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  1. Marie R. Tan says:
    4.0 rating

    Hello, have tried this drug 2 days. I left it fast. I have not been cleared up what it can have for side effects. Suddenly got very strong daze, could not talk properly, I was just on the job, the horror. Light was suddenly unbearable, got heavy pressure on the chest. I had to drive home in the state myself.

  2. Larry M. Cook says:
    2.5 rating

    Lyrica for Pain (acute)

    my husband is totally confused, speaks things that are not there, see things that do not exist, speaks choppy sentences, not to understand, after discontinuation of lyrica it goes on, on the doctor’s advice it was discontinued after about 10 days, but the symptoms are still there

  3. Christopher P. Panella says:
    2.5 rating

    Lyrica for Spastik; Pain (chronic)

    When taking the 3 drugs listed above, there were frightening side effects. After initially decaying pain symptoms came after about 4 weeks to extreme dry mouth, speech difficulties, constipation, depression to suicidal thoughts. The patient was no longer himself and here are also unprecedented cardiac arrhythmias search, which could be eliminated only by a hospital stay. After urgent, immediate discontinuation of Lyrica, the condition of the patient improves daily, although withdrawal symptoms (nausea and heat waves with heavy sweats) occurred.

  4. Heidi A. Schacher says:
    4.5 rating

    Lyrica for Rls

    I take this drug in combination with Nacom against Restless Legs Syndrome (restless legs) which is considered to be difficult to treat. Regarding the weight gain, I have speech disorder, word-finding difficulties, forgetfulness, very aggressive respond to trifles / persons, eye flares or see blurry , insecure gait as if completely drunk. 2 hours after taking the restlessness begins-counterproductive, since I take her for the night.Libido equal to zero, no desire for closeness-feeling like extinguished. Positive: I have rest in my legs and thus quality of life again – at a very high price. Would like to discontinue this drug, because I have to deal with the fatal side effects with completely different challenges. Regrettably, the neurologist does not take this condition seriously and referred to psychological adjunct therapy with the Conclusion drug, which is compatible with Lyrica and Nacom, increased aggressiveness, and sometimes triggered seizures in stressful situations. Will report on the withdrawal 🙂

  5. Patrick J. Harkins says:
    2.5 rating

    The drug helps well against the anxiety but the side effects such as the rash, the red face and the lolling language makes you look like an alcoholic