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  1. Darlene R. Knight says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Pain (joint); Depression

    I have been in treatment for depression and other disorders since 2000. I got Cytalophram Biomo at that time. After about 2 months but because of absolute feeling alienation (blockades in the experience) even discontinued. Without settling phenomena. Since 2008, I take Cymbalta slowly increased to 120mg, less had no effect. In the beginning my pain and depression disappeared on the whole. Later, however, unfortunately came to sleep, loss of libido and listlessness as side effects. Unfortunately, I have combated my sleep with alcohol. Since I was not satisfied with the result, I dropped off Cymbalta at short notice. Big mistake! Aggression, tachycardia, increased resting heartbeat, suicidal thoughts came already from the second day of depopulation. Without end in sight. So I took Cymbalta again. Mending was immediately there. Only in particularly strong restlessness, I take for a year nor in addition Tavor ne half tablet. This helps very well and I have no side effects. For about 3 weeks I have, after reducing the dose to 60mg Cymbalta completely discontinued. The aggression is not so bad, my libido is slowly coming back. But now come other settling phenomena. Slight to moderate Brainzaps, extreme itching, abnormal sleep rhythm (7-16 clock then sleep until 5-7 o’clock awake), loss of the identity (do not remember what’s real to me and what was only generated by my personality disorder). All in all, I’m really dirty. Now I hope to find another solution (medication) with my doctor. Will you suggest to try Elontril? According to the testimonials here, the side effects do not seem to be that serious. If someone knows an advice, please write.

  2. Constance C. Blum says:
    3.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Borderline

    I switched from Efexor to Cymbalta because I was always so sweaty. My former therapist thought it would get better but nothing is. With every little movement I sweat so much that my hair is wet and I have to change my clothes. Especially in the cold season, this is very tedious. Actually, you are freezing but still you are drenched. Next it has my desire for sex or even the ¨Nähe¨ totally turned off. I even began to despise affection. I have heard sirens, ringing and sometimes even shouts of names. Apart from that, I’ve always seen animals or shadows in my outermost corners of my eye. Now I plan to change again and just go through hell. I do not eat anymore, I just eat. I have the feeling I stuff everything into me what lies ahead. I also have this cirrus in my head. I do not even have to move to feel it. Dizziness and extreme emotional fluctuations plague me. And, joy prevails, now I even sweat, if I do not even move. My yesterday’s dinner came back by speed mail and I always have problems with my throat and throat. My right almond suddenly swells again and then becomes normal again. I feel like my whole air supply is blocked and I get a lot of air when I breathe through my nose. I am totally exhausted and weakened. Yesterday I could hardly cook in the evening because the whisk seemed to me like a concrete block. I’m always craving something to eat. But I’m getting sick of it right away and the only thing that has not bothered me so far was these chocolate bons. I have now gained 4 kilos after a week and do not feel well at all, because I already had enough on the scales. With the constant sweating and this Gesurre in mind I avoid it to go out. I’m totally beside the track but I’m not giving up now. From Monday I get new meds and let’s see what they do.

  3. Monica S. Oquendo says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for Depression

    Withdrawal symptoms, nightmares, high blood pressure, blood pressure crisis, lightning eyes, irritable I took Cymbalta 90 mg a year. 20 kilos increased, edema in the legs, restraints were twice as thick as usual, had no fears for listlessness, could not laugh and not cry. Was tired all day long. I was switched back to Fluoxetine and Trimipramine, Cymbalta swelled with 30 mg steps that was probably too fast. For 7 days I have had violent nightmares every night, headaches in the morning and throughout the day. Blood pressure 120/200, so I was then I landed at the ambulance. I see flashes when I move my eyes. Right now I’m taking 5 mg Cymbalta again. about 30 beads. The rest I take from the capsule and reduce very slowly. Cymbalta is a drug that causes the most severe settling. I let it me, because I thought I take it off and so I’m happy again. Unfortunately that was not the case and the weaning make me hard to manage. My psychiatrist was amazed that I have such severe withdrawal symptoms. I hope I am fine again soon. But I have read in the experience reports that this can go on for weeks.

  4. Casandra B. Dixon says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for High blood pressure; Sleep disorders; Fibromyalgia; Depression

    I started in 2006 with amitriptyline 100mg because of massive drowsiness and staying asleep, which also helped me well for 2 years. Until sleep disorders occurred again. Medi was then converted to initially 15mg mirtazapine (2 weeks), then to 30mg mirtazapine. In those 4 years, I have gained a total of 25kg, dry mouth, sex.Unlust, often indifference, listlessness, water retention throughout the body, but I was able to fall asleep quickly and slept through my 6-8h, was rested. Since the beginning of the year, I try to get along without Mirtazapin, which is still very difficult. Cymbalta is supposed to lower the pain threshold, but if I work a lot physically hard I still have to take Diclo acutely to be able to withstand the pain

  5. Betty W. Roberts says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Borderline; Depression

    The preparation of the drug ran smoothly. Have taken 120 mg over several months, but can only advise against anyone to take this antidepressant! The psychiatrists claim that this drug is neither addictive nor personality altering, but that is (at least for me) both lied: I had no more mood swings, but I had no mood at all! In the whole months I could not laugh anymore, I was more depressed than before, had lost my libido, loss of drive, loss of interest. By chance I forgot to take my pills 2 weeks ago – after 3 days the withdrawal symptoms appeared: vertigo, nausea, headache, aggression, sensory disturbances, diarrhea, EXTREMELY mood swings (by that I mean weeping and laughing every minute, with intermittent aggression !!!), heart racing, panic, have a cloud in the head …. People: I can HEAR, how my eyes move !!! BUT the GOOD: I can laugh heartily for months now for the first time, can enjoy again, feel good. I experience moods again. And personally, I prefer to lose the nerve, but that means I can enjoy life otherwise! Conclusion: Cymbalta has made everything much worse than it was before. Glad to be rid of it!

  6. Lauren D. Wells says:
    3.5 rating

    Cymbalta for Borderline

    Better tolerability than Tegretal and Citalopram. However, a very high need for sleep and motivation difficulties Since the conversion even sexual desire is present again.

    Side effects: Listlessness; Fatigue