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  1. Miguel D. Mitchell says:
    4.0 rating

    Diazepam for Pain (acute)

    First I bury all those who are stuck with me in a Bott, I am currently in Romania, but I am a German citizen, therefore this keyboard & gt; :)))) TRAMAL, also known as Tramadol is underestimated to the 90% of Aertzte.Meine medical history ; I got from the Haustzt Tramadol drops 100mg / 10ml N1 and that because of strong migraine, although that does not help at all. The prescription repeated irregularly 1 year.I do not want to capture long, I am dependent for 10 years, with a daily dose of 10-10-10 ml (solution) In the various detoxification I have been told by other patients as compliment, I should be glad be that the addiction has not been in my face, and have a very pretty face to swallow for such a shit. You could have x girlfriends, a well – regarded job, etc. I was all shit Egal.Ich was in a JVA 12 months eingespert u.have not even needed medication. After the dismissal passed 5 hours, then it was again drauf.Ich must report that has not changed in these 12 months, either psychic or No motivation. No hope, because financially I am only dependent on Hart 4.Which girl wants to go with such a type, deep in a relationship.I have tried I do not know what to do, do anything, etc … Unfortunately, I sprayed too much Xylocaine as a local anesthetic, and I could not really catch the Vennen after several tries. You can still live a maximum of 1 hour after that, but comma comes in after 30 min. I have tried long-term therapy, with forced therapy, it just does not work, the motivation is death for me forever, or should I be about kok Well, coke and tramp not fit, coke disintegrates the muscle fibers. My feasts and opinion is: pray in God for a lighter death, because you not only quirit you, but also the others who live around you and mitleiden.Es also a Anstekender mood. Innocent people entrain me find Unfaer, better you mourn briefly to someone, then the cake is eaten I think.Tod forget easy, except your own mother … Give me a gun and me burdened the health insurance no longer, with NAW, RTW (Notartztwagen, ambulance) for seizures Grand Mal. I see the things Obiectiv people, do not make a fake hope, because then enters Tramal treatment has time 14 days to decide whether he wants to give his life or not! From me, it should be classified as BtM, because so sell the pharmacies without a prescription anymore. There are many pharmacists who are fixed on sales. You get said when buying Tramal, please get a recipe at the next time, and at the next time man creeps through … Well people sounds like the Warkheit, I expect no regrets, but as knowledgeable for you. Goodbye, Christian.

    Side effects: Listlessness; Dependence
  2. Juan E. Leavitt says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello. I took diazepam 200 mg (psychotic schizophrenia) from 2006 – 2009. I’ve never had much left for such medicines, but was virtually forced to increase this one. the time had been really very bad for me. i was constantly dizzy, slept more than usual, i was awake for maybe 24 hours out of 24 hours and spent the rest of the time in bed. I could not go out because I just did not have the strength. I could not articulate correctly and had no desire for nothing. I literally became a nursing case for my wife and the relationship lost so much in everything. When I finally understood after a long time what happened to me, I told my doctor that I no longer want to take the drug and that I no longer have the joy of life. and zack, I should take something else against depression. I told my doctor again and again that I’m not feeling well with diazepam, but no reaction on his part! I was just a madman for him. at least he gave me the feeling. He did not take me seriously and did not respond to me. I had to change the doctor 3 times to get to one of me also to hear! I slowed down the medicine under medical supervision and after a month felt clearly how I felt better! but what hats helped ?? no idea. I weighed 90 kg before diazepam. after that it was 125 kg. many of my memories are as deleted and until today 2011 not back gekert. if you ask me: hey, do you still remember how we do this and that? no, sorry can not remember. sometimes i really do not know how old i am right now. I got stuck on age 25 when I spontaneously answer the question. But that was me 6 years ago 🙂 you agree with me an appointment. If I have not forgotten him in 5 minutes, I’m sure that I will not know it in 15 minutes at the latest. very often spoke mistakes or say things that I did not want to say! sleep disorders that are so bad that I’m really mistaken! I can work all day (6am – 5pm) and drive + 2 hours and just can not sleep. Although I am tired dogs, but only lying in bed for hours. that is very bad, I tell you! diazepam has destroyed a lot in my life. After diazepam, I lost 20 kg within 7 months and am better again in life (without diazepam).

  3. Johnny M. Moser says:
    3.0 rating

    Diazepam AbZ ampoules to 2ml / 10mg. At nineteen I moved further and further away from the outside world and isolated myself continuously, did not have a single friend in the end. I started thinking about suicide on a daily basis and made 7 attempts. The reasons for this are in my childhood, but I do not want to go into it now. Diazepam saved me from suicide. If I have an anxiety attack again, I take an ampoule, break it open and draw 1ml / 5mg in a 2ml syringe and mix with water for injections. Since I’m not afraid of needles and I.V. lower doses are needed than oral I inject my Valium and I come out with about 1 ampoule (ie 10mg) for 2 days. I’m not tired, but after 2 months was quite impotent, which I now fight successfully with coffee. I drink almost no alcohol and I feel really good. The courage to return gradually returned and I am optimistic about the future. Valium is in my opinion one of the best drugs to fight anxiety and panic attacks with Lyrica and Paroxetine. Jonah

    Side effects: Listlessness
  4. Roger L. Godfrey says:
    4.0 rating

    Diazepam for Pain (back); Sleep disorders

    Diazepam: I started taking diazepam because I was feeling restless and anxious. At first it was great. However, after years of taking not more like at first, it no longer worked in a new anxiety attack. I had to overcome everything myself – headache. Whether it is degraded faster in smokers, I can not say. All I know is that in the last few years I have taken 20-100mg every 2-4 days. In part, I think that I just wanted to rest and the high dose was not necessary. Side effects I had / felt like this: lethargic, mood swings, loss of libido – but no total loss, loss of interest. Now I have not taken anything for 200 hours. The side effects became uncomfortable for me. I feel everything on the body tingling, changes in taste, difficulty falling asleep, motor skills when very inaccurate, even back pain. In general, my sense of touch is disturbed. So I took 10mg after the first weaning and am disappointed that I could not keep it up, but I keep going so I only took 10mg. Let’s see how it goes on. Morphine and Morphine Retard: 20 years ago I got morphine vials of 20mg and later morphine retard tablets of 100mg. Initially, I injected morphine daily 80-140mg then I got from my doctor 100mg Tabl. 3 times a day 100mg there with me after 8h. the effect wore off. I have to say that morphine helps a lot but after years you have to increase the daily dose otherwise it only helps to a limited extent. Side effects: Definitely constipation but bearable by the doctor. Otherwise, I do not know if the other side effects come from diazepam. Hydromorphone: taking 16mg 3 times a day. Slight improvement in pain. Side effects: constipation.