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  1. Donald L. Dotson says:
    3.5 rating

    No rose without thorns … In 1996 I noticed that Atosil (promethazine) with about 80 pots once helps against anxiety attacks very well. Strong coffee helps against drowsiness. Citalopram is a very potent drug and initially has very strong side effects. Already at 10mg at the beginning I had a strong drop in blood pressure, so I did not dare to go outside for three days. Unfortunately, the smallest strength is 10mg, the first few days you should start with 5mg / day. Even when weaning you should get withdrawal symptoms. First, I got from the cita an aqueous bowel movement (no diarrhea), dizziness and dry mouth. It stayed that way a bit. Also with me an indifference against female stimuli adjusted (libido loss). Furthermore, there were: water retention in the legs (on the other hand, diuretics like torasemide help to gain weight (eat a lot of vegetables and lean quark), my age-related distance vision has increased. I take 40mg cita a day now. , 400mg amisulpride and 20mg torasemide / day. And very strong Kafee …. These are my experiences. This can be different for everyone and you have to try it out. Good luck and courage, you have to go through but it helps. Stefan

  2. Kent K. Kumar says:
    4.0 rating

    Promethazine for Depression; Sleep disorders

    As a side effect, moclobemide results in mild, unrestricted vision disorders, mild, unrestricted vision problems, sleep disorders. In this case, since the previous discontinuation of venlafaxine (in the long term to serotonin syndrome) the effect of moclobemide was not allowed to be too good, d. H. In the long term not too much serotonin remains in the brain, 200 mg instead of 300 mg would be ideal. Compared to many incompatible SSRIs, moclobemide proved to be significantly more effective. Promethazine neuraxpharm 25 mg was taken to correct the sleep disorders and corrected them well. As side effects of promethazine neuraxpharm occur loss of appetite (desire for sex) and premature ejaculation on. Depression is one of the very few sources of stabilizing the disease in the natural way, so depressive problems are particularly detrimental.

  3. Sheena J. Tyson says:
    4.0 rating

    Promethazine for Post-traumatic stress disorder; Anxiety disorders

    I’ve been taking 15 drops of promethazine neuraxpharm every night for 2 weeks now and I do not have much to complain about. A slight libido loss that you can get over. It’s a little harder to get out of bed in the morning, but it settles down quickly. And my appetite is much higher, but with a bit of discipline, that’s not a problem either. If I do not take the drops, I get strong night terrors, with hallucinations, nightmares and fainting, due to an early childhood trauma. But when I take them, I quickly become so calm that I can go to bed as normal as I can, without any fear! That’s why I’m so excited about the drug. It saves my life every night, if you will. Can only recommend it.

  4. Charles M. Kelly says:
    3.0 rating

    Promethazine for Sleep disorders

    Lorazepam: Great effect … can only get by with Tavor. No side effects but tolerance (from 2.5mg increased to 7.5mg) Promethazine: Hardly any side effects and in combination with Tavor and 2-3 beer a good sleep aid Cipralex: Total loss of libido, otherwise no side effect …. but also no Effect.

    Side effects: Libido loss
  5. Annette J. Edwards says:
    3.0 rating

    Promethazine for Depression

    Citalopram I take again after an unsuccessful attempt at weaning for 2 weeks. 30mg in the morning. I have a strong inner restlessness which often leads to anxiety attacks. Further dizziness, loss of appetite, stomach ache, listlessness, weakness, loss of libido, blurred vision, tremors. I hope that will be over soon …. is already getting better! I have been taking promethazine since my withdrawal. 25mg bb. Usually 1 is enough, if there is nothing more. NW dry mouth, tiredness …. but fatigue is more helpful when you’re at 180000 all day. N`bissl gaga in the head I am too.