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  1. Jerry K. Espinosa says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Bipolar disorder

    Due to poor values of the kidney, in this case predominantly the value of uric acid, after years of treatment with lithium and the antidepressant citalopram, the combination of seroquel and lamotrigine was changed over. This is intended to prevent further deterioration of kidney values. When slimming Lithcium and simultaneously building up the new preparations, there were strong side effects: Immediately one hour after ingestion it comes to disturbances of movement during walking (staggering), uncontrolled pronunciation and sentence formation and Flash features. It is absolutely not advisable to drive. As long-term side effects, there is a strong overhang of the medication in the next day, when the Saroquel was taken too late in the evening (22:30). Drowsiness, tiredness, listlessness, dizziness, and a feeling of being beside yourself, came on the following day until the late afternoon. If the time window is moved forward to one hour, these side effects are much better the following day. However, an improvement in the concentration (mostly long-term memory), drive and all the little things that one loses in depression makes itself felt positive. The opportunity to return to the work process and its social environment increases significantly. What remains is the question of side effects on the body organs in the long-term test.

  2. Antoinette T. Ward says:
    4.5 rating

    Seroquel for Bipolar disorder

    Worst of all, it was the first nights. I had the Restless legs syndrome. I was given a week’s Akiniton and then it was reasonably bearable. In addition, I had about 3 weeks Spachschwierigkeiten, came in the morning hardly ever out of bed, had a constant dry mouth, I was often black in the face and have gained weight. Sometimes I felt that my heart was leaping. Otherwise, I still had such minor side effects, such as a stuffy nose. I’m pretty happy now. It is limited to food cravings, mild vision problems, morning fine motor skills, hard bowel movements, and easy forgetfulness. I like to put up with that, because I am super balanced and come to inner peace to finally make my therapy successful.

  3. Beverly W. Collier says:
    2.5 rating

    Seroquel for Depression

    Initial dossis 25 mg, increased to 150 mg (since 2 weeks). Approximately 40 minutes after taking a sudden licking. Condition like drunk. I can not control my legs anymore. At night, the legs flew up and down again. The 1 night after the dose increase barely turning around in bed possible. Feeling like an immovable stone. For 2 days I hear voices after taking.Furthermore: Sudden fatigue, palpitations, sleep disorders, ADH syndrome, nightmares of which I will wake several times in the night.