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  1. Michael H. Watson says:
    3.5 rating

    For more than a year, I take terbinafine on the instructions of the dermatologist. For 14 days daily 1 tablet, then 14 days break and the game starts from the beginning. The healing is very successful, albeit time-consuming. Since 3 months I take tamsulosin for the prostate additionally. When I started with Tamsolusin I was just in the Terbinafin break, When I resumed the terbinafine, a few days later it started to burn easily at the end of the urethra. Comparable to the beginning of a urinary tract infection. It was not permanent, but always appeared only intermittently, sometimes weaker, sometimes stronger. It took Almost 3 months until I recognized the pattern and my urologist and I decided to discontinue the tamsulosin until the end of the terbinafine treatment. The burning disappeared, but after a week returned to the urologist since bladder emptying problems occurred massively. Since then I take Urorec 4mg. Since then, muscle and joint pain, as well as tiredness and listlessness. After just 3 weeks, I stopped Urorec. It was with me no improvement, but a deterioration occurred. When urinating it trickled only out of pressure. At night, I sweat so much that the bladder When I was with my wife in the theater and the like, I could not concentrate on the performance, because one always had the feeling it would dripping right in the pants. After I dropped it and took Tamsulosin again, was after 2 days the urine flow again strong and after consultation with the urologist, I stay here. Meanwhile, the treatment with terbinafine is completed. Everything ok