from 900mg to 1200mg I also have severe hair loss. Due to the rather poor effectiveness with me now a conversion to Keppra or Lamotrigin is planned, following the reviews here, the Lamotrigin prefer.

  4. Debbie J. Nichols says:
    4.0 rating

    Tegretol for Epilepsy

    Calf pain, tiredness, trauma changes are resolved. Trembling of the hands, increased liver and cholesterol levels continues.

    Side effects: Liver value change; Fatigue