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We have 283 consumer reports for Tamoxifen. Libido loss effect occurred in 9%.

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  1. Donna B. Hagerman says:
    3.0 rating

    Yes, we just have to go through it if we want to LIVE. Have been on therapy with Zoladex and Tamox for three years. Diagnosis I got when I was 37 years and my little one just 3.. In three weeks – if everything o.k. is – drops the syringe. Then the Tamox probably 2 years. I did not believe the whole thing with the side effects at first. But it’s really what our doctors say to us – unbelievableI used to say that they should not be so stupid, but meanwhile I do not say anything anymore. I’m currently building such small pillars, such as After stopping the syringe it gets a little better, or something. It’s not all that easy, but when I read the other reports, I’m actually doing relatively well with the whole thing. And by the way: I have noticed that the whole thing is much easier when you see everything a bit looser and all the stress of us 150% wanting women, mothers, housewives and sharp workers! The last holiday in GR was also hot, but I did not care more than any other. At home, I can change clothes three times a day and change sheets every other day – yes, yes, but the main thing is that we work! And then the rest in a nutshell: Reduction of vision – Doc says it can not be that way – in my opinion, I am as blind as a eagle-owl, but then there will probably be other reasons. Vaginal dryness nd libido loss – whether the relationship will survive that will turn out. Bone pain I had at the beginning of Theraüoe. by now, but relatively rare, I’m definitely not as resilient as before and now try to implement a humorous and bearable level for me. My goal is actually only to experience the 20th birthday of my child. Best regards and all the best from Tyrol.

  2. Madeline R. Hamilton says:
    4.5 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    After the third breast surgery and removal of the right breast, I was prescribed FEMARA. I take this medicine now half a year. After a short time of taking already significant increase in body weight. Listlessness, depression, memory failure, skin rash pimples. Listlessness in the sex life. The quality of life has diminished considerably. Now, after talking to my gynecologist and contacting an oncologist, try to get another solution or medicine. In the last five years of my breast cancer, I took tamoxifen and had virtually no side effects. 28/05/2011

  3. Lashawn M. Russell says:
    2.5 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    Side effects of tamoxifen: hot flashes nothing else. Effects of Femara: Hot flashes less than tamoxifen. Joint pain, dehydration of the mucous membranes, loss of libido, tachycardia, frequent urination. For 5 years I took Tamoxifen, since autumn 2007 I take Femara. For about 2 months I have muscle pain in the shoulder area and strong muscle pain in the right upper arm. My GP sent me to X-ray and told me to do a scan now. Can someone tell me how long I can and should take Femara and if I can not sell it?

  4. Geneva J. Hernandez says:
    4.5 rating

    Tamoxifen for Breast cancer

    Hello, I’m taking this verda for 3 years now … Tamoxifen. I was hoping until some time ago that the side effects would be less severe, but right now I would like to sink the stuff in the toilet. As side effects I have muscle cramps in the entire legs and hands, bone and joint pains, heat waves (minor evils), frequent malaise, sleep disturbances, and in the 2nd year extreme weight gain (10kg), I may at the time hold, but losing weight seems impossible and where no one talks about it so far is the desire for sex, which is equal to zero for me! The whole burden not only myself, but the partner and by my often bad mood the whole family. At the next doctor’s appointment, I’ll talk about a demolition, although apparently has something good … I do not know …