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  1. John C. Cudd says:
    2.5 rating

    Doxepin for Investigated

    If dexopin did not induce dizziness, articulation and sweating in me, it would be a miracle drug for me. I have used bromazepam for more than 20 years against my anxiety and ultimately could not tell if the problem still existed or if it was the result of the pull-out symptom. Trying to remove bromzepam slowly ended after a few days with seizures incl. Mortal fear (who has experienced, knows what I mean – it’s hell !!!) After taking 20 mg of dexopin in the morning, or 50 mg at night, I could the daily dose of Bromazepam within 4 weeks from 12 to 4.5 mg (3/4 tab.). The above-mentioned side effects were in no relation to previous attempts to sell the drug without replacement. On the advice of my doctor, I take the reduced Bromazepammenge for the next 2 months until, in a second and third step, I can finally do without Bromazepam altogether. The ideal drug for the search therapy of bromazepam – stupid only that only a general practitioner suggested this measure after my neurologist had me years of good health durazanil (btromazepam) prescribed.

  2. Ethel B. Tatum says:
    3.5 rating

    Doxepin for Borderline; Depression

    I used to take Doxepin 100mg in the evening, so I was finally able to sleep again, but was tired and impotent the next day. Although I gained three kilos, which was quite desirable because I also suffered from an eating disorder, the depression could only be moderated a little. But there was no more suicide attempt. Dry mouth. Since I additionally take pregabalin (because of an accident, from it the damage of the nerves on the foot), the side effects are intensified. After taking drunkenness and strong fatigue, as well as ings. 12 kilos of weight gain. Dry mouth, but word finding problems have only been recorded since taking Pregabalin.