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  1. Darlene J. Walker says:
    4.5 rating

    Since I take them I am very tired, very flat and listless. Depressed and sometimes useless. Unfortunately also slightly irritable and not fully resilient. I did not have any additional cases.

    Side effects: Depression; Listlessness
  2. Patsy M. Osborn says:
    4.5 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    I take the drug Keppra for 10 weeks, 1 tablet daily with 2 tablets. Mylepsinum, have been seizure-free since that day. I feel like newborn, or as before about 22 years ago when I was seizure-free. I am now 48 years old married with 2 healthy children. Since the age of 3 I suffer from epilepsy, have already taken several medications, but always the mylepsinum show no side effects with me. Until 10 weeks ago I took daily 2 Mylepsinum + 2 carbamazepine, which allegedly did not help after the blood I had 3-5 seizures in the winter up to 8. After 3 days of the change of carbamazepine to Keppra I already noticed tremendous effects and differences in my life. My concentration is back full again, the speech disorders are blown away, no forgetfulness, no more depredations, no drift and so on. However, I have to say that I can take the Keppra only at night before going to sleep, acts like a sleeping pill for me. Actually, I should take 4 Keppra + 2Mylepsinum daily after the doctor from Erlangen Hospital, which I did not want from the beginning (I was too much). So I took as usual in each case 1 tabl. in the morning and in the evening around 18 o’clock. I realized very quickly that I was always tired and could hardly do my housework. So I only hired myself for 1 Keppra night. Since that time I have seizure-free and overjoyed to get my life under control again. I advise each patient to discontinue the medicine carbamazepine. Above all, I advise the pharmaceutical industry to withdraw this drug because it causes more harm than good. Best regards Monika Baumann

  3. Thomas J. Butler says:
    3.5 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    Fatigue Concentration disorders Sleep disorders Weight gain Dizziness listlessness Speech disorders Fatigue Visual disorders Mood swings Unrest Forgetfulness Weakness Thought disturbances Irritability Trauma changes Memory disorders Balance problems Powerlessness Fickleness Chair changes Essence change

  4. Murray D. Doran says:
    4.0 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    I had my first epileptic seizure on the 20.07.2010 during the car ride, by luck and the hand of the Lord I missed a concrete pillar by 5cm and a tree with 30cm d like. As if by luck, my then girlfriend and me nothing happened. At that time I was only 19 years old. The first diagnosis when I came to me was epilepsy, I had previously known that it is a disease, but how complex and life-changing it is, unfortunately, I had experienced first-hand. I had a total of 6 seizures, after the 4th seizure my medication was raised from 1-0-1 to 1.5-0-1.5 Keppra. My last attack was the dreadful attack for me, then I went to school and wanted to do my state-certified mechanical engineer. I suffered him in the morning, I was in full consciousness, had three blackouts of an hour, could not talk anymore, that I wanted to say came not harsh, it was just unintelligible sentences without context. I could not even hint with hand movements what I missed because my whole right body was paralyzed. After a few minutes, the ambulance and my father were contacted, after which I was driven to the Erlangen Hospital. After my 3rd attack, my father has a Naturopathic family doctor who has tested me kinesiologisch and found a Hydrokolontherapeutin. Both of them diagnosed me with a worm in my colon that excreted the poisons that got through the colon directly into the bloodstream. This apparently resolved one month before my first attack, an optic nerve inflammation in the left eye, the epilepsy and a final optic nerve inflammation in the right eye after my last attack on 21.10.2010. By regular Hydrokolontherapieen initially 4 per week and then slowly crawl out, the colon again learning to work independently. As a result, the worms were eliminated. After checking that I no longer have worms, I started to sneak out of the Keppras. Initially 1.5-0-1.5, then 1-0-1.5, 1-0-1.25 and 1-0-1 per day in 3 month increments. When I took the 3 grams of Keppra a day and went to school, I had the first 2 weeks suicidal thoughts, was totally listless, spent virtually all day in bed, could not concentrate überhaubt, simple math tasks such as 6×8 I could no longer Calculate head, had total loss of appetite, have lost 10 kg in the first week because I drank up to 6 Lieter water a day and have eaten nothing more, I was practically completely unpowered. My dad got me to do a juice cure to Wolker and to do a therapy of a Romanian naturopath. I made Lieter homemade fresh juices on day 1, 1 Lieter juice from 1kg carrots, 3 fist sized apples and a big lemon for the eyes, 0.5 Lieter juice from 600g carrots, 200g red beets and 200g cucumber to detoxify and a juice 800g carrots and 150g parsley root for the nerves / brain. The therapy of the Romanian naturopath consisted of five capsules for the nerves in the brain and to calm, in addition magnesium and enzymes likewise for the brain to the support. Because epilepsy is also triggered by poor nutrition, nutritional deficiencies and vitamin deficiencies. Among them is also important to take a lot of vitamin B. It is a good supporter of the brain. After applying all the therapies, I am now daily on 2 grams of Keppra and found my will to live again. Bike again, go out again and meet old friends. I have always talked about what I experienced, it does not help me to sink completely and to supplement my therapy. Now I am about to start again with the technical school and to regulate my life more and more. What was very important is that I was often to convalescent doctors to do EEGs and check my physical condition. That I was not in danger of re-accumulating. I hope I have encouraged you to announce the fight of epilepsy and to try to get off the medis. Those are not a long-term solution !!! However, I have to tell you that not everyone can do it! The trial is definitely worth it! Sincerely, Thomas G.

  5. Laura R. Bourque says:
    4.5 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    Keppra: Severe tiredness, tinnitus as noise in the ear (pulse – blood flow), cold, double vision, dizziness, drowsiness, sex dysfunction, sleep disorder, mood swings, depression, brittle fingernails, leg cramps, back pain, difficulty concentrating, thinking blocks, irritability, anxiety attacks, listlessness among others I had previously taken the drug gabapentin (Neurontin) for 4 years and with the conversion to Keppra my neurologist wanted the NW as fatigue, sex dysfunctions, concentrate disorders, slow thinking and mood swings, irritability, aggressiveness u.a. eliminate the drug gabapentin. She said that the Keppra would make me more cheerful and balanced and also no sex. Disorders include. That was a fallacy and I’ve obviously fallen from the rain to the skies. The Keppra showed significantly heavier NW than the gabapentin.

  6. Cynthia R. Kelly says:
    3.0 rating

    Keppra for Epilepsy

    Weight gain and extremely strong depression I got from the medication. But it helped against the epilepsy. Also very severely always tired, without drive. Now I’ll take Ergenyl and get along much better.