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  1. Pauline K. Sumner says:
    3.0 rating

    As far as actually no, only if the Libioverlust really comes therefore …. I’m angry.

    Side effects: Libido loss
  2. Romelia B. Ruiz says:
    3.0 rating

    Yasmin for Acne

    Yasmin was recommended to me by my FA because I suffered a lot from acne. The skin problems have improved, but unfortunately I had to detect ettliche side effects. I always get a headache during the regular breaks. Besides, I do not feel like having sex anymore. Sometimes it even bothers me when he only touches me !!! In addition, I suffer from hypertension. I really can only advise against this pill. I’ll finish this pill and drop it off immediately! I have also gained weight since taking the pill.

  3. Debra C. McDaniel says:
    3.5 rating

    Yasmin for Acne

    Libido loss, exciting breasts, food cravings. Has aggravated my acne, getting pigmentation marks on my face that were getting bigger and darker. Always get migraine during the 7-day free. Excessive sweating. I do not recommend Yasmin!

  4. Josephine W. Porter says:
    4.5 rating

    Initially very good compatibility. Meanwhile, I have to fight with migraine, mood swings and Libido loss. Also bad – appearance of large-area pigmentation marks on the face (very sunny after sun exposure – Sunblocker does not help)!

  5. Ana M. Gregory says:
    5.0 rating

    Hello I can not recommend the Yasmin. Did she take about 3 years, and in the first half year 10 kg (!) Increased. Then after about 1 year I got severe menstrual pain (I had NEVER before) – so bad that I stayed in bed more often even at home. After some time, severe chest pain also became a part of it – so much so that my then boyfriend could not even hug me anymore, because I cried out in pain. My desire for sex was also getting lower (my girlfriend had the geiche problem) … At some point I was fed up with the pain and talked with my FA. She said I should take the pill, so do not take a break. Result: I didn’t have my days any more and thus kenie Regelschmeren, but my breasts felt like just before bursting. So I dropped Yasmin and used the Nuva ring as a replacement. Although I do not get along with him – but I have no more pain and also lost 5kg. The desire came again xD Will now take Cerazette and then turn to the 3-month injection. But my report should not put you off – with every woman the side effects are different … My best friend was hammering headache – with me abdominal and chest pain. Greetings Nene

  6. Janet C. Eugene says:
    5.0 rating

    I’m really glad that this site exists! I have been taking the pill Yasmin continuously for about 6 years .. To be honest I did not have any side effects at the beginning .. For that now all the more. Everything started a few months ago .. more and more regular pain. Now it is really a hellish pain that forces me to my knees and can not get up. It only takes a few minutes but several times a day before and during menstruation .. And in the meantime, too! Although not so strong, but it hurts .. and more often, such a pull down. Feels very strange … I never had to fight blemishes to be honest .. which has changed in the last few months too. Now every month I get some pimples punctually (still the smallest evil). Chest pains and such a draw is meanwhile in the meantime. In the last 2 months I have also gained a good 5kg. Is now not too tragic .. Only my eating habits did not change at all .. I continue to do my sport. Have my weight can always keep constant .. What disturbs me but by far the most is my loss of libido. I can cry so .. Especially since it is no longer funny for my friend. That’s so bad .. I almost have to force myself to have sex. Thought if we maybe more foreplay and do that then more happens .. but nothing, zero, nada! It just does not work. I feel absolutely no desire, no matter what I try. That puts a strain on me (and, frankly, my relationship too). And it’s kind of uncomfortable for me to talk about it. It seems so abnormal to me .. It just can understand no one. My friend could not imagine at the beginning, that it is due to the pill (because just every second woman takes the pill and I myself have taken her for years without problems). Have him now a few reviews of this site shown and slowly he can do something with it. Habs then finally managed to go to my FA and tell him about my problems. He did not want to hear that anyway .. I asked him his opinion about Gynefix .. of course absolute nonsense in his eyes! He said the only problem is that I still have my days. So he prescribed me the pill Yaz. But do not understand the meaning behind why I should suppress my menstrual period. It does not bother me at all in the sense .. Why should I take 7 days placebos? Absolutely senseless in my eyes. In the meantime, I believe that my dear Mr. FA, like most others, simply has a contract with Bayer Schering. That’s why he only prescribes these products .. I have now decided to sell the pill. Although I probably have to live with pimples and even more weight gain … all this is still better than these hormone bombs daily. If I have enough money aside, then I’ll try it with the Gynefix .. I would advice every woman from the pill! Never again hormones! lg

  7. Crystal D. Odell says:
    5.0 rating

    My life with Yasmine. Like many others, I too have taken the Yasmine for four years and can only advise against any woman / girl. How it all began .. I wanted a pill that not only protects against unwanted pregnancy, but also removes my blemishes. It was really great for 2 years – my skin was finally beautiful, I had not gained a single kilogram and it seemed like I would really tolerate this pill. What Yasmine actually did with my body .. After 2 years of Yasmine I got very strong mood swings and even became depressed. On some days it was so bad that I could not stop crying, I took everything to heart – everyone in my opinion was suddenly against me and criticized me. But I could not imagine that personality change came from the pill, even though it was already a serious change from a fun-loving person to a more and more miserable pile of misery. What was more was the lack of desire for sex and the pain – I had to force myself to it and there was simply no explanation for the pain. Since my skin had deteriorated again, I decided after 3 years to go to the gynecologist and discuss with her the eventual discontinuation of the pill – which proved to be a gross error. When I told her about my intention, she wanted to stop me by arguing that if I put the pill off, it would look as dry as a postmenopausal woman because I’m going to miss estrogen. She even managed that and I naive being swallowed the Yasmin for another year before dropping it off without consultation. How I am doing now without Yasmin … I have dropped the Yasmin now for a 3/4 year and I’m really good. I have my skin through a diet change quite under control, have no menstrual pain and the desire is there again. But the most important thing for me is that I am finally balanced and not lying in my bed for days crying – I enjoy the world to the fullest and have social contacts again. Conclusion Yasmin is very expensive and has unbelievable side effects, and gynecologists often act as sellers to the pharmaceutical industry and back it up with incredible arguments. Dare and put the Yasmin down – you may be spared some of that! 🙂

  8. Willie H. Helton says:
    2.0 rating

    Yasmin for Contraception

    Strong loss of libido. I would never have daruaf that could come from the pill until I read the side effects. I was now with my gynecologist and asked you to tell me something else, because I also have strong mood swings and during the intake of constantly irritable and aggressive. She recommended the NuvaRing to me now. Unfortunately I read in the leaflet that it can cause the same side effects. Does anyone have any experience with this ring? I would like to return to lust and have fun with sex with my darling and if the ring prevents this, I will not even test it first!

  9. Laurel D. Duncan says:
    3.5 rating

    Yasmin for Cycle disorder

    Initially taken normal with regular bleeding. Here water retention in the thigh area. The last 2.5 years only every 3-4 months let my days come, because taken pill package. No problems at the beginning. The last year, however, increasingly: spotting, loss of libido, dryness vagina, muscles in the abdomen partially cramped (pain when penetrating sex – PS regularly have sex for 8 years and never have problems!), Chest pain just before the days in the Last year, many spider veins came to it! Have now switched to Valette due to the bleeding now, because my gynecologist said that it was the only one currently on the market where you can go through the pill 4-6 months without any problems. Take them in for 1 month … teilw. Problems. Later, if I take it longer, more about it … because my body has yet to get used to it.

  10. Joy R. Smith says:
    4.5 rating

    After not so long search, I now hope to have come to the bottom of all evil! I read some of your testimonials here and it fell like dandruff from the eyes – the Yasmin is poison and should be taken off the market! I’ve finished my current streak and am now taking a pill break and hope to get rid of all the side effects. In the first few weeks I found the Yasmin quite good, the skin improved and I did not gain weight, but again and again I got bleeding. After about 5 months it stopped, but after a short time it started again. After 6 months, my stomach slowly blew up, I look like the 5th month pregnant, although I am very slim. Also stomach problems, nausea and diarrhea torture me for weeks again and again for no apparent reason. The Migraeneattacken and permanent headache in the last about 3 weeks before Abruch made me crazy. Also, I could note significant mood swings and tearfulness, my friend recently said to me that he no longer dares to say anything, because otherwise I would get a totally overblown emotional outburst. I have been very healthy before taking Yasmin and are constantly bothering with colds, allergic skin reactions, stomach problems, bladder infections and pain (wherever). Maedels, keep your hands off this devil as soon as you realize something is wrong. The Yasmin I definitely do not recommend.

  11. Elisabeth J. Easton says:
    4.5 rating

    Yasmin for Pain (menstruation)

    YASMIN … The pill that changed my life … Sounds dramatic, but true !! For a long time I did not notice anything and most of all I did not think that severe depression could be due to the pill … If only I would have come up with it rather than listening to the funny doctors (yes, the Yasmin is expensive * wink) thanks Pharma *), so I would have spared me a lot! Only after about three years it started with the depression, first tired, impotent, sad … then so badly depressed that I have thought of suicide several times, complete withdrawal from the social environment, no head for job, husband, the like !! Migraine attacks (which I never had before), where I sometimes thought of ordering myself an ambulance, the pain was so bad !! But that was not the end of the flagpole: high blood pressure, weight gain, perfect Libido loss, pain in the long run Sex, changing my personality to an absolutely withdrawn mourning dumpling! When I finally, after 5 years of taking, despite the reluctance of my oh so expert doctors, dared to omit the monster pill … yes, I had within 3 months my old personality again! I can laugh again, no trace of Depri, do not let me hang anymore, no more migraines, all my (by the retreat) abandoned in the lurch friends again, ironed out my mistakes and paralysis in the job and ready for new acts! 🙂 May probably everyone else react on it, as I said that went well for three years … As a conclusion from the Odysee I can only advise every girl out there: listen to your body, watching small signals and changes to you before It forces you to kneel like me! I’d rather settle down and wait, see what happens to you … then you can start again, if you want! At least I’ll NEVER AGAIN take this nasty thing AGAIN !!! And above all: the doctors are not always right, there are always alternativesHope I gave you a little food for thought … Best wishes for your health 😉

  12. Matthew N. Roark says:
    4.0 rating

    I had very very strong mood swings after the 3rd intake. I cried for hours – for no good reason. For this my eye has been drawn for hours! For days! In the first week, tachycardia came along. No desire for sexual intercourse! I had to force myself that at least that’s still going well in the relationship. I was like a substitute – a stranger. I was always looking for a fight with extreme jealousy. When I mentioned my FA on it, he said that this is over and that the heart racing can not get away. Strangely, it was perfect for me before that. Shortly before the period, I got anxiety and panic attacks. Very depressive mood. The still holding and I got professional help because of that. My period, which was usually 3-4 days, also became longer, stronger and more painful. For 7 days and 5 days, I took painkillers one after the other. After the first cycle, I discontinued the pill as it became more unbearable day by day because I became more unbearable! After weaning: tachycardia for 2 weeks, even while asleep. Very real nightmares

  13. Connie C. Jackson says:
    3.0 rating

    At first always about 4-7 hours after taking nausea, z. T. with nausea. Another side effect at the same time mild headache. Later, more and more depressive moods, indifference, sadness, libido-loss …

  14. Andrew T. Devine says:
    3.5 rating

    Total loss of libido, migraine-like headache, depressive moods, nausea on the first day of each cycle (with Diane), increased formation of spider veins and varicose veins, regular vaginal thrush, frequent cystitis, kidney problems, often cysts on the ovaries, painful menstruation, spotting, general malaise, Loss of appetite, drastic weight loss, proliferation of the uterine lining, blurred vision, dizziness, hair loss, panic attacks, not to quenching thirst, tachycardia, impure skin

  15. Shirley G. Kaczor says:
    5.0 rating

    Initially, I had no significant side effects and thought I had found the perfect pill for me with the Yasmin. But after about 3 years it started creeping … extremely sensitive breasts and at times very dry skin. In addition, I got problems with the eyes, they were getting drier and I only endured with eye drops (but I do not know if that could also be due to the Yasmin). Over time, I was also increasingly driveless, hypersensitive, whiny and felt constantly exhausted and beaten off. My desire for sex became less and less. Most of the time I was barely wet and happy when it was over. After about 6 years of use, I always got the most extreme migraine headaches, which did not help anything. There was nothing to do with me on those days, I just lay in bed and had extra circulatory problems and nausea. I kept thinking of dropping the Yasmin … but not daring because I was scared of the side effects, especially hair loss. But 3 weeks ago I finally did it and I have to say, I’m really happy about it. Well … I know that you can not say much after such a short period of time and should wait. But I already feel much better now … also my desire for sex is back … it feels so intense, I have not known such feelings ever … really unbelievably beautiful … Would any woman , which has such extreme side effects, advise to discontinue this pill and not be afraid of the consequences …

  16. Rita J. Oliva says:
    5.0 rating

    It started very slowly. I was given this pill Yasmin after three pregnancies for contraception. At first everything was fine. Simple, practical and effective. Overall, I took this pill 8 years. It started about 4 years ago. These constantly changing moods. Heavenly from exulting to distressed. Constantly, I got a cryptic attack. After the onset of total muscle tension which caused the following problems. Tachycardia, total insomnia, chest pain, anxiety and panic attacks … etc, a doctors odyssey began. Orthopedics, Physio, Mammography, Gynecology, CT, MRI, family doctor ..etc. It was hell. After a family doctor change and a total collapse, I thought my problems would now resolve. This meant I had a mental problem. From then on psychology with antidepressants, sleeping pills and psychotherapy. I found it helpful, but somehow I secretly did not seem to have the solution. Also, the side effects of the drugs were fierce. In addition, I got problems in the genital area. Vaginal dryness, open spots that did not heal, itching … etc. And all without sex, because I had not wanted for years. So back to gynecology. For the first time I asked if my problems could not be related to the pill. I was advised to keep these on, otherwise the depression would probably get worse. I had to go to biopsy, suspecting LS. After much back and forth, I changed the gynecologist. I told this about my odyssey. He encouraged me to put the pill immediately. Then probably a lot of my problems would be done by itself. I’ve thought about it for a long time, but I was advised against it. I was somehow no longer normal or myself. Constantly howling, depressed, fear of death, so no desire for sex at all, always irritated and annoyed ….. etc. In addition, the optical changes: obesity, water retention, especially in the arms and legs, varicose veins … etc. The new gynecologist should be right. Now after 8 weeks without Yasmin, I’m not feeling well anymore. I can sleep, I’m fit and have not cried since, no more anxiety disorders. I feel my body again. The orange skin is almost gone, the muscle tension is gone, and I even feel like sex again. If I review, I am horrified how much valuable life was taken from me by taking such a drug. In addition, with the exception of a single doctor, no one has come up with the idea that all these problems could come from this hormone preparation. I have been better informed, and will not eat any more hormones in my life. I hope I could help one or the other woman with my personal experience.

  17. Doris J. Smith says:
    3.0 rating

    I took the Yasmin for a total of about 2 years. At first, migraine occurred in one pill during the pill break. The migraine attacks increased with the duration of use-I had up to five days of migraine during the pill break. I consulted my gynecologist who advised me to take 3 packs in a row. Said and done. The side effects would be unbearable at this time: migraine, weight gain, total loss of libido, depression, dizziness, fatigue, listlessness. I dropped the pill on the advice of a new gynecologist before the end of the third pack.