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  1. Tiffany D. Schmidt says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Borderline; Depression

    I’ve been taking paroxetine for over 3 years now. It helps me really well. Unfortunately, it took me 3 months to get the medication right in my body. In the beginning, I only slept. I had stepped right off. I was just tired. Luckily I was unemployed at the time because working would not have been possible. But the tablet changed me completely. Before I was totally broken, rested often. Was uncontrollable and cried permanently. Could not even leave the house alone. Since the tablet I’m fine. I am self-confident, fearless, calmer and more stable. Even with my borderline it totally helps! I am like a new person. Calm and relaxed! But my big problem, which was not important to me at the beginning. In the meantime, I’ve gained over 20 pounds and no matter which diet or something, I can not stomach it.

  2. Thomas S. Shepard says:
    3.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Hello fellow sufferers / I’m really glad that I found this page today and thank you for these reviews, because I’ve seen myself in the grave … after a raid 4.5 years ago I take everything prescribed by the bank has been. (since 2.5 years in pension) Several rehabilitation, reports and the usual theater with the professional association, which does not recognize the accident at work! Had at z.b. Trevilor dizziness when not accepting (forgot) Currently I take paroxetine, for about 1.5 years. My life has always remained the same, everything does not matter, mood swings, panic, fears, tachycardia, sleep disorders and the total retreat to this day. No giant steps but my peace at home. The only thing that is a little better, is that I can go shopping from time to time. My sense of well-being is gone, my sex life is completely gone and I always start everything and bring nothing more to the end, that annoys me very … Aggressive, I’m extremely rare. I have extreme sleep disorders. I go z.b. at 22:00 dead tired to bed, wake up at 00:30, soaking wet, sweaty, change my T-shirt, drink 3-4 cups of coffee, smoke and I’m busy at the computer. For years … sometimes I can not really do it anymore, but I have a great wife that always gives me courage, better than any tablet. After 2-3 hours I lie down again. The second sleep is sometimes 2-5 hours after, what do I know why? Again I’m soaking wet and sweaty, but in the second phase of sleep, I always have terrible dreams and I’m totally exhausted. Then I usually sleep again for 1-3 hours without sweating, despite some coffee. After that day, it is now z.b. 10:00: I do not get a turn and now drink beer, that beer makes me more calm and active, the mood gets better … after the second or third, I clean up the apartment, cook, go for a walk with our dog my wife already works. Sometimes, but I can not even take a shower for 5 days, I can / can not do it. Now I realized that I got more and more dizziness, for weeks almost permanent dizziness, that makes me terrified. I was not interested in the side effects, have enough worries. Now I made me crazy that it was perhaps a stroke or a brain tumor … boahhhh I’m so glad that there are others with these problems! Since today I go with the dizziness otherwise because there are side effects, that’s enough for me. For 7 days I take this paroxetine no more and as I read here I will go through the hard way – end and out with it! But what should I do now? will call my psychiatrist tomorrow and ask me, then I will definitely write a new review. Conclusion of today: a good day for me through this site here, I wish everyone, all the best. Greeting RolandK

  3. Dillon J. Jones says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder

    Who wants to take Paroxetine for a longer period of time! 2 years with me Should be clear that this drug (it was with me) can provide any help, in the opposite one can still (beklopter of it) so my experience Negative experience After about 2 hours of taking the drug turmoil This Drug should not be taken as a smoker, severe unrest and panic attacks, listlessness at work, strong fatigue, sexual desire goes to zero. Compulsive thoughts intensify and new stupid thoughts come to a stop paroxetine. For 2 weeks, I no longer take paroxetine but never really In my life Why Deposition phenomena are hell on earth Sweating Constipation and diarrhea, Paresthesia Severe restlessness States of anxiety though no reason to do Seconds, trembling, confusion Electricity in limbs, emotional instability Light psychoses In short the drug has done me more harm than harmed!!!

  4. Michael J. Hawk says:
    2.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    The purpose of this drug has met in principle well. Mood brightening, increased drive, better sleep, … Over the years, however, the side effects were distressing. As side effects during the treatment I had primarily sweating, hot flashes, lack of libido. Over the complete 2 years! As unacceptable, however, the side effects at weaning after 2 years out (creep out of 40mg within 4 weeks): severe dizziness, headache, circulatory difficulties, short-term (secondarily) sensory disorders primarily in the face and hands, fatigue, lack of drive. For that, the paroxetine allegedly does not make it dependent, it is extremely unpleasant and tedious to get away from it!

  5. Jay E. Parham says:
    4.5 rating

    Also, if I did not think it was so unlikely that my neurologist made a misdiagnosis, I took the tablets first, hoping that maybe they will lead to an improvement, but just because lack of sleep earlier for the increase , or partly led to the onset of my symptoms, then it was not better by the paroxetine. I have not slept more than 7 hours on any day that I have taken paroxetine so far, and in most nights it was 5 hours, but sometimes only 3 or 4. Since the beginning of the intake, I also feel listless and impotent and I also have the feeling that I am no longer able to enjoy activities I was looking forward to. my lack of drive also went so far in part that I should take an appointment and knew that I would be late if I did not hurry slowly, but I somehow managed not to hurry and did not feel stressed even though my pulse continued to rise, which did not fit my quiet mood. To this day, I do not feel that the paroxetine helped, but that it only made it easier to ignore the symptoms, so it feels a bit like I came to the doctor with an injury and would be hurt and hurt with the diagnosis a painkiller been sent home. I can imagine that paroxetine helps people who are actually suffering from an anxiety disorder and that the inwardly anesthetic effect helps them to calm down, but in my case there is only an accumulation of unpleasant side effects, a worsening of the condition but of relief to ignore the whole, as long as the symptoms are not so strong that I can not ignore them anymore. however, one of the most unpleasant side effects is the lack of concentration, I feel as if I have fallen asleep mentally, making it almost impossible to get creative and greatly reduce the ability to learn, people who rely on using their brain So I do not advise paroxetine. Oh, and before I forget it, I have since the beginning of strange strange dreams, which are usually hedge and in which often occurs violence, which sometimes wakes me up with a high pulse, which can be quite uncomfortable and often start the day already bad leaves. Since I’ve written so much, I’ll save the rest of time from lack of appetite to a lack of hunger, despite obvious need for food, lack of fatigue and seemingly almost completely shifted to the night urine production, which further complicates sleep.