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  1. Shauna A. Buchanan says:
    3.0 rating

    Effectiveness of the drug was not yet detectable, as rarely had seizures before. However, other drugs have previously failed only and were by side effects and incompatibilities out of the question for patients to sell quickly. Keppra, on the other hand, has a positive effect on general health. short initial fatigue …. within 1 week completely fixed.

  2. Rachelle M. Russell says:
    3.5 rating

    Increased liver values and high cholesterol caused by Tegretal.Now a long-term conversion to only Keppra Otherwise, the Tegretal and Keppra well tolerated. Seizure-free for 3 years.

    Side effects: Liver value change
  3. Gary M. Mulholland says:
    3.5 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    Bin 89, after a status epilepticus on Tegretal 400 retard 1-1-1 (1200mg) had been set and had except for muscle twitching after taking no side effects except a raised Leberwert.Alcohol I also drank in measure, had no drawbacks to the medication , From 02 it went right then with the side effects: forgetfulness, mental disorder, Atemassetzer u.daraus following panic attacks in the night, where I jumped out of bed u. thought to choke !, in addition there were elevated liver values, a changed blood picture and a creeping impotence, in addition I have strong Schmertzen in knee, shoulder u.Ellenbogengelenken.Mein neurologist got me because of the side effects on Keppra 500 1-0-1, which I now have taken 3 weeks, but I have to say that I behave very aggressively towards others recently, which was not the case with Tegretal. Ps, I have been seizure free for 19 years.