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  1. Jeffrey M. Ward says:
    5.0 rating

    Mirena for Aggressiveness

    My 1st Mirena I have after the birth of my son lay and was synonymous with no problems with her. There were no difficulties when inserting and not in the entire gestation period, I felt positive that there was hardly any bleeding and if , then the matter was done in 3 days. The 2nd I left, without questioning, because I have them well tolerated, after the birth of my daughter insert. Puh-the insertion was painful and for the rest of the day I had a lot of pain (like putting an umbrella in my stomach) in my stomach and back, I could barely stand up, let alone walk. With a slight headache It started and spread to irritability, constant fatigue, sexual listlessness, but also listless and impulsive in everyday life, greater appetite aus.Ich got not only hair loss but also gray hair. About 1.5 years ago, I have the Mirena removed, meanwhile, I am in psychological treatment and can also equal to the divorce process. I am not only 20 kg heavier, but also in essence very changed; I have always been a positive and happy person. I can only guess that the choice of contraceptives should be carefully considered!

  2. Jessica J. Hampton says:
    4.5 rating

    Mirena for Hair loss; Acne; Depression; Overweight

    hi love her, I am 23 years old and have not had any children yet. Due to very strong, irregular and for me debilitating menstrual bleeding my gynecology finally recommended the mirena. to use this – in february this year – was hell to say the least: pain, pain, pain. and that over 4 days, including circulatory collapse still in gyn.praxis. well, I thought to myself, there you have to go through, do not be so – after all, everything should be better! But now, after less than 10 months, I have for next week a date to let me remove the mirena again. I’m really patient and no memes, but what I’ve experienced here at NW, really blows up the frame: -massive skin deterioration (previously I had, apart from small pimples to teenage times, a madness skin) – bleeding still strong, irregular, associated with massive cramps – hair loss (luckily I have full, thick hair ….) – despite sporting activity, an increase in weight of 6kg (I’m 1.85 tall at originally 68kg) – depressive mood up to complete lack of humor all in all, although I have some friends in my circle of acquaintances, who get along well with the mirena and the simple way of prevention advertise.dennoch I would others rather discourage very young women – prefer the conventional way with the pill ö.ä. I hope this experience report could help a few out there a little! best regards, madeleine

  3. Jimmie A. Best says:
    4.0 rating

    I let the Mirena use 2 months after the birth of my first child. The gynecologist praised the product and said there were hardly any side effects, without handing me the leaflet. The first time was really exhausting. I constantly had irregular bleeding and pain. It took almost half a year until this phase was over. Then I did not get any bleeding anymore, only a slight brownish discharge. I suffered from severe back pain in the lower pelvis, loss of libido and general listlessness. I’ve often asked what’s wrong with me and could not initially connect it with the spiral until I read the leaflet on the Internet. After intercourse, I often had pain in the vagina and uterus and slight discharge the next day. In addition, a constant slight pain in the uterus accompanied me, although the spiral sat correctly. (Made an ultrasound) My partner could not stand my body odor and is very relieved that he can smell me now, after she is out for 2 weeks. Also, the libido has come back and it is again as it once was (-: 14 months Mirena instead of 5 years and I’m really convinced that she was drawn early, even if that was a short painful and exhausting fun for 300 ¬ I just say: better leave!

  4. Charlene W. McCord says:
    3.5 rating

    Weight gain (18kg!), acne, hair loss, swollen breasts, feeling of pregnancy, high blood pressure, palpitations, heart stumbling, joint pain, tinitus, dizziness, anxiety, depression, dysphagia, stomach ache, constipation, listlessness, listlessness, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, inner Agitation, burning legs, heavy legs, abdominal pain, fungal infections, vaginal dryness,

  5. Simone T. Nipp says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello, I’m 35 years old and I got the Mirena immediately after the birth of my daughter 4 1/2 years ago. I came across this page because I googled a bit after talking with my girlfriend about the hormonal effects of contraceptives. I’m terribly frightened and at the same time soooo happy that my whole – since 5 years ongoing complaints now finally have an end. I never thought in the least that Mirena could be the cause of everything. I feel like every woman who has left her report here and complains about the bad side effects. I suffer from extreme depression, which I have treated by my alternative practitioner. Mood swings of the finest kind. We have a company – and a lot of stress – that’s where I put it. But in the past I was not like that either. I’m crying a lot, I’m not able to handle anything at all. Driveless – invitations to friends or nightlife at music events are cruel. I’m totally exhausted and at times suicidal thoughts are not uncommon. It’s absolutely no life to go through such things all the time. You are afraid of anything. The libido has been at zero for 5 years. I’m just lucky that my husband is extremely resilient and tolerant – everyone else would have chased a woman off and on. I can not confirm the weight gain with me, but everyone is different. Itchy skin and eczema are also there. I have a routine check-up with my doctor in 2 weeks and I’ll count every hour until then, because I’ll definitely have the thing removed on that day. I find it a very bad thing for the pharmaceutical industry and the doctors to let women into such a trap. I’m overjoyed to read these posts and encourage every woman to deal with the side effects – it can destroy families and even lives

  6. Carrie F. Banks says:
    4.5 rating

    After 4 wanted pregnancies I had the Mirena Spiral inserted. From head free for the love !!! In 9 months 6 Kg., Very severe depression and anxiety, loss of libido, vaginal dryness, constant fungal infections, listlessness, mood swings, tiredness. That’s what I think of so spontaneously. When I was sitting at the Gyn., The helper said that I did not have to read through everything: everything was scare. Therefore, I did not know the side effects before. After 9 months I went to Gyn., And told him about my complaints (still not knowing that they came from the spiral)! He recommended to remove the Mirena immediately and used a copper spiral for me. The pull of the Mirena I did not feel. The setting was very uncomfortable. That was yesterday, in four weeks I have an appointment at gyn. and I’ll tell him how I feel now. One thing is certain: I will never use hormones again! Of course, not everyone is like me, my friend eg. tolerates the Mirena very well. (or she does not admit it) 😉 I would not recommend her. And to easily test if you can handle it, it is too expensive. (300 €)

  7. Adrianne B. Evans says:
    5.0 rating

    I had the third Mirena spiral inserted in June 2010, as it was recommended to me by my doctor so. The onset was bearable, a little stomachache, little spotting. After a few weeks I was physically so bad that I googled my complaints. I came across this forum and I got a light on. So decided to the doctor with the desire to remove the spiral again. With my request, I fell on deaf ears, the Mirena was well tolerated, my complaints came from private stress and my physical work. The doctor talked me into the spiral (cost so much, I would have a bad conscience to you.) But if I really wanted it then I should come back. Okay, I thought, hasty decisions may not be good. By now it has become March 2011 and my various complaints have not improved. I count on what bothers me, what I feel worst first: Constant tiredness and listlessness (every activity is a torment, I have to get myself up to everything), constant exhaustion, almost every day tension or pain in the chest (lately with pain up to under the armpits), mild nausea, loss of libido, often headache, a dripping nose all year round (allergy tests were negative), pain in the groin with pulling up to the legs (heavy legs), numb hands, dry skin. Yesterday I was back at the doctor and I have the Mirena removed, she tried not even to persuade me again. By the way, everywhere you will find in this practice Mirena advertising, In the waiting room various brochures, in the hall, in the treatment room. A rogue of evil thinks …. Now I’m curious how I’m going in the next few weeks, I hope the veil of fatigue and pain is lifting!

  8. Kennith K. West says:
    5.0 rating

    In October 09 I had the third Mirena spiral (interrupted by a pregnancy) used in succession. The first I had super tolerated. The second spiral had symptoms I did not associate with the Mirena: mild vision problems, palpitations, listlessness, slight breast tenderness, general malaise in large crowds (anxiety). The o.g. Symptoms increased dramatically after the onset of the third spiral in October. Within the last three months, I suffered from tachycardia (my doctor told me to use beta-blockers), my blood pressure was far too high, I experienced an incredible form of listlessness, even though I was actually a very active person, my breasts seemed to burst and the Anxiety increased massively. I barely dared to leave the house for fear of large crowds. These attacks are really bad. I arranged an appointment with the FA and asked him to the spiral wg. of possible side effects. He explained to me that there were such symptoms but less than 1% and that it could be menopausal. (I’m 45). I asked him to pull her anyway. Since then I still am not feeling so well, but much better. I was in town today (among many people) and just had a slight dizziness – do not worry and do not panic -. I think that both aspects play a role in me. Spiral and menopause. But the one problem is already solved, now I can take care of the other thing completely hormone free 🙂

  9. Maurice J. Baker says:
    5.0 rating

    I am very sorry that I have used Mirena almost two years ago! – Regular migraine – Weight gain of 10 kilograms in 20 months! Weight loss impossible! – increased hair growth (upper lip!) – dry vagina & gt; Pain, tears, etc. – Libido loss – Massive tiredness and listlessness – Acne – Back pain – Mood swings Positive are only: + Effective, simple contraception + menstrual period stays out + bigger bosoms 😉 I would like to have Mirena removed as soon as possible!

  10. Marcelina H. Tate says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello sympathizers !!! 🙂 I let the spiral settled after the second pregnancy, because I could not cope with the pill. My doctor immediately recommended Mirena to me. I let them sit down soon and it was terrible. I almost fainted in practice and I only cry on the way home! I thought I could have two kids at once. Even days later I was in pain, so I could not even drive a car, let alone outside the door. -My weight I can only hold very heavy -Unregular period, once every three weeks, then again every two -Hair loss -Unfatisfaction -Under listlessness -Usperfuse pain

  11. Consuela T. Billingsley says:
    4.5 rating

    Got Mirena 4 years ago and wished it had never happened. I would have been better informed of the side effects by my doctor at that time. I had the Mirena taken out 4 weeks ago, and I’m getting better. My doctor still thinks that it could not be the Mirena, what With me in the 4 years happened.I have briefly gone through the hell on earth. It started with high blood pressure, Panickattacken, anxiety, head pressure, dizziness, listlessness, weight gain, fogged, … until I thought that I am going crazy. From one doctor to another, I ran, unfortunately, still have complaints that my hopes pass , I RATE ALL OF MIRENA.

  12. Debra R. Myers says:
    4.0 rating

    Today, after 2.5 years, I let the Hormone Spiral redeem me. Had I not had a girlfriend who also had negative experiences (extreme hair loss, loss of libido) with the spiral, I probably would not even have come to the conclusion that some ailments are related to it. At first I was more irritable than usual, impotent, and tears quickly rose in my eyes (for example, reading obituaries of obituaries, reports on television). But I have dismissed this with normal everyday stress and ignored. My girlfriend noticed these changes in her nature and she spoke to me because she recognized her own situation in it, so I became alert and began questioning things. After wearing contact lenses for 15 years, even in the pregnancies, complaints began in May. My hard lens had to be replaced after only 1.5 years, because such a lubricating film of lipids and fats had formed that the lens was useless. At the moment I did not find that questionable, even though my life span was up to 4 years. Only when my eye had ruined the new lens after only 6 weeks, I became suspicious. I have worn 2 hard lenses since inserting the Mirena on one eye 2 and on the other. My then gynecologist denies a connection. The ophthalmologist said that hormonal reasons can certainly be responsible for this. So I belong since then again to the spectacle wearers, which of course after such a long time first again a change. In many situations in which I had otherwise responded in a sovereign manner, I was easily irritable and aggressive. I was not nearly as strong as before. In the last few months, my libido has dropped to zero. No sexual initiative left me, which of course made my husband pensive. Especially since my period has completely failed (the only plus) and so yes I could have actually anytime. I have also noticed the following changes on my body, but they did not occur permanently: pimples on the scalp, headache with nausea, strong feeling of tightness in the breasts, besides, I simply can not control my weight anymore. I have been practicing the same sport for years, which used to help me to compensate for the sins of the weekend, but for quite some time now nothing has happened on the scale, even if I had eaten little on the day before. I have confronted my gynecologist with my complaints. He has somehow waved off, my complaints would be too unspecific, as that could make a connection, certainty would exist only if the thing would be out. Quote: maybe it’s because of the cuts that you have in the evening, or the cold cuts you drauftut and they are getting older. I’ve had some bad experiences with Implanol a few years ago, where I was also dissatisfied with the way my gynecologist handled it, but still stayed. Only after months of tormenting (Dauerschmierblutungen) turned out at that time, the hormone dose in the pen for some women probably not enough and I had to first take 1/4 pill later 1/2 pill in order to adjust the whole. I felt like a guinea pig. But now the measure was really full. Today I was with another doctor, who showed much more understanding and gave me the impression that the inventions of the pharmaceutical industry are beyond any doubt. The part is definitely out and I feel good with this decision. I will observe my body closely in the near future and will certainly then also determine what the Mirena has done with my body in the last 2.5 years, which I may not even be aware of. There may be women who can handle the spiral well, but you should just be alert and listen to your body. Maybe the Mirena is not responsible for all the problems, but in the future I can be sure that if I have complaints, they will not be controlled by any artificial influences.

  13. Mandy C. Spencer says:
    4.5 rating

    Almost three years ago, I decided to get a Mirena Hormone Spiral. The benefits brought me to the absolute conviction that I have chosen the right contraceptive for me. In the course of the first year, everything was OK, except for a weight gain of about 4 -5 kilos, which, according to gynecologists, is due to water retention. The kilos remained, it was followed by depression and several visits to the psychologist including drug intake, panic attacks, complete listlessness and, above all, an increasingly impure skin. Of course, at first I saw no connection with the Mirena, now I am convinced that these side effects have been caused by the Mirena insidious. In a week I let me remove the Mirena, because I can no longer endure these conditions mentally.

  14. Martha D. Padilla says:
    4.5 rating

    Have today after 10 years, the MIRENA on the advice of my new gynecologist remove. After my pregnancy in 1998, Mirena was recommended to me by my gynecologist at that time, insertion was without any problems, no bleeding was very pleasant, after 5 years then (2003) the obligatory change, all big and small complaints I pushed until summer 2007 on too much work ( I am self-employed and certainly had too little time for myself). In the summer of 2007, my Odysee began: only months of sleep + sleep disorders, listlessness and thus naturally irritability, lack of concentration, etc. It got a bit better in the autumn by reducing the workload, in the spring of 2008 I had a very tight schedule and somehow I had to go through it all. In April we started with blurred vision and vertigo, until then I could not go shopping (at the cash register) wait, was like standing on a staggering ship) and finally in July with the absolute feeling that now I cant to land at the neurologist. In the brain everything was fine, blood in order, thyroid in order, diagnosis also logically by my family doctor burn-out. That was certainly partly it, but now I have reduced my work many times over the past six months, the financial pressure as well, I have a lot more time for myself, do at least 1 hour of sport a day in the air, meditate, do that 5 Tibetans, do not drink coffee anymore, etc. At the same time, since 2006, for no real reason, I have gained 15 kilos. All stress-reducing measures have worked in part, but not completely, the last few months I’ve got panic attacks when more than 100 people in the room, heart arrhythmia and tachycardia, tingling on the feet, diffuse anxiety, cotton wool in the head, etc. Have it all almost pushed to menopause and then decided to change my old (even in real life old) gynecologist and I went to a fresh from the university doctor. Today. After I told her all that and she has really taken 40 minutes, came from her the advice to remove the Mirena (actually, it would have been the time to change again and my old gynecologist would have certainly used me again a new, the do not deserve because bad and at least I paid 2x paperless). She said that she already had three women with similar diagnoses, diffuse, variable symptoms, all of whom had the mirena, and who were getting better after removing them. If this has been the puzzle for the last 2 awful years now, I can advise anyone who is aware of any changes after the onset of MIrena to pay close attention to themselves. I’m supposed to wait three months for what and how things are going to change, but after reading a series of testimonials I’m convinced that there’s a connection with me.

  15. Robert P. Vega says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello, I’m 34 years old and I have the Mirena about 3 months after the birth of my daughter WITHOUT notice of any possible side effects can be inserted. A few weeks after placement I got hair loss (still) and creeping, gradually mood swings, feelings of anxiety, constant fatigue and listlessness up to the depression I even wrote! I could list a whole palette here and, honestly, I’m happy about the cases where it works well and can not understand why the wearers have the negative experience (FOUNDED !!!) made to be called a scare maker and the like. Be damn glad that you have tolerated or veträgt! You really do not want to know how it fills up, if you have to stand fear and imagine things that a healthy person does not come to mind! And – some NW can occur later. I think that is different from woman to woman, but these cases are probably synonymous. So, think first, then talk, if you have no idea! PS: There is no joking about depression and many do not even know that they have it …. And google what you think about the Mirena. There are also official references. See also the leaflet of the Mirena hardly got a woman to face (I know no case !!!). I would never have let them lie down !!!

  16. Flora J. Hunter says:
    5.0 rating

    Almost exactly a year ago, I had my gynecologist use Mirena. Since we already have two healthy children, and actually no more are planned, that was the only correct step at the time, which can be reversed, should the family planning for the head have not done yet. My concerns about the hormonal side effects, which I had after years with the pill, rejected the FA completely, because the Mirena act finally only locally. I should not worry. But if I had better …… (especially I would have better informed in advance rather than only on the FA to hear) After the THING was sitting (the insertion was not bad), I initially got what was expected to bleeding. They lasted for 2 days. Then, first of all, there was silence. However, I always felt like I was burning inside. Then again and again I had slight spotting. At least every 2 days. That certainly lasted 5 months. I no longer dared to leave the house without a pad or tampon. Otherwise, no one with irregular bleeding or discharge. I was completely new. In addition, I smelled unpleasant from the area. Had no desire for sex or just touches. Always had only in the head: And if I bleed again? From head to head for love! My libido had also reached zero in the meantime. Then there were even more severe side effects such as tremors all over the body, inner restlessness, listlessness, no desire to move (although I like to move and also walked a lot with the short). I even wondered if I could make the walk at all. Have always had the phone at the start – it could be something. (otherwise my phone is more of a pocket keeper). Loss of appetite and an associated weight loss gave me additional thought. In any case, I was just thinking about my health: Do you have anything bad? Are you getting up tomorrow? What will become of the children? So it was really depressing and, above all, even more bitchy. Nothing was going on hereThere were many visits to the alternative practitioner and family doctor – I had not had to visit the last 5 years. Constant blood draws and in the end even a gastroscopy I have endured. Without noteworthy findings. In the meantime, of course, I was again at the FA. He only said: I can not imagine that all of this should come from the Mirena. I should wait a while. After all, I would have breastfed until recently. Maybe my body would be a bit confused. I should give my cycle a little more time. I did that too. My fatigue actually subsided, but not everything else. When after the last visit to the FA again 3 months had passed, I have made the decision: THIS MUST BE OUT! Now it is out for about 3 months. (The draw was not a problem by the way) And what can I say? I AM FEELING WELL AGAIN! I am the old man again. I can celebrate again and do sports without fainting. Even my long lost libido I return to the joy of my husband and of course for my joy. Above all, I no longer bother anyone because of my oh-so-serious illness. It was all about me. Conclusion: I can not say, keep away from the thing, because everyone tolerates them differently. After all, there are enough women who have no difficulties. But I would inform myself sufficiently and weigh whether the coal is worth the attempt. After all, after all, one’s health should be more important in the end. I can only say in conclusion: I would have literally broken the thing. The depression was the worst for me.

  17. Carol D. Fitzpatrick says:
    4.0 rating

    Headache, migraine attacks, permanent bleeding (21-23 days bleeding – then 6-7 days bleeding), severe to very severe abdominal pain at onset of bleeding (1-2 days), mild to moderate pain in the abdomen without bleeding, depressive disorders, mood swings, loss of libido , Lack of concentration, hair loss, listlessness