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  1. Corey A. Davis says:
    4.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Drive disorders; Sleep disorders

    For about 1 1/2 years I take Zyprexa because of a psychosis. At the beginning, the dose was 10 mg / day. I was able to reduce the dose to 2.5 mg, but increasingly suffer from sleep disorders and listlessness. In addition, I have now got significant upper abdominal pain. This could indicate a pancreatitis. There are other critical reviews on the commercialization of Zyprexa. These raise considerable concerns about the use of Zyprexa. Everyone affected should actually be made aware of these risks before taking them.

    Side effects: Sleep disorders; Listlessness
  2. Diane H. McDade says:
    4.0 rating

    Zyprexa for Schizophrenia

    I took Zyprexa for 8 months. During this period, my menstrual period has completely stopped and I have gained about 5 kg. The dosage was always reduced during this period. I started with 20mg, then 15, 10 and finally 5 mg. Even after discontinuation of the drug, my menstrual period was still for 5 months. After discontinuing the drug, unfortunately, negative symptoms have developed, such as: negative thoughts, listlessness, depression. My psychiatrist has now prescribed me Abilify in conjunction with Tavor. Now I’m feeling better again – let’s see what other medicines bring.

  3. Anna M. Mendenhall says:
    5.0 rating

    Zyprexa for Sleep disorders

    After being put into psychotic state due to current sleep deprivation caused by psychoterror of my ex-husband, I was deported by him to psychiatry and unreflectively classified by the local doctors as allegedly manic and sedated with Zyprexa. I was told that I was terminally ill and now I have to take it all my life because otherwise I’ll be permanently in psychiatry (iatrogenic Noxe). Already after 3 weeks I felt severe side effects, which I was never informed, especially so-called extrapyramidal motor disorders (EPS), starting with tasikinesia, then akathisia. It was no longer possible for me to sit for even 5 seconds, I had to walk around daily for up to 16 hours to relieve myself, standing still was impossible, I could not even endure more than 2 subway stations. Every day I got a severe panic attack, which I noticed a self-alienation and could not assign these disorders for lack of information. It’s logical. The otherwise with me very good spatial thinking was quickly so limited that I could go only on my known ways, traveling was impossible, and I was after 2 months for months completely unfit for work (architect). Strong weight gain followed, photosensitivity (I could not stay in the sone anymore). An eosinophilia occurred, insomnia and tremor appeared, and strong feelings of anxiety (because of the personality changes / self-alienation and the EPS, which I did not even know by name). Despite all signs of EPS and my search for help in the hospital I was ignored for months, I was given against the EPS Temesta, but I had to sell after 4 weeks because of dependence risk, with the heavy EPS I was left alone. I was constantly tired, had hardly any impetus and fell into an akinetic Abulic syndrome. Because of the serious side effects, and because I was only able to walk in circles all the time because of the EPS, so I could not concentrate on anything anymore, I finally did not want to live anymore. After 6 months of suffering, a hospital doctor who made me suffer for months then deposed Zyprexa. This was followed by a drug withdrawal of several months, which was mainly with sleep disorders, restlessness, tremor, listlessness and digestive problems. The EPS were completely gone after weaning after 4 (!) Days, I wonder today why I had to go such a long ordeal. I took a tardive dyskinesia because I took the drug for 6 months. This manifests itself in occasional uncontrolled leg twitching, sometimes with a short screwing motion, and twitching in the facial muscles, none of which I ever had before taking Zyprexa.

  4. Stan M. Moya says:
    4.0 rating

    Zyprexa for Depression

    After a short time, I did not care about anything and I did not feel like anything anymore and I do not mean anything with anything. I also barely noticed what happened around me and quickly forgot what I had experienced. Within a short time I have increased almost 20kg, which has led to permanent tissue damage. After dismounting I lost the weight just as quickly.

  5. Clifford K. Dawkins says:
    4.0 rating

    Zyprexa for Psychosis

    Fatigue listlessness, had to help with Abilify at times weight gain, stretch marks on stomach and knees cravings especially at night, aggression when there was nothing to eat fatigue, listlessness and cravings have disappeared after discontinuing Zyprexa. Weight still holds something. The psychosis is (I say) ‘gone’, but the triggers are no longer given, so I do not have to worry that it will occur again. That does not mean that this drug worked. It also had attention deficits, impaired memory and very poor memory – two tests at the labor office regarding memory differed drastically.

  6. Edward H. Lewis says:
    3.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Psychosis

    October 2011 ZYPREXA – My experiences Zyprexa is a highly effective neuroleptic, which struck me immediately. I would like to focus on the psychological effects and side effects, not the physical ones. Stressful is the Mordepression. Lack of drive, lack of interest. No energy. Poor focus on following procedures. (Lead discussions, read books, watch movies) Creative work is no longer possible. The vitality is lost. No daydreams. No humor. The ability to absorb (learning ability) decreases sharply. The appetite is generally increasing. Especially late in the evening I have food bites. Zyprexa makes (in combination with lithium) stupid and thick. Self-confidence suffers greatly. Social contacts are becoming less and less. I get away from acquaintances and relatives. I’ve been taking Zyprexa for 12 years, now I get 5 mg. During this time I did not have another push. But I became a different person. Thoughts, actions and quality of life are severely limited.

  7. John L. May says:
    4.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Psychosis

    Psychosis at 26, triggered by stress during study and simultaneous relationship end. Treatment with Zyprexa (about 2 years). Could even finish my studies with the help of the drug with distinction. Side effects: weight gain, loss of libido and, above all, reduction in liveliness. I stopped the medicine after finishing my studies. Two months later, without an external trigger, I again had a psychosis (about 4 months). I was hesitant to go to treatment because I did not really want to take any medication anymore. The second psychosis was treated with solian (200mg). The drug worked very well, but on the whole had the same side effects as weight gain (17kg), loss of libido, and lack of motivation. The emotional life is dulled and just monotonous and boring. After a year, I decided again to sell Solian. Until about four months later, I felt reborn and everything worked well (job, social contacts, leisure activities). At the moment, I’m more unstable, especially on weekends, when I could relax I get involved sometimes in thoughts, but thanksgiving always abate. In addition, I am sometimes depressed and then I have mild anxiety again. Actually, all signs of taking medication again. But on the other hand I do my job well, I have no voices in my head, I sleep well and above all I feel myself very intense, which is actually nice. My goal is to get along without medication. Of course, I realize that I have to look at it very well. I would rather be interested in the experiences of people who have done similar things and now live their lives without medication.

  8. Rita E. Purcell says:
    3.5 rating

    Zyprexa for Psychosis

    Weight gain (previously20kg), fatigue (strong), loss of libido (strong), * increased appetite (after Einz.Zyprexa), listlessness (extreme), diarrhea (occasional), aggression (none), change in nature (increasing), menstrual disorders (since approx. 2 years), tremor (none), abdominal pain (uncommon), paresthesia (none), urgency (extreme), changes in liver function (previously no), thought disorders (extreme), ataxia (stiff), motor disorder (yes), hyperthyroidism ( no), muscle twitching (no), cravings (see *), constipation (rare), ** headache (increasing), joint pain (uncommon), nausea (see **), mood swings (occasionally), dizziness (occasionally), sleep disorders (extreme), vomiting (see **), withdrawal symptoms (? smoking – extreme cigarette consumption), poor concentration (extreme), impotence (yes), fluid retention (? cell fluid)

  9. Matthew B. Shorter says:
    4.0 rating

    Zyprexa for Psychosis

    Loss of thoughts, not ending weight gain within 7 years by about 58 kg in normal diet and exercise, water retention, potency disorder, listlessness in the morning, confused thoughts and suggestibility, state of train atrophy and all at one dose 30 mg film-coated tablets side effects lasted until Settling and switching to Solian, weight has then dropped by about 35 kg