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  1. Jane T. Bolster says:
    2.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Borderline

    At the beginning of the intake it was not too bad with the side effect. but gradually came fatigue, exhaustion, etc. The limit me in everyday life very much.

    Side effects: Nausea; Libido loss; Fatigue
  2. Jay P. Richardson says:
    2.5 rating

    I have been through all trycyclic, SSNR, SSRI for 30 years. At best, the effect lasted a few weeks. Paroxetine was / is the drug of choice for anxiety disorders. Because I can tolerate the side effects a bit easier. I’m fine again

  3. Ronald A. Reyes says:
    2.5 rating

    Fatigue, loss of libido, joint pain, nausea, weight gain, dulling of feelings Nausea and fatigue have diminished during the course of treatment. Joint pain is very annoying.

  4. Oscar D. Parker says:
    2.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Loss of libido, muscle tremor (especially in the legs), bruising, the first two weeks of treatment nausea and aggravation of anxiety disorder, great fatigue, elevation of liver enzyme levels; In the meantime, due to the side effect, I am considering a tapering of treatment with simultaneous psychotherapy; The drug is noticeably mood-enhancing and the anxiety disorders have become less

  5. Rob K. Stayton says:
    3.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Anxiety disorders; Obsessive compulsive disorder; Depression

    Paroxetine withdrawal symptoms, despite being sloughed off, are severe (withdrawal from excessive side effects, such as restless legs, sweating, hematoma, tremor, loss of sexuality, etc.): anxiety is returning, as are constraints and depression, night sweats, aggression, etc. Lyrica : Despite dosing after one week (from 75 to 150 mg) drunkenness, dizziness, speech disorders, completely fogged, walking difficulties. absolutely unable to work Positive on paroxetine: fear is gone, self-esteem returns, less depression. Positive Lyrica: finally sleep again !!!, Relaxation during the day

  6. Donald C. Adkins says:
    4.0 rating

    I got on really well with Paroxetine … I was fine except for short lows. At the beginning of the treatment I suffered from sleep disturbances and hot flashes. After 1-2 weeks everything had normalized. Unfortunately, it caused a strong libido disorder. In order not to jeopardize my relationship, I switched to Elontril with medical supervision.

  7. Avis L. Everett says:
    5.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Drive disorders; Social phobia; Depression

    Take paroxetine for about a year. It was prescribed by my psychiatrist because of mild depression, listlessness, future, and social anxiety. My first and only antidepressant. 20mg daily. The side effects came quickly. Stomach pain, heavy sweating, sexual disinterest, headache. After about 4 weeks, the effect began slowly. Social anxiety disappeared increasingly. Easy no-feeling. Almost all initial side effects disappeared after about 2 months. What remains is the loss of libido. I feel like it, but it can be very hard to orgasm. That frustrates me a lot. I also gained weight. Dreams changed a lot after 5 months. Very confused and still very real. In my opinion, I can sleep well. People who sleep next to me, however, claim that I have breath interruption and talk a lot during sleep. My personality has changed a lot. I am more open, no more anxious and active. I wanted to achieve that. Negative (for others) is that I am partly too open and fearless. Come over partially arrogant. The biggest side effect is that it does not bother me. The effect of paroxetine intensifies with me extremely, if I do not eat, take a lot of caffeine or alcohol. I am very active, almost high, fluttery. Besides, I want to do everything, but could forget everything without appointment reminders. A lot of structure helps me. Since paroxetine I have increased alcohol consumption and must be very careful in the area. Not recommended for addicted people.

  8. Louisa M. Gibbs says:
    4.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Hello, take Paroxetine for 3 months. Fear and depression are clearly limited until gone. Feeling of rapid overload also due to leisure stress depending on the form of the day. Side effects galore – unfortunately. At the beginning extreme fatigue. It took a few weeks for this to settle. Even after 3 months still increased need for sleep. Work was hard to imagine. Persistent nausea, from 7 days about 5, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker. Libido loss, now regulates this again. Slight increase in weight, but also controllable. Permissive yawning. Extreme night sweat. Repeated changes of sleepwear necessary. This is very stressful – after 3 months 3 of 7 nights relatively dry. Sleep through, especially because of the very strong sweating. For a few days very intense dreams. No nightmares, but irritating and slightly disturbing content. Very (!!) strong flatulence / flatulence. Flatulence and defecation very strong smelling. I hope that regulates this soon! This is particularly stressful in social interaction (use of other toilets, visits from friends, restaurants). Incompatibility of alcohol. Low (!!!) Quantities okay, everything else led me to a several-hour film break, personality change and hospitalization because of alcohol intoxication. I can not remember the increased consumption of alcohol! Therefore, I strongly advise against alcohol in combination with paroxetine, the loss of control and the intoxication is bad.

  9. Thomas S. Shepard says:
    3.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Hello fellow sufferers / I’m really glad that I found this page today and thank you for these reviews, because I’ve seen myself in the grave … after a raid 4.5 years ago I take everything prescribed by the bank has been. (since 2.5 years in pension) Several rehabilitation, reports and the usual theater with the professional association, which does not recognize the accident at work! Had at z.b. Trevilor dizziness when not accepting (forgot) Currently I take paroxetine, for about 1.5 years. My life has always remained the same, everything does not matter, mood swings, panic, fears, tachycardia, sleep disorders and the total retreat to this day. No giant steps but my peace at home. The only thing that is a little better, is that I can go shopping from time to time. My sense of well-being is gone, my sex life is completely gone and I always start everything and bring nothing more to the end, that annoys me very … Aggressive, I’m extremely rare. I have extreme sleep disorders. I go z.b. at 22:00 dead tired to bed, wake up at 00:30, soaking wet, sweaty, change my T-shirt, drink 3-4 cups of coffee, smoke and I’m busy at the computer. For years … sometimes I can not really do it anymore, but I have a great wife that always gives me courage, better than any tablet. After 2-3 hours I lie down again. The second sleep is sometimes 2-5 hours after, what do I know why? Again I’m soaking wet and sweaty, but in the second phase of sleep, I always have terrible dreams and I’m totally exhausted. Then I usually sleep again for 1-3 hours without sweating, despite some coffee. After that day, it is now z.b. 10:00: I do not get a turn and now drink beer, that beer makes me more calm and active, the mood gets better … after the second or third, I clean up the apartment, cook, go for a walk with our dog my wife already works. Sometimes, but I can not even take a shower for 5 days, I can / can not do it. Now I realized that I got more and more dizziness, for weeks almost permanent dizziness, that makes me terrified. I was not interested in the side effects, have enough worries. Now I made me crazy that it was perhaps a stroke or a brain tumor … boahhhh I’m so glad that there are others with these problems! Since today I go with the dizziness otherwise because there are side effects, that’s enough for me. For 7 days I take this paroxetine no more and as I read here I will go through the hard way – end and out with it! But what should I do now? will call my psychiatrist tomorrow and ask me, then I will definitely write a new review. Conclusion of today: a good day for me through this site here, I wish everyone, all the best. Greeting RolandK

  10. Ann C. Martinez says:
    3.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    In retrospect, I would not start this drug again. It may have helped me a little through its drive-enhancing effect maybe 2-3 years. At the same time, however, I had intensified thoughts of suicide and was unable to live up to a satisfactory sexuality by paralyzing libido. However, the positive effect of the drug fizzled after about 2 years. Above all, I would like to warn of the withdrawal symptoms. I have tried it three times, ia. in a 6-month settling process. At first you think that everything is alright. For me comes about 2-3 months after discontinuing the hammer blow. Total lethargy, tearfulness, sensitivity to noise, mood swings (which I never knew to that extent), suicidal thoughts, etc. In hindsight, I brought the medicine to a greater evil than I had before.

  11. Monica R. Rodriguez says:
    2.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Medicine has helped a lot, but it has negative side effects: weight gain, sleep disorders, sweating, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, no desire for sex – and the worst side effects occur in trying to sell itMy doctor claims that there are no side effects, but that is not true !!! Vomiting, dizziness, severe depression, no feeling hungry, dizziness, panic …- had to take it again, I thought otherwise turn. I tried to sell it for weeks, but I can not do it.

  12. Julio S. Lauver says:
    4.5 rating

    I have been taking this medication for almost 2 years. After getting all the side effects listed on the leaflet for almost two weeks, I’ve been rewarded for persevering. The side effects gradually decreased and the positive features came out. Since taking it, I feel much better. I rarely have any more panic attacks, I am freer and participate in life again. Of course, there is something negative, such as weight gain, sweating and the libido is limited, but that is irrelevant to me. Although I hope to be able to live without medication again sometime, but if it should not be the case, I can live with it.

  13. Elizabeth C. Morris says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine really helped me a lot with my fears that I would take it at any time, should it ever get that bad. However, during the treatment I completely lost the interest in sexuality and was no longer able to reach orgasm. In addition, I became more and more emotionless. I was never really sad but never really happy. Now I stopped paroxetine completely 3 weeks ago, since the complaints started properly. On the one hand, I felt reborn, no longer afraid, full of joie de vivre, and the sexual dysfunctions were gone. However, for two weeks at a time I was sick and dizzy. Well, after 3 weeks it has already gotten a little better, but I still have twitching, dizziness and ants running in the limbs.

  14. Bonnie D. Barajas says:
    4.0 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    I was prescribed paroxetine by my family doctor 3 years ago without any psychological clarification, dose 20mg. The reason was my social anxiety and the resulting nervousness, trembling, rapid heartbeat, bad sleep, strong fatigue and sadness, loneliness, redness, moodiness and the like. In the first two weeks of taking it, I have noticed physically that my body is changing. I became very shaky and had quite strong dizziness, I was even whiner than usual. But that was bearable for me and shortly thereafter, I have already noted the positive side: the fear has not taken so much space. I was able to interact with people more easily, which radiated to everything else and improved my overall quality of life. I was rarely sad, could meet people, get involved with them better and thus perceive the world differently, do more business, be more fearless, find friends. All this. BUT the side effects and personality changes: my indifference to many things has grown tremendously. I mercilessly postpone things, whether it’s my studies, terse phone calls or important dates. I’ve always been tempted to postpone, but under pressure, I’ve always worked perfectly. The tablets have taken me, so I now have a huge pile of unfinished things in front of me and time is pressing. I have become incredibly unpunctual and unreliable towards people I actually like. In addition I cry much less, let me stir harder of things (which is good on the one hand, but on the other hand does not correspond to my nature without tablets). I do not feel like having sex, the libido is about 0. I have a lot of appetite and 15kg in 3 years. Because of the side effects, I decided to sell the tablets. Also, because, for lack of psychological counseling, in principle, I do not even know if the tablets fit my problem. For almost 2 weeks now I live without them, I have not auszuschlichen, but the intake stopped abruptly. I still have the well-known electric shock-like dizziness when I move my eyes to the right or left. It does not hurt, but it just annoys easily and makes me feel sick sometimes. In addition I have tachycardia every now and then, I am unfocused, very tired and without drive. I am moody and weep because of little things. I have a very strong appetite. I am a little bit more nervous in social situations. On the positive side, I feel that my libido is actually increasing. For me, the weaning are fortunately but rather moderate and I can not share the horror experiences of other people. Can I recommend paroxetine now? In my case a clear yes, because they have really increased my quality of life. For the first time in my life I have lived without fear and not permanently depressed and I do not want to miss these experiences anymore. But because of the side effect of indifference, which is having an ever more negative effect on my life and future, I just want to try again and see how I can handle it. Psychotropic drugs should only be the last step anyway. Everyone should first check extensively psychologically and be diagnosed before he reaches for something. I have taken them naively without expert advice and had pure luck that they are well worn with me. Of course, I advise you to rethink and discuss something in detail, preferably with a pure psychologist.

  15. Angela P. Crawford says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Burnout syndrome; Depression

    I want to talk about my bad experiences with Paroxat. Because of depression and fatigue syndrome, I took Paroxate 20 mg every day for over seven months. Result: – Emotionally I have been dulled after three months. I was neither sad nor happy and had only a few sensations. I was constantly indifferent. And that was the only positive effect of this drug! – I have gained 14 kg within seven months !!! So two kg per month! And I had a dream figure before! A BMI of 20! I gained weight for no reason. I eat very consciously, so I could not understand this rapid increase in weight! – My libido and my orgasm ability were already zero after two months! Since I dropped it off, everything is coming back very slowly. – The drug made me even more tired than before! – And now the worst: The demeanor! I’m not a human who can blow something away so quickly, but the demeanor was the HORROR !! Unfortunately, I did not skip the medication. A big mistake on my part! You should really sneak it out! I had extreme dizziness and thus permanent nausea and permanent vomiting. In the end, I could not even drink more water without vomiting! Circulatory problems, balance problems, diarrhea, tremors, headache, eye pain, I have herpes all over the lip. I got a kind of little punch in my head, especially when I moved left and right. I was constantly hot and cold and then I sweated extremely and then had chills. I could barely sleep. After more than a week, after I still had these problems, I went to the hospital because it was very bad and I could not imagine that all these symptoms could come from discontinuing the medication. In the hospital I was completely checked through with the diagnosis: pure withdrawal symptoms !!! I had the choice: either to go back to medication and then sneak out or continue biting through and withhold the withdrawal. Conclusion: I have kept it up. Now two and a half weeks are over and I do not have the worst depreciation symptoms, BUT (!) I still do not feel normal, I still have dizziness and headaches and intestinal problems! A FEARABLE drug !! In retrospect, I had more side effects than effect! Everyone should individually decide WITH his doctor or psychiatrist, whether it really makes sense to take this medicine and vollzupumpen with so much chemistry!

  16. Dillon J. Jones says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Obsessive compulsive disorder

    Who wants to take Paroxetine for a longer period of time! 2 years with me Should be clear that this drug (it was with me) can provide any help, in the opposite one can still (beklopter of it) so my experience Negative experience After about 2 hours of taking the drug turmoil This Drug should not be taken as a smoker, severe unrest and panic attacks, listlessness at work, strong fatigue, sexual desire goes to zero. Compulsive thoughts intensify and new stupid thoughts come to a stop paroxetine. For 2 weeks, I no longer take paroxetine but never really In my life Why Deposition phenomena are hell on earth Sweating Constipation and diarrhea, Paresthesia Severe restlessness States of anxiety though no reason to do Seconds, trembling, confusion Electricity in limbs, emotional instability Light psychoses In short the drug has done me more harm than harmed!!!

  17. Michael J. Hawk says:
    2.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    The purpose of this drug has met in principle well. Mood brightening, increased drive, better sleep, … Over the years, however, the side effects were distressing. As side effects during the treatment I had primarily sweating, hot flashes, lack of libido. Over the complete 2 years! As unacceptable, however, the side effects at weaning after 2 years out (creep out of 40mg within 4 weeks): severe dizziness, headache, circulatory difficulties, short-term (secondarily) sensory disorders primarily in the face and hands, fatigue, lack of drive. For that, the paroxetine allegedly does not make it dependent, it is extremely unpleasant and tedious to get away from it!

  18. Deborah K. Simpkins says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    Every few years I take antidepressants every now and then to slow down the very deep case. Since none of the resources that I swallowed in the past really blew me away, I never bothered to remember the names. With paroxetine this indifference comes to an end – albeit not in a positive sense. The dose was slowly built up from 10 to 30 mg with me, whereby I actually felt best with 10 mg (even if that should not be noticeable) and with 30 mg, however, again drive-less and useless. Unfortunately, the side effects were persistent and as such counterproductive: those who suffer from depression need an ego booster and no further food for their nagging (self-) doubts. But now I would like to see the woman, who happily puts away two to three kilograms of weight gain per month and calmly exchanges her entire wardrobe twice in half a year. Since it is almost a happy coincidence, when added to this side effect nor the total libido loss, so that at least only the partner feels rejected, if nothing stirs for weeks. Of spasmodic efforts in this direction, I can only advise against; From a dose of 20 mg per day, these remained completely unsatisfactory for me. A restless leg syndrome and unpleasant night sweats then did their part to rob me of sleep with the last nerve, so that I began again after six months with the paroxetine tapering off. The three weeks of dose reduction and switching to fluoxetine were anything but pleasant. On the road I could not participate by car or bicycle and the shift of perception (often described here as shocks) made even practicing such monotonous sports as running impossible. Conclusion: Paroxetine may be an effective and proportionate remedy for anxiety; against depression, there are many less risky and at least equally effective agents that m.E. should be tried as a priority.

  19. Kenia A. Johnson says:
    4.5 rating

    Paroxetine for Depression

    I was prescribed paroxetine (20mg) for the second time because of anxiety and depression. In the beginning an initial deterioration occurred. I could not leave the house for about a week, could not eat anything, had anxiety attacks, was very whiny, could not sleep, at night I crunched my teeth so badly that my whole jaw ached, I had nightmares and in the morning I had to go twice to hand over. However, knowing that these side effects would go away again, I remained adamant and continued to take the medicine. After about 2-3 weeks there was a significant improvement. I was suddenly able to lead a normal life, leave the house and even had the strength to change some basic things in my life (relationship, job). After half a year of taking it, however, I started to gain a lot of weight (10 kg in 5 months), despite unchanged eating habits. In addition, I have been suffering from severe constipation ever since and need to take laxatives weekly to be reasonably comfortable. Furthermore, especially at the beginning of the treatment feeling cold, tiredness and loss of libido occurred. Getting an orgasm has also become very heavy since taking it. Conclusion: Paroxetine is a very potent remedy and especially indicated for severe anxiety disorders. The side effects are enormous in many people (also in comparison to other antidepressants). To come from the deepest, I can only recommend it to everyone. However, if you only have depression, without fears, I would definitely use other medicines (such as Citalopram or Cipralex) that have fewer side effects.